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is it possible to have acute leukemia twice in your life?

Is it possible for you to have acute leukemia as a child, and after the 5 year survival, you develop it as an adult maybe 10 years later?

yes it is, a relapse is "usually" within 5 years but it can happen afterwards. remission is the first major step and then the five years passed and you're cured. its brilliant. but people who have had cancer are always suspetible to cancer again in life, and with acute it usually rears its ugly head within five years but it can even so. someone just said "acue" means sudden onset. dead on track! with accute you'll just suddenly have all these symptoms and then get diagnosed again. its a harrowing time for everybody but if this has happened to you or someone close.....hold your head up! treatment has come a long way for people with leukemia, now!  (+ info)

What are the chances for a healthy 30 year old male to survive acute leukemia (AML)?

My love of ten years was just diagnosed with acute leukemia yesterday. It is something that doctors said might happen as a result of being treated for neuroblastoma as a baby. He is at The City Of Hope and I have been on the internet all night doing research. Someone please help me...please.

Acute myeloid leukemia is a curable disease; the chance of cure for a specific patient depends on a number of prognostic factors. Cure rates in clinical trials have ranged from 20–45%; however, it should be noted that clinical trials often include only younger patients and those able to tolerate aggressive therapies. The overall cure rate for all patients with AML (including the elderly and those unable to tolerate aggressive therapy) is likely lower. Cure rates for promyelocytic leukemia can be as high as 98%. (Wiki)

Without treatment, most people with AML die within a few weeks to months of the diagnosis. With therapy, between 20% and 40% of people survive at least 5 years, without any relapse. Because relapses almost always occur within the first 5 years after initial treatment, most people who remain leukemia-free after 5 years are considered cured. People who have the poorest prognosis are those older than 60, those who develop AML after undergoing chemotherapy and radiation therapy for other cancers, and those whose leukemia evolved slowly after a period of months to years of abnormal blood counts. (Merk Manual)
Best Wishes
Take Care  (+ info)

Hi Please give me any information u know about free Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Treatment in India?

hi,my friend's brother is suffering from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia which is one type of blood cancer. she lost her parents too and cannot afford her brother's treatment and she needs help with her borhter's treatment.please let me know if you know any hospitals in India providing free treatment for cancer. please help me with this.

thanks a lot in advance

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how rear is it in a child that they have both acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) and acute myelogenous leukemia?

my friends sister was diagnosed with both of those leukemia's and apparently its rear. how rear is it and will she be ok?

Well it's very rare because they're both leukemias, and both acute, but they effect different kinds of white blood cells. She will probably need 2 kinds of chemotherapy, and possibly a bone marrow or stem cell transplant. Both are curable (AML is harder to cure than ALL), but if both have been caught early, it'll be a long hard and intense fight, but she can make it and live a totally normal life afterwards.  (+ info)

What is the difference between acute myeloid leukemia and acute lymphocytic leukemia?

Does AML start in premature blood cells and ALL start in mature blood cells?

Some immature blood cells (lymphoblasts) do normally mature into lymphocytes while other immature blood cells (myeoloblasts) normally mature into various types of "granulocytes" and monocytes. When the lymphoblasts become malignant it results in acute lymphocytic (same as lymphoblastc) leukemia. When the myeloblasts become malignant it results in acute myelocytic (same as myeloblastic) leukemia.  (+ info)

acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) how long does it take for me to start feeling good again?

hi i have (ALL) and i've in the the begging stages. im about 2 months into it. can any give me any how long is it going to be intil im able to grow my hair back and how long is this going to last?
i know this cancer is found mostly in kids. im 19 will i be able to be cured?

You should talk to your doctor about all of this. People who don't know the details of your illness couldn't possibly give you an answer. Your ninteen, talk to your doctor. Stay strong!! Good luck!!  (+ info)

I have to research 'acute lymphocytic leukemia'. Does anyone know anything about it? ?

I'm researching acute lymphocytic leukemia and I need to know about treatment in severe cases when a bone marrow transplant is needed. When would the decision to carry out a transplant be made? What sought of bone marrow transplant waould take place. Also how long would treatment take before a bone marrow transplant would be administered? How long is treatment after having the bone marrow transplant?
Im getting really confused and I need as much help and information as possible.

http://www.marrow.org is the National Marrow Donors Program and I believe someone already posted the link to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

My leukemia is a different type, but the transplant itself tends to be the same for most people. The type of transplant used will depend on factors such as relapse rates, is the person is able to harvest their own peripheral blood stem cells and if they have a matching donor in the registry, if they are young enough that they have their own cord blood stored, or currently, if they are older, if they qualify for any of the dual cord blood transplant trials. The specific type of transplant used can change a couple things, but the transplant is more or less the same regardless.

The transplant is a very long treatment. Most patients are inpatient for about 6 weeks, and in daily out patient care for another 6 weeks and the average time period for full recovery is around one year.  (+ info)

Does anyone have any good links for childhood acute lymphocytic leukemia?

I am working on a major paper, and I have several sources. I just thought that I would check here in case anyone knew of a site that I may have missed. Thanks in advance!

Hope these sites help. Good luck on your paper!  (+ info)

How do I start a non-profit organization for acute leukemia cancer?

I suggest you work for a similar organization first. Get into learning the process of writing grant proposals, how to gain funding, and study their business model so you can do something similar.  (+ info)

Who was a famous person who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia?

im doing a science project and i need to list a specific example but i cant find one Help!!

Andrew Mcmahon ...."jack's mannequin"s lead man
you can buy or download (its on mega-upload) "dear jack"
a movie that follows his life through ALL ...you will find it very helpful
good luck :)  (+ info)

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