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Can anybody give me a good reason on why it is hereditary?

I just want to know why diabetes is hereditary!

Well, it isn't strictly hereditary. Kids of diabetics are at higher risk to develop it, too, but most of them will NOT get diabetes.

Diabetes type 1 is caused by an immunological cross-reaction between pancreas islet beta cells (the cells that secrete insulin) and certain (Coxsackie) viruses. The likelihood of such a cross-reaction occurring is related to certain cell surface (HLA) proteins that are indeed inherited.

Diabetes type 2 seems to depend on lots of different factors, many of which may be individually inherited.  (+ info)

Hereditary Bags Under My Eyes: How do I get rid of them?

Ah, it seems I got lovely puffy bags under my eyes when I swam in the gene pool. I've had them as long as I can remember, even as a little kid. But what is the solution to get rid of them? I get at least 8-9 hours of sleep every night. I have used concealer, but it doesn't do much. I have very pale skin, and I find them quite noticeable. I would rather not use any type of surgery, I'm getting the shivers just thinking of that. Any home remedies, that are (preferably) painless?
No no no, they're not dark and puffy. Just puffy. My dad's side. Gee, thanks dad...
Heh, no lasers. I shudder at the thought of it. =O What if they missed or something and got my eye?!

Dr. 90210  (+ info)

What can I do to make hereditary hooded eyelids less noticeable?

What tips can I do to make the hooded eyelids less noticeable, and what colour eye shadow would go with green eyes?

Theres absolutely nothing wrong with hooded eyes. :)
Dont feel the need to cover them up, make them MORE noticeable, because I bet they're really pretty.

Golden bronze colors, oranges, purples, and dark browns look nice with green eyes.  (+ info)

What is the best, cheapest rememdy for hereditary dark under eye circles?

I have dark undereye circles which I believe are from my nationality, Italian, and not from lack of sleep. However I'd like to get rid of them nevertheless. Is this possbile?

I think it’s important to really understand the causes of you dark circles before trying to treat the dark circles. My friend has serious dark circles and her dark circles are improving by following the information provided by http://www.darkcirclesundereyescure.com  (+ info)

If alcoholism is hereditary, just how easy should I take it?

My dad and grandpa are alcoholics. I of course plan to drink reasonably responsibly, and I haven't even gotten drunk. I've had maybe one drink in my whole life. I'd like to know how much alcohol I can handle though without becoming addicted. If perhaps I chose to drink more in the future.

its REAL EASY to stay away from becoming an alkie.......dont drink, EVER.  (+ info)

Get rid of hereditary dark circles around the eye area?

I have had these dark circles around my eyes for as long as i can remember an having a pale complexion they stand out even more, so im looking for and home remedies that work as well as products, hope someone can help.

you cant do much about them,but you can conceal them with a concealer,i jus leave them,you can try applying lemon during the night and aloe verra that should help  (+ info)

Is it hereditary to get anxiety attacks easier?

My dad used to have anxiety attacks to the point where he had to breath in and out of a paper bag.

I think I mighthave gotten an anxiety attack from stress but is it hereditary?

yes i have aniety/panic disorder and most of my family members suffer from depression or stress related mental conditions like social anxiety cod or phobias..a lot of the time its an alcoholic gene in the family that contributes to it.I also had anorexia when i was younger and my psychiatrist told me that it was because my dad and grandmother had an alcoholic gene..they were alcoholics and had inherited the gene from their relatives.  (+ info)

How do you prevent getting hereditary varicose/spider veins?

Also, is it true that not crossing your legs helps?

you should wear proper shoes and exercise to keep the circulation fine  (+ info)

Are spectrum disorders such as Autism or Aspergers hereditary?

My mom had issues, my brother did, and I did, and to me reading, it sounds a lot like Aspergers. My oldest son was diagnosed with Autism.
Could it be hereditary possibly?
I had a fear of social interaction and really didn't want to interact when I was youngr. Still the same. I have a high iq, but sometimes have trouble putting words together to express what I want to say, but don't really have a problem writing them.
I see these things in my son as well.

Everyone said it was hereditary, but that's only half of it. It can be hereditary, it can also be the result of environmental factors, or non-genetic biological factors, such as the rate of autism in children diagnosed with an arnold chiari malformation (both types) but I would say that if you have a strong history of this in your family, then you have your answer. Good luck!  (+ info)

Does anyone have experience with a chlld with Hereditary Angioedema?

My grandaugter was just diagnosed with Hereditary Angioedema. She's only seven. Anyone have experience with this disease?

Hi, i have a lot of family members with HAE including myself & there isnt anything they can actually do for kids that i know of, my nephew was put on danazol when he about 8 but his mother took him off it not long after because she didnt like the side affects (and there are many!). your grand daughter should be seeing a specialist at a childrens hospital for this illness, i was diagnosed with HAE when i was 8 and im now 31 & on danazol. its a terrible painful illness & i understand how your grand daughter feels when she's sick.
feel free to contact me anytime :)
Love Melanie xx  (+ info)

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