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What is the best way to catch leprosy?

I need a good excuse for getting out of work next week. I figure leprosy should last all week.

rub up against them but it has to be awkwardly or its not going to work.  (+ info)

Can dogs contract or transmit leprosy from armadillos?

Last night my dog attacked a three banded armadillo in Texas. Armadillos can carry leprosy. Look it up if you doubt me. Could my dog be at risk for contracting the disease? I know humans can contract leprosy from armadillos but could my dog? Or could he be a carrier for the disease and thereby expose my family to danger?

Cynthis M,
Nine-banded armadillos, of which there are 30 to 50 million in the southeastern U.S., are believed to be the only significant natural reservoir of leprosy apart from humans. (A few cases have been found in chimps and mangabey monkeys in Africa.) How the armadillos got leprosy in the first place is unknown. I do not believe that a dog is able to contract leprosy. I know that the incubation period is about three to five years but signs and symptoms can take as long as 20 years to appear. My colleague, who is a vet, is presently on holiday and unable to inform me. If you have any doubts you would be advised to contact your vet and ask.

Hope this helps
matador 89
  (+ info)

Why are Borderline Personality Disorder people so good at making people become infatuated with them?

People with Borderline Personality Disorder seem to have a talent for making people very quickly become infatuated/obsessed with the Borderline (I won't use the word love).

How is it that they have this "talent"?

There are different types of behavior with BPD. There are those who predominently act out (raging) and those who act in (cutting) and there is a continuum with sufferers somewhere on a spectrum - low functioning (prone to drug use and poor societal function, crime, and hospitalization) and high functioning (can hold down a job and "appear" normal to people not close - like family - to the BPD.) Higher functioning BPDs almost universally deny that they have a problem. My opinion of higher functioning BPDs who predominently act out is that they lack a conscience and are self absorbed.

If a BPD is higher functioning and intelligent, they often have the ability to "read people" pretty well. They can also be extremely adept at manipulation. It's very easy to not understand the manipulation, especially when everyone else around (i.e. not family) seems to think well of the BPD. The manipulation and the lack of insight from others can make the non-BPD doubt their own instincts.

At the core of all BPD behavior is fear of abandonment and great difficulty dealing with their feelings.

CONTROL is at the core of effective, manipulative BPDs. It's a sick game, but it gets played by many women. BPD is the most prevalent personality disorder and yet most people have never hear of it. Statistics show that just about everyone interacts with a BPD at work or school and is completely oblivious.  (+ info)

How does the leprosy actually spread?

Leprosy is caused by bacteria that disrupts the hosts' tissues and attack the skin and nerve endings. But how does this disease actually spread and why did people were afraid of coming near patients with leprosy?

Unknown mode of transmission, but I've read that aerisolized droplets (respiratory) is thought to be the major one. Avoiding contact would be a good idea though.

Also, over half of the people infected had no known contact with an infected person..  (+ info)

What exactly is borderline schizophrenia, and how would you know if you had it?

I was curious as to what borderline schizophrenia was, and how you would know if you had it.

"Borderline Schizophrenia" is not a real term as far as I know, but it may have been an old fashioned term for Borderline Personality Disorder many years ago.

Schizophreniform Disorder is an early stage form of schizophrenia where the patient has some symptoms but not others; this diagnosis isn't used very often, though.

Schizoid and Schizotypal Personality Disorders are have some similarities to schizophrenia but are not as severe. Some people diagnosed with these personality disorders may later develop schizophrenia.

The basic symptoms of schizophrenia are psychosis (hallucination and/or delusions), disorganized thinking, blunted emotions and social withdrawal.  (+ info)

How to deal with a Borderline Personality with regards to Estate planning?

1 of my siblings is unfortunately a Borderline Personality,what is
the best way for my parents to plan their Estate (Will) with this
situation in mind.My parents reside in Quebec,the sibling in question resides in the USA.

There is no simple answer to this question. A lot depends on how much assistance this sibling needs now in his/her financial affairs, and if the parents believe this person can handle finances on their own.

I have a sibling with borderline personality disorder as well. Our parents left the unmarried siblings more money than the married ones, and this sibling, being unmarried, has been living on these funds without a good investment strategy nor adequate provision for the retirement years. Otherwise she manages well enough on her own; the problems will come in those later years.

Perhaps your parents could require that the BP sibling get good financial counseling upon receiving the bequest at the least, and if they are very unconfident of this sibling's ability to handle the money, set up a trust.  (+ info)

What should one do about borderline eating disorders?

I feel confident in a self-diagnosis to say I am either borderline anorexic or have OCD about food. I'm just unsure what to do about it because it's all I ever think about. Getting fat from this sandwich, how many calories are in that drink, weighing myself frequently, worrying about gaining any more weight, etc. but I don't really starve as an anorexic would. I eat, just not a lot and not often. I don't want to seek help because it's embarrassing because I don't know why I'm being like this and it's too shameful to tell my parents so is there any tips or help on what to do about this? I feel like I'm a different person asking this, like it's not really me but I just want to be rid of these constant thoughts and worries.
These symptoms have been going on for a while but it's just now starting to concern me. I do know that my parents would feel heartache knowing I have a problem and I know they'd probably want to help but I feel like they will just talk to me and say I'm overreacting or feel like they're bad parents for not knowing. About the body image, I didn't address that because most people on here say things like "Ohh I think I'm fat, I guess I'm anorexic?" so I didn't want to sound as if I looked up the symptoms and made them fit me. I play volleyball and we do a lot of conditioning so I gain muscles from it and they drive me crazy. I've made silly comments to my mom about being fat and such and then she reminds me I'm putting on muscle but the number on the scale bugs me too. I soon forget what she has said and think I'm fat and getting fatter but then remind myself it's muscle so it's kind of back and forth on body image.

Don't feel embarassed. You are not the only one who has or is at risk of developing an eating disorder. You'd be surprised to find out it is very common nowadays. At least, give yourself a pat on your back to recognise the symptoms.

It is best that you can find a professional to talk to. Arresting the problem now is better than letting your eating disorder become full blown. Please know that early treatment can help in recovery. If left untreated, eating disorders can cause serious health complications.

Don't feel ashamed about your condition such that it prevents you from telling your parents. Your parents love you and will want to help you out. Admitting that you have a problem is part of becoming mature and taking responsibility for your own health and happiness.

At the same time, you should get educated about eating disorders. This is a good site to go to as it is pro recovery and friendly http://www.eating-disorder-research.com

There is a lot of information in there that can help you understand about eating disorders. Getting the right information is key to an effective recovery.  (+ info)

I have borderline Glaucoma and must wait 6 months to be rechecked. How much vision loss will I have?

Since I am borderline Glaucoma the Doctor has not prescribed treatment. I must wait 6 more months to be rechecked. How much Vision loss can I get from waiting this Long? What should I do?

  (+ info)

Why is it wrong to say a person with borderline PD shows split personality?

I have heard everyone say that it isnt right to say so but then i suffer from borderline pd and there is no doubt in my mind that sometimes i doshow split personalities. Wanting a person badly to hating that person to death, isnt that two personalities? Whenever this situation arises where i have to split, i feel so uncomfortable, i feel like i cant help but swtich into the two personalities.

it's not wrong to say that. i'm BPD as well (not diagnosed yet, but i'm studying to be a psychiatrist so i know that i have it) and i know what you mean. one part of yourself hates the other and it's like you want that part to die. it's like your personality is turning on itself. i believe that BPD sufferers do have split personalities, but it's not the same as multiple personality disorder (that's when you blank out for a period of time and can't remember what you did or where you've been, and there's and entirely different person living inside you that makes you do things you don't want to)  (+ info)

How can you prevent or minimize Borderline episodes?

Are there ways of controlling the length of episodes with a Borderline Personality. What makes the person change.
My girlfriend is Borderline, I'm learning her, she's running out of excuses, for her behavior.

Borderline personality disorder is a tough thing to deal with. I'm sure as much as you are going through, she is going through much worse eventhough it probably seems like you're getting the effects of it. It depends what you mean by "episodes" when you say minimize. I think the best thing you can do is sit down, talk with her, and tell her how you feel about the situation. Maybe you could nicely suggest alternative behaviors that you might prefer or if she isn't in counseling, suggest counseling (even for both of you). She should not be blamed for her behavior, but she should realize that you have to take a certain amount of responsibility for your actions and that there are consequences for every decision she makes.

I think one of the best things you can do for people with borderline issues is to be supportive of them yourself and also make sure that you have alot of other friends/family members/co-workers who are part of their life as well. It will make it easier for the person dealing with this disorder (and yourself) if that person knows there are people for them in their life. When I say people for them, I mean people to hang out with or people just to talk to, not people who will tell them that they should be something they're not. If you are talking about attachment issues, that's an entirely different realm.

If you don't really love her, than don't stay in the relationship. She needs to be in a relationship with somebody who loves her and who is supportive of her, while (both persons) follow reasonable two-sided guidelines for that relationship. She doesn't need to be with somebody who criticizes her. She's probably been through alot.  (+ info)

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