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What is the cost and contacts highly recomend for having open heart surgery for NOW 1 MONTH OLD GIRL in India

Her condition is, Situs Solitus Levocardia. Conclusion, Truncus Ateriosus(type 1)with mild moderate truncal regugitation, interupted Aorta with PDA supplying the descending Aorta

In North India, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi is a good centre. In South India, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences, Ernakulam, is a good centre. Cost will depend on the centre you choose. If you are looking for free surgery, there are only two hosptials: Sree Sathya Sai Hospital at Whitefield, Bangalore and Prasanthigram, Puttaparthy (Andhra Pradesh). What surgery is feasible in the given case has to be decided entirely by the cardiac surgeon in the centre.  (+ info)

Need help to decipher an echo result

My 22 month old son had an echo cardiogram today because of a heart murmur. The doctor couldn't give us the printed result right away but gave us a written one and i tried finding out what these findings mean, but would also just like to confirm what i found on the net.

His result looks as follows:

. Situs Solitus
. Levocardia
. (n) Valves Chambers
. IAS / IVS intact
. (n) LV/RV fn

I THINK the last point is LV/RV fn....or maybe its IV/RV

He anyways mentioned that it's a benign murmur and that there was nothing to worry....but still...i guess worrying comes with motherhood.

Thanks in advance for any answers!!

I put your question on my "watch list" to see what others had to say, but it appears no one qualified has seen it or wants to answer, so I'll venture a somewhat educated guess.

I do not read echos, nor do I work on peds, but I did look up a few of the terms. I believe the (n) may stand for "normal" which would indicate normal valves, chambers, and (LV/RV fn) left ventricular/right ventricular function. IAS is the intra-atrial septa (heart muscle between the two top chambers or atria) and IVS is the same internal muscle but between the two lower chambers which are ventricals. The results say "intact" which would seem to mean there is no hole there. (Many newborns are born with a hole that most often closes shortly after birth, called patent ductus arteriosus.)

The first term "Situs Solitus" is a term meaning the heart and organs are on the correct side of the chest. The second term, however, seems to refer to a condition (or conditions) in which the vessels or other structures are not in the proper place. Exactly what this indicates, I could not say.

I've listed some sites below you could look at that might help. The first two are sites of medical experts on which you could post your question for more informative interpretation. The second and third are just explanations of the terms you mentioned. The last explains the hole in the heart I mentioned.

My best advice, however, would be to ask your doctor to better explain exactly what the test results mean. It sounds like he'll want to continue to monitor a benign murmur to see if it worsens or gets better, but you paid him for more than the test alone. You paid him to interpret it for you, and to explain what it means in terms you can fully understand. If not, how can he expect you to participate in decisions about your child's care? Men are always telling us moms not to worry, but that's what mothers do -- we're so good at it!

Good luck, and I hope this helped somewhat... If you think I could be of any further assistance, feel free to email me.  (+ info)

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