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I'm 20 weeks pregnant, I went to the bathroom and wiped myself. I noticed I had thick sticky discharge.. It didn't bother me much besides the fact that it is light yellow. It doesn't smell. I haven't had that much leukorrhea since being pregnant.. only once in a while when I wipe... and I see it. I am planning on seeing my doctor but it is normal to be light yellow?

I've had a lot of discharge on and off my whole pregnancy. Sometimes it was white, sometimes it was more yellowish. Sometimes it was really watery, sometimes it was sticky, and sometimes it looked like snot. I'd say its pretty normal but if you are concerned, talk to your dr next time you go.  (+ info)


Okay so I ovulated on the 6th, so I am now offically 2 dpo. Since the sixth I have been experiencing this clear discharge. It feels like I am peeing my pants. It isn't constant and comes and goes. I am ttc, and I was wondering if this could be a sign that I may have actually gotten pregnant this month. I have never experienced this before. I don't have any itching, ordor, or redness, just the discharge. Thanks and sorry if TMI.

Normal to have watery or egg-white discharge after ovulation. it becomes creamy then dry towards your period starting.  (+ info)

How early in pregnancy is leukorrhea present?

I haven't even tested yet, but we are ttc and I have had some thick discharge after ovulation. Could it already be leukorrhea?

I'm having the same thing, and (I think) I'm 5 dpo. I've had this increasingly since ovulation too. I've read in a few places that sometimes it can be an early sign of pregnancy, but I don't know how common it is. About half the things I read are that pregnant women become dry, and the other half have the creamy white discharge. I hate to say it, but just try and relax until you can take a test. Good luck and baby dust!  (+ info)

I am 23 weeks pregnant and my husband will not have sex with me due to the leukorrhea. Is it harmful?

From what I have read, leukorrhea (vaginal discharge associated with pregnancy) is completely normal. He is very afraid of this discharge and will not have sex with me at all. Is this harmful to him? Is there some way that I can get rid of it?

No it is not in any way harmful to him. It's something all woman have even while not pregnant it just becomes so much more abundant thanks to pregnancy hormones. He may be a bit worried about it but he wouldn't even notice it during sex. Especially since if you're turned on you're producing natural lubricant. It wouldn't be any bother to him. Maybe just let him know it's harmless normal and there isn't anything you can do to get rid of it. It doesn't mean infection or bacteria at all! Good luck :)  (+ info)

How many of you had leukorrhea in your early pregnancy before missed period?

That milky white discharge that can be an indication of pregnancy in some women. I never discharge. Ever. I have no yeast infection and nothing medically wrong with me. I'm waiting to test only if I miss my period because I'd like the most common sign of pregnancy to happen before I go peeing my money away-literally. I asked a similar question to this a few days ago but am interested in getting more answers. Thank you!

i did.

i thought it was weird since usually the only discharge i get is the EWCM around ovulation.  (+ info)

When does leukorrhea start to appear?

When did you notice a difference in your cm?

Leukorrhea can appear anytime during your cycle  (+ info)

Is it normal to not have any leukorrhea in second trimester?

I am 16.5 weeks and I had it in the first trimester but not anymore, all I keep reading says that in the second trimester there might be an increase in leukorrhea but can't find anything about there being a decrease. What would cause that? I was spotting brown mucusy stuff only in the mornings for 5 days and went to the doctor and everything was fine, now the spotting has stopped and there is nothing at all. I thought with the increase of hormones, there should be...... well something... What are your experiances?
it is the white-ish discharge that many pregnant women get from an increase in hormones.

wot the hell is leukorrhea?

aahhh well I didn't get any in the first trimester and Im now entering my second. Maybe its an individual thing, much the same as all the other symptoms??  (+ info)

Is Leukorrhea found only during pregnancy and is its presence ALWAYS indicative of pregnancy?

I am supposed to start on the 13th or 14th and i have this discharge...thinking i could be pregnant as other symptoms have arisen.

Leukorrhea is not only found during pregnancy. It's normal for any woman. Here is what wikipedia says:

There are many causes of leukorrhea, the usual one being increased estrogen. The amount of discharge may increase due to vaginal infection or STDs, in which case it becomes more yellow and foul-smelling. Vaginal discharge is normal for a woman, and all women are different. Causes of change in discharge include infection, malignancy, and hormonal changes.

Leukorrhea may occur normally during pregnancy. This is caused by increased bloodflow to the vagina due to increased estrogen.

ETA: Good luck though! If you have other symptoms, this might be related!  (+ info)

What does leukorrhea look like (in details please!)?

I have been wondering what leukorrhea looks like, in early pregnancy, and when it starts. Just as a learning tool, not an "am I pregnant" type thing. I thought it was a whiteish discharge, but what is the consistency like, and how white is it. Any input or personal experience is appreciated. Thanks!

it looks like stringy clear- white discharge and may increase with pregnancy. consistency is like watery booger  (+ info)

what EXACTLY does leukorrhea look like?

i have always just assumed it was (sorry to be gross) this thick stringy yellow stuff that looks like snot i have had that my whole pregnancy both times at least once every few days but any ways i just noticed earlier that the past two days every single time i go pee theres a huge glob of it and its getting thicker and nastier but its still the same color just darker yellow but i mean every single time its like the size of a ping pong ball or so is that just thicker leukorrhea or my mucus plug?

My leukorrhea was creamy white. what you're talking about sounds like the plug  (+ info)

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