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What is the actual cause death with Acute Leukemia ?

male 64 yo with acute luekemia (diagnosed 1 yr) is it mainly from infections or heart,liver,or lung failure or what ?

I haved worked in cancer research for many years. When someone dies from leukemia it is usally from a combination of a superinfection (because your white cell counts are practically zero) and from clotting disorders (because you aren't making platelets either).
Respiratory infections seem to be the primary route (especially pneumonias). Viral infections can also play a part.
The actual cause of death is most likely what is called multi-system organ failure, because if you are sick enough to be in a hospital, you eventually go into liver or renal failure from the infection. Everything crashes together after that.
There are many treatments out there for leukemia, and many studies underway. If you keep as healthy as you can (avoiding large crowds, handwashing, etc.) and continue with your injections of filgrastim and epo, then you do lower your chances of getting infected in the first place.
Good luck.
P.S. your life-span with this disease is entirely individual and depends greatly on how well you respond to treatment and whether or not you have a successful bone marrow transplant.  (+ info)

Can a acute myelogenous leukemia patient have a "real" christmas tree?

My grandmother was diagnosed with AML in August of this year. I went out and bought her a Christmas tree yesterday to bring some joy and happiness into her so she could decorate it like she always does. Then I realized oo maybe she cant have a tree. Does any one know if it is ok for her to have a tree or not. Any suggestions or answers would be soo much appreciated. Thank you all. God Bless.

When a leukemic patient has a low white blood cell count, it is considered that she is more capable to catch more infections. Therefore a fresh christmas tree probably wouldn't be a good idea to be in the house due to the molds, and fungi that may be on the tree, naturally. Just make sure her white blood cells are in the normal range, and she will be able to enjoy the tree you bought her. You are a wonderful grandchild for her, to think of her joy and happiness. I wish her the best, and Merry Christmas and God bless to both of you!  (+ info)

I have ALL or Acute lymphoblastic leukemia how can an adult get a childhood Cancer?

My doctors seem quite baffled about me having leukemia usually it only happens in young children I'm wondering if any one has had it and how you are feeling I feel great just tired my platelettes are up and so is my hemoglobin I've had one round of chemo so far just wondering how you made it through ~thanks

You need to find a specialist that understands ALL if your doctors are confused. ALL is most common in children but also occurs in Adults. You can read about Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on the National Cancer Institute site:

Adult Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Treatment

ACOR: Mailing list for adults with Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

ACS: Overview: Leukemia - Acute Lymphocytic

Hang in there and stay strong as you continue your treatment.  (+ info)

Why is excessive bleeding a common occurrence with acute leukemia?

a. the deficit of calcium ions
b. impaired producetion of prothrombin and fibrinogen
c. decreased platelets
d. dysfunctional thrombocytes

decreased platelets, the body is making all those leukocytes and not as many other types of blood cells  (+ info)

Why is World Health organization interested in classifying Acute Myeloid Leukemia ?

Because different types of Acute Myeloid Leukemia have different symptoms, treatment and prognosis.

"The World Health Organization (WHO) classification of acute myeloid leukemia (AML) incorporates and interrelates morphology, cytogenetics, molecular genetics, and immunologic markers in an attempt to construct a classification that is universally applicable and prognostically valid.["  (+ info)

I just got a bonemarrow transplant done for acute myloid leukemia can I smoke marijuana?

If my counts are high enough

Not unless your completly stupid  (+ info)

whats the difference btw an acute and chronic leukemia?

a little detail would be nice, but I need to know the important differences btw an acute and a chronic leukemia

Acute is a sudden onset without warning or symptoms.
Chronic- is never ending. They can't seem to go in remission which in itself is only temporary for some. Others, remission can last for years If you need more than that, let me know, I'll have to look it up.

ADD I had to look it up out of curiousity. Here is what I found.
"Acute leukemias involve immature cells that tend to divide and proliferate quickly, whereas chronic leukemias involve mostly mature cells and some immature cells that exist in a steady state until the blast crisis phase develops."  (+ info)

Can anyone tell me what is the prognosis and survival rate of Acute Myelogenous Leukemia?

Try this site for the best info:
Best wishes  (+ info)

how does a person get acute lymphoblastic leukemia?Are kids born with it?


No one knows how you get any cancer. Children are not usually born with it, but it can happen. The peak incidence is between 3-5 years of age.  (+ info)

What happens if acute anemia goes untreated? My biological mom-just met and <3, has it and possibly leukemia.?

She lives in Chillicothe, MO and she's soooo sweet- her body is rejecting transfusions- supposed to get them once a month, the last was 6 months ago, she's always feeling weak, but she can't find medical help that she can afford. I want to help her when I get my tax return, but I don't know if she's in dire need at this moment- I want to find her any help I can... any ideas?

anemia if its acute is nothing serious it just means your body is low on iron. Eating Iron rich foods like red meat, beans and spinach can help that if not there are Iron supplements. When I was pregnant all 3 times I was anemic and on my last one I was severely anemic to the point I almost needed a blood transfusion but the supplements helped. I will keep your mother in my prayers. There is no way for her to get some kind of state funded help?  (+ info)

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