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Is it safe for someone to sit on furniture and bedding if they have just been treated for head lice?

My daughter just got home from her dads house and had a head full of lice. I treated and combed her hair. Every one that I saw was dead. I am going to comb again every day, but I was wondering if I should keep her head covered or anything. Can the eggs get in your furniture. I am scared to death my whole family will get lice and we will have some sort of infestation that is soo hard to get rid of.

You have to be both realistic and careful. Having her live the life of a hermit with a shower cap on for the next week is not realistic at all. The nits and lice can live in bedding etc so that is why you need to wash everything on high temperature and dry on high as well. And by everything that includes stuffed toys, pillows, clothes, bedding, etc.

You also need to be sure you are getting ll of the nits out. Remember that the shampoo does nto kill the nits (eggs) and that is why they all say to retreat again in 7 to 10 days becuase they know that the shampoo does not kill the nits and the combs that come with the shampoo are so cheap that they leave nits behind. Sorry but it is the truth.

You may want to consider trying a shampoo that is shown to dissolve the nit glue along with a great nit comb that will cost about the same as a shampoo or a little less.

We love the NitFree line especially the comb as we have found that it pulls out nits tht the other leave behind and the mousse they have loosens the last of the nits.

The other thing that is nice is, since these and other natural treatments do not contain chemicals, they are safe to use and they work on the lice that are chemical resistent.

Good luck.  (+ info)

How can one with black hair tell if he or she has really bad dandriff or lice?

My friend has white flakes throughout his hair. There are large pieces and small pieces. Sometimes I wonder if its just dandruff and/or an infestation of lice.

Tie your hair back really well and comb through his hair. If you see black lice moving around, or small white clumps stuck to the base of a hair, and it wont come off when you put at it, then he's got lice.
If the white specks move around freely and there are MANY of them, then it's just dandruff.  (+ info)

After a lice infestation, what is the best way to clean your floors, curtains, clothes etc.?

Pubic lice, and head lice keep reoccuring in my household. Only me and my 87 year old mother live in the house. I have wood floors and carpet in the den and living room. After continuously washing my clothes, you can often see signs of lice in the seams and collars of t-shirts. What can I do?

you have to put everything that can not be washed in plastic bags (IE: stuffed animals, and other things that shouldn't go in the washer) then go to the store and there in the area where you find the shampoo to get lice out of your head you will find a spray get it spray all your furniture and carpets. wash and dry everything that can be washed then wash your hair with the shampoo make sure to use the comb provided to get all the lice out of your head cause just washing it wont get them all out you also need to make sure all the eggs are out and washing alone wont do that either. then do the same with you mother wash her hair and use the comb on it. but you have to make sure you spray everything with the spray (beds, furniture, every and anything that you can not put in the washer or plastic bag needs to be sprayed) i don't think there is an insect spray for this but you can look around in your local wal-mart or k-mart. but i know for a fact that what i have told you works cause i have been through it all before and as far as the pubic lice i would go to the DR and STOP letting anyone but you and your mom use your bathroom.  (+ info)

Head Lice Remnants in Hair - How to Remove Them?

I have friends who are foster parents. Most children come to them with lice. The two girls she just got have very thick hair.

Once she got a good look at their hair, she was horrified at the intense infestation that they had both had. Plus, their mom did not, or was not able to comb out the dead lice and the nits.

When she put creme rinse in and started combing it, she found that it is sort of distributing pieces of dead things all throughout their hair and the nit comb is not able to catch the pieces as they are too small. She looked at them under the microscope and they really are pieces of yucky stuff from lice and old hatched out eggs. She found a few live ones, too, but mostly it is this stuff that is now distributed all over their hair everywhere and looks terrible. They have black hair. You can't just pick them out - there are literally thousands of little "remnants."

Has anyone had this problem and been able to solve it. Thanks.

I would suggest using the plastic nit comb and the metal one with lots of conditioner lathering the hair maybe twice a day.

Lots of bath time or swimming in the salt water could help too.

Poor baby girls I hope it gets better so they can feel beautiful...  (+ info)

Does chemical lice shampoo lighten coloured hair?

I recently coloured my hair to a dark, almost black colour. I also recently rediscovered a lice infestation. Will the chemical shampoo turn my dyed hair a wierd colour?

i dont think so, but you need to get that lice out of your hair pronto!
go to the drug store get a treatment and shampoo and also USE the comb! just using the shampoo wont work. it takes about 2-3 hours to get all the lice and eggs out but its gross if you dont. then clean all of your stuff including bedding!

30 minutes in the dryer on high heat or 3 weeks in a garbage bag will kill all bugs and eggs.  (+ info)

How do i get rid of head lice without cutting hair?

i have been growing my hair out for 3+ years and i have caught a mild infestation of head lice its my first time having them and i really don't wish to cut my hair and i cant use the shampoo because it may cause harm to my asthma i think i have killed all the live ones but i have alot of nits(eggs) in my hair i also tried hair dye and i have been wondering if that kills nits. Any help is appreciated

not a problem...
1, get a nit comb from the chemist
2, wash hair
3, apply loads of conditioner
4, with conditioner in hair comb out with nit comb, cleaning comb each time.
5, re do every 4 days for 2 weeks.  (+ info)

I found a stray kitten, i think i might have lice?

I found this stray kitten and it was in pretty poor shape.. but i think it may have lice. How do i know if i have lice? I read somewhere that not all lice infestations produce itching, so how do i know?

If you have little bumps like insect bites then it will be lice bites, if you have them then the kitten has lice  (+ info)

Can an adult head lice bug be killed just by squeezing it between your fingers?

My bf's cousin got lice and as far as i know we haven't caught it but, tonight in the bathroom i saw a bug on a roll of toilet paper. It looked like an adult lice bug. Thing is it didn't try running from me like most lice bugs do and i eaisly killed it with my fingers.

Lice can not be kill by squeezing it between the soft part of your fingers. The only way you can kill it with your fingers is if you kill it by your nails. But just to be safe I would do a lice treatment on you and your boyfriend and spray you fabrics with lice killer and was all your clothes just to be on the safe side.

Hope that helps  (+ info)

How long does it take for head lice to show up and start itching?

On Thanksgiving we had a possible exposure to head lice. Came home and scrubbed everyone and everything involved with lice shampoo, etc. I want to make sure we don't get lice. How long does it take for head itching to start and how long does it take to start being able to see actual nits/lice on my kids' heads?

oh ya... been there... (I still have eebe jeebies)

Watch for about two weeks. You can see the nits (looks like white (can be brown)) stuck to the hair easier to see when hair is dry.
The adults (lice) look like wingless flies, almost like aphids.
Check the crown and the base of the neck (we found ours mostly at the top of the head, under the most of the hair) I found these easier to see when combing hair when wet.

As far as itching - my kid didn't itch - I saw them while combing the hair. When they are adults they move around causing itching.
The eggs hatch about a week or so (even after treatment).
Good luck...  (+ info)

What is another good way to get rid of lice other thank Lice treatment?

My Daughter has lice and I've tried lice treatment and followed there directions but she still has lice. And I'm gonna try doing it again but is there any other good ways to getrid of lice?

OK, this sounds really gross (and truly, it is), but it's the only way I was able to get rid of it when 4 of my kids came down with it (and the only way I could afford to).

Get a jar of mayo and completely saturate the hair with it. Pile on top of her head, and wrap tightly with a grocery bag. (Secure with bobby pins or clothespins). Leave on the head at least one hour. Shampoo 3-4 times to remove the greasy mayo. Comb through hair with a lice comb.

If you use this method, you will need to repeat 3-4 times every three days, as it will not smother all of the nits. In the meantime, try to keep her hair slightly "dirty"... contrary to what people tend to think, lice only like clean hair... the products that are put in hair make it hard for nits to "get a grip" on the hair and stay put. Put gel or hairspray in her hair every morning, to keep it from being too clean.

Treat everything else in your house... anything washable needs to be washed at the highest heat setting and dried at the highest heat, as well. Anything that can't be washed needs to be tightly sealed in a plastic bag (trash bags work well) for at least 14 days.

Good luck! It's a tough thing to get rid of, but with proper treatment, it will eventually be gone.  (+ info)

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