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I am sick and tired of head lice infestations of my kids and now grand-kids; solutions please? Anyone?

I don't want to use a chemical treatment, i.e. insecticide....can anyone recommend something that is 100% effective?

My kids also had this problem when they was younger. I was told to treat their hair with mayonaise and leave on over night make sure you put a shower cap on their heads and let them sleep with it on their heads. then in the morning go through their heads with a lice comb and then wash hair throughly.treat all beeding and clothes , put their stuffed animals in the dryer on high heat. treat furniture, etc... Then buy some tree tea oil in your pharmacy and put about about 2 teaspoons in a full bottle of your regular shampoo . when ever you run out of shampoo do the same thing to another full bottle and it will keep those pesky and annoying bugs away. i did this and my kids never had them again. i still add tree tea oil to my shampoo and my kids our teenages now. i hope this helps  (+ info)

Head lice and infestations in UK Schools?

Head lice "nits" are endemic in schools does the school have to keep record of occurrence's of head lice and do they have to pay particular attention if a child is continually infested. I feel my child is being singled out as every time i get clear of them they return. I change everything lining etc.

  (+ info)

Does Rosemary Mint Shampoo and Conditioner help Prevent or Treat Lice Infestations?

no just get some lice shampoo its very useful  (+ info)

Should parents inform the school and daycare that their child has lice?

Hello, I take care of several children, and found out this morning that one has a severe infestation of lice. Her mother knew about it, and this is the 6th time the child has had it (per the child.) The mother said nothing to me about it, until her child was absent, and I asked why. She didn't mention that this was the latest in a series of infestations.

I checked my own children and one had nits, and only ONE louse, thank GOD! However, I am angry that this woman did not mention it to me! She also sent her daughter to school today, and insisted she was free and clear, and was to come here after school. When she arrived, I checked her hair, and immediately the comb was full of lice. I called her father to come pick her up, which he angrily did.

What should I do?

Hi. I think what you did was right and by all means neccessary, call the school and bus driver and warn them. The mother should have been more catious, since lice are contagious and multiply very quickly. I think the father should have been less angry because they should have been washing her hair very carefully and making sure she doesnt get lice! Keep doing what you are doing and the parents have to understand eventually! Good Work!

Mrs. Pamidarryl  (+ info)

Does citrus help prevent lice infestations?

no  (+ info)

Are there any lice treatment centres in Perth Western Australia?

I have been looking everywhere on the internet and have not found any places in Perth which provide lice treatments. Are there salons that help families with infestations in Perth?

Thanks :)

You can buy lice treatments products from like.. any chemist. The trick with lice is removing the eggs not killing the bugs (common misconception).

The stuff from the chemist works fine if you use it properly, no need to go to a specialist :)  (+ info)

Is it important to remove old lice eggs from hair?

I'm dealing with a lice infestation, poor kid. We have removed all the lice from her head and supposedly all the unhatched eggs.

She's now left with white eggs attached to many hair follicles in her hair, but not close to the head. It's taking me forever to remove them individually, but I'm paranoid the lice will come back if I don't get them out quick enough. Would they?

How important is it to remove these supposedly "old unhatched" white eggs from her hair?

It is best to remove everything. The easiest way to do this is have her wash her hair and condition it really well and then leave it wet. Buy a METAL comb from your local pharmacy, not a plastic one because they don't work as well. Tie her hair up in sections and comb through each section. While combing through, make sure that you have a bowl of rubbing alcohol next to you and frequently rinse the comb between combings. It's a long, aggravating process, but it is vital that you get out all the nits or the kid will be reinfested very quickly.  (+ info)

How does an infestation of lice of school children start?

I know how it spreads once its in a school. You always hear that kids give it to kids. But, how did that first outbreak start?
Thanks for the answer, but I am talking about the very first case. Does it get spread and spread thoughout the years? Are the kids spreading the same strain of lice?

A kid who got if from a friend or relative. That kid may have tried on a hat, hugged a friend, shared a hair tie. Lice can get from one head to another if the hair touches. Lice can't jump but they can attach to another head of hair easily, especially long hair.  (+ info)

How do you use tea tree oil to treat head lice? Do you put it on the scalp, add it to the shampoo?

Both my daughters have an active case of head lice. We have tried the Rid and Nix and also the Ovide and just plain olive oil. I have washed bedclothes, bagged stuffed animals, done everything that was possible. Now I want to keep from having the little critters come back. I keep hearing about tea tree oil and how it repels lice. How is it used to combat and prevent head lice infestation?

You need to dilute it into the shampoo or water you use by adding around 10-12 drops/litre. Concentrating it will burn the skin.
Repeat the treatment regularly.

Hope this helps.

Craig - Naturopath  (+ info)

how long can you have lice before showing symptoms?

My daughter has head lice, well had i think i have them beat now. But i am curious about these little buggers. How do they reproduce? How long does it take before you show symptoms of an infestation?

Female head lice typically live for about one month, during which time they lay seven to 10 eggs (or "nits") per day. Each egg is an oval-shaped capsule that is attached to the base of a hair, near the scalp. The eggs hatch after about eight days.

Adult head lice feed on the scalp and other skin around the hair (including the face and neck). Some people experience itching or skin irritation due to a reaction to lice saliva, which is injected into the skin during feeding. However, most people with head lice do not have any symptoms.  (+ info)

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