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what is the cause of leukopenia and frequent respiratory infections?

I have suffered from neutropenia and leukopenia for the last 2 years. I get frequent respiratory infections. I suffer from malabsorbtion. I smoke 6 to 8 cigarettes a day. What is causing my resiratory infections and leukopenia?

Your immune system controls the blood problem, which sounds like it may become serious. Can you see an infectious disease specialist?
Malabsorption causes vitamins to be washed out of your system further weakening your immune system. The vitamins needed to correct body imbalance just gets wasted. The malabsorption is being caused by something - your doc should be able to help you with this. It's putting you in a vicious cycle.
With the total pic in mind, you're struggling to fight a pretty hard battle, especially adding cigarettes to the picture. If you can get your doc's help, have him order something to help you stop. There are many great meds out there now that work. This will definitely make a difference in the no. of respiratory infections you get.
Keep an open mind & it's worth trying new treatments as apparently what you've tried has not worked.
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my daughter has been diagnosed with slight LEUKOPENIA?

The doctor dismissed the result as insignificant as the LEUKOPENIA WAS VERY SLIGHT.

Should she ask to be investigated further. She has had this result show up on a couple of ocassions in the past. She is feeling well.

Go and see another doctor. Get an 2nd opinion.   (+ info)

Can a vitamin D deficiency lead to leukopenia?

I have a low vitamin D level and low white blood cell count. I am paranoid about why my cells are low and rather vitamin D is the culprit. Since vitamin D aids in repairing daily wear and tear...can it also make a difference in my count?

My mom developed CLL after Gastric bypass and they said it was because her blood counts were low and her body was not producing enough Vitamin D. After she was done with Kemo(she is fine now) they put her on a high Vitamin D diet and once a month she gets a blood infusion. It's different than a transfusion but it has kept her heathly. Don't panic talk to your doctor.  (+ info)

What is the treatment process for Leukopenia and is this treatable?

Nowadays, there are injectable drugs such as Neupogen and GM-CSF that can cause your body to produce more white blood cells.  (+ info)

How do chronic infections cause leukopenia?

Be specific, as in the actual mechanism.

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What is neutropenia and leukopenia and why do you get it? What is the cause of it? Can it be prevented?

Neutropenia is a hematological disorder characterized by an abnormally low number of neutrophil granulocytes (a type of white blood cell). Leukopenia or leukocytopenia refers to a decrease in the number of circulating white blood cells (leukocytes) in the blood.

For very detailed information on each visit the links below.  (+ info)

For leukopenia(low white blood cell). What should he eat?

Hi. My father has recently had an operation of hemorrhoids and the doctor said leukopenia(low white blood cell) is another disease he has got. I need to know what food he needs to eat to get better. I did some research but people's opinions were vary from person to person. Any body professionally know what to eat please? According to some information banana, mushroom, char(fish), noni are said to be good ones. What else do you know?

Ask the doctor. Depends on how low the wbc are. Some doctors will put the person on a diet that has no fresh foods, especially nothing grown in the ground that is not cooked. Leukopenics are more suseptable to infection.  (+ info)

Had kidney infection, hospitalized, leukopenia, and now at home retaining water.?

It has been three days since I have been at home and every evening my legs swell and my face is puffy. I am ten pounds heavier than last week. I have been drinking alot of water since home and urinated normal but this morning I can't stop peeing. Every 5-10 minutes. Is that the water coming out. The doc said it was normal to swell after all the iv's. Do you think that is why I can't stop peeing? ANYONE?

If the nephrologist has cleared you of any kidney infection but you still have leukopenia,i.e.low white cells which are the disease fighting cells in the defense mechanism of the body,then may be you are having renal hypertension where angiotension 1 conversion into angiotension 2 is compromised.What is the status of your blood pressure?With fluid retension,it should be high.You may be needing an anti hypertensive therapy with a diuretic or perhaps your kidney infection is not cleared completely or you need to raise your white blood cell count.  (+ info)

I would like information on reverse isolation with patients that have leukopenia?

you have to let them have a mask and you would gown up and sterlize things the same way you would if you were doing regular isolation.. it is for theri protection this time not yours.... ALWAYS wash hands before gowning and putting on gloves and after you leave them...  (+ info)

is it true that an abnormal decrease in the numder of white blood cells is a is leukopenia?

Cancer in any form is a deadly disease. But when it affects the most vital components of the body then their fatality increases manifold. One such type of cancer is cancer of the blood, technically known as leukemia. Blood is the most important tissue of the body. It is the connective tissue which carries and supplies oxygen and other vital elements to the remotest parts of the body. The importance of blood can be understood by the fact that it is the most important of all the connective tissues which provide the nutrients and other vital elements to the body.

The most dangerous feature of leukemia is that it is related to the blood which has access to almost all body organs including the all important brain and heart. The incidence of cancerous cells being carried to the different parts of the body increases drastically due to this fact. Another striking aspect of the blood cancer is that it affects the leukocytes or the “white blood corpuscles” of the blood. These are the ones that protect the body from external infections. Thus the immunity of the body is seen to decrease drastically due to leukemia. The main effect of the disease is that the body starts producing infected and abnormal cells that hinder the function of blood i.e. carrying of oxygen.

A patient suffering from leukemia is seen to loose weight due to anemia. This happens because the cancerous cells are unable to carry the hemoglobin properly which is the chief source of iron to the body. And due to that the body looses all vitality. The situation of the patient becomes vulnerable because the brain also starts to dysfunction due to infected blood. Headache, night sweats etc. can be commonly seen to occur as an attachment to this deadly disease.

The people living in areas prone to radioactive waste disposal and activity are most common targets of leukemia. Overexposure to radioactivity causes the cells to mutate and function abnormally. The children who are diagnosed with Down syndrome have a high probability to develop leukemia. Over exposure to Benzene, the industrially important hydrocarbon is also a known cause of blood cancer. The abnormal cells are easily detected under the microscope. Thus the doctor suspicious of such a disease advises the patient for a bone marrow examination. The onset can be detected by the swollen lymph nodes of the body which are commonly found in armpits, around the neck and at the thigh.

Chemotherapy is the most effective but a very painful way of killing the cancerous cells. The patient is subjected to drugs orally. The patient undergoes tremendous pressure as he is injected with lot many chemicals at a time. Another treatment is through the radiation. It is also very treacherous way of getting treated. The patients are seen to loose hair and texture of skin.

Leukemia though very dangerous is still curable and the research in the field is also being done on an extensive basis. Proper treatment at the right time can prevent the reflux of this disease. Methods like bone marrow transplant, which may be required at a later stage, are also effective in treating the patient. Above all to over come with the disease a person needs to be loved and supported by all. Leukemia is fatal disease but life is mightier then it.

http://cancarinformation.blogspot.com/2007/11/leukemia.html  (+ info)

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