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Where did the first lice come from and how did it reproduce?

I'm pretty clear on how they spread, their life cycles, how they feed and the hundreds of eggs that an Adult Lice (Head louse) can reproduce. I've pretty much become a Lice expert since I have had to deal with them and the children in my family. What I am most curious in knowing is how did the first lice get here? How did they evolve in so many if they can't live more than 48 hours without a host to feed on. It takes one to start it, but what if the first one was not a female and even if it was then how? This has been on the back of my mind for ages, I really hope someone can clear the water, Many thanks!!

Really-think about a roach-they are tolerant to drought, water, heat, and radiation. They are annoying and will live after a nuclear disaster. The louse-is a more fragile creature and there are different types. The worst pests survive forever no matter how many or their relatives are killed.  (+ info)

How to kill head lice and most importantly the eggs?

My daughter has very long fine blonde hair. I used a natural product which killed the actual lice but must not of killed the eggs as now i've found more little critters! Using the fine nit comb doesn't even grab the eggs as her hair is so fine. What can i use to kill the eggs? Will the eggs fall off if they are killed?

Lice Treatment
Self-Care at Home
* Head lice

o Search for head lice when hair is wet. Use a fine-toothed comb (or a louse comb), clear tape (to stick on hair to pick up nits), a magnifying glass, and a strong light.

o Wet combing should be done every 2-3 days over a 2-week period, with small sections of hair, working out from the scalp. Some call this "bug busting," and it can be very effective.

o If lice are found, treat with an anti-lice agent and repeat in 7-10 days to kill newly hatched nits.

+ How to use anti-lice agents: Over-the-counter treatment is available and should be used first. If after 2 applications, lice are still present, then prescription anti-lice agents may be needed from your doctor. Apply the anti-lice agent to dry hair for the time listed on the product (usually 10 minutes). Shampoo and rinse hair and comb as directed with a fine-toothed comb. Repeat anti-lice treatment in 7-10 days to kill nits that may have hatched.

+ Nonprescription anti-lice agents include Nix Lotion (permethrin 1%) and Rid, A200, and Pronto shampoos (pyrethrin products).

o Check all household members and treat only if lice or nits are seen.

o If a child is younger than 2 years, comb to remove lice and nits but do not use anti-lice agents.

o Hair conditioners may coat or cover the lice, so they should not be used before applying anti-lice agents.

o Wash all bed linens and clothing that have been in contact with the infested person in the past 2 days. Use hot water and the hot cycle in the dryer.

o Some recommend that water be at least 140°F to effectively kill the lice and nits. Most hot-water heaters are set at 120°F for child safety. This lower temperature may be effective.

o All nonwashable items such as stuffed animals should be placed in plastic bags for 2 weeks then opened outdoors. Dry cleaning may be an alternative.

o Disinfect combs and brushes in hot water or alcohol. Soak for more than 5 minutes in very hot water (greater than 131°F or 55°C).

o Vacuum floors and furniture, especially couches and areas used by children. Throw away the vacuum bag immediately.

o Herbal therapy and oil treatments have not been proven to work.

o Do not use gasoline, kerosene, or oils. Burns have occurred.

o Do not shave the person's head. This drastic measure is not necessary.

o If lice are seen in a school-aged child, notify the school nurse or teacher in order to limit the spread.

[When I was younger they used vinegar on your hair to kill the lice also and it was an everyday process to get rid of them.]  (+ info)

Anyone have any home remedies for getting rid of head lice?

My children were exposed to head lice around 4th of July and i have been checking them aleast 2 times a day since I found out. Well any when checking my daughter last night I found lice eggs. So I ran to wal-Mart and bought bedding spray,and a product called licefreee! a homepathic Pediculicid it is pharmacist recommend kills lice and the eggs and most important is free from potentially harmful pesticides and is safe for repeated applications.(Non-toxic). I am washing everything in hot water and drying it at a hot temp. also I sprayed everything with the bedding spray. I'm sure that I've done a very good job and I also made sure my children didn't have anymore eggs/nits or bugs i comb it w/a nit comb throughly. I'm just needing serious suggestion on any home remedies that you might of heard that worked or tried yourself in case they ever return. also if you have any suggestions on how/or what to use to keep from getting them. Thanks alot ahead of time. This is very frustrating

You appear to be doing what you need to do, and have some good advice here as well. I've noticed no one has answered this part:

>> also if you have any suggestions on how/or what to use to keep from getting them

The only way to keep from getting them is to stay away from people who are infested -- and I mean more than 20 feet. Don't invite infested people into your home. Don't go into a school classroom where there are infested students.

Good luck with that. Live, learn, use the nit comb periodically.  (+ info)

What happens to a person if head lice is never treated?

I know very little about lice, but I've seen the shampoos and know that people say it's a hassle. I'm sure there are homeless street-people with lice who can't be treated, so what happens to a person who can't afford to get rid of them?

Head lice...yuk! Not only are they un-sightly they are dangerous.
Lice are parasites...that means they BITE just like mosquitoes. And when thy bite [to suck your blood] they first 'spit' stuff into your skin to make the blood thinner so they can suck it out....ewwwwYuk!

So you can get infections, sores, scabs...not a good thing.

Prevention: Never ever share anything someone has used on their head...hat, hoodie, comb, brush, anything. Don't sleep on bed linens were infected people have slept. [ One good reason to shampoo everyday if you stay at a hotel..preferably first thing in the morning]

If you ever get head lice, you can't just stop at treating your head...you must treat everything your head has touched or they will come back. And running things through the dryer won't do it, lice can tolerate the heat. To get it hot enough to kill the lice would distroy your clothing.

The only thing that has ever work for us, our kids came home with head lice they got at school...a common place for the infestation to start. They only thing that really worked was Licex a non-chemical natural product. You can lean more about it hear.


There is an excellent video and a lot of information there.

You don't ever want to get head lice...but if you do this will help you get rid of them permenantly...or until the next out break at school or something.  (+ info)

What can I do to get rid of lice without using chemical treatment?

I think I have lice. I've been itching for about maybe a week and I've noticed some white dots on my scalp. I usually get them in winter/cold weather, too. But I'm too embarrassed to tell my mom about it. Is there any home remedy treatments I could do without having to get the chemical lice treatments?
I'm a GIRL i'm not going to shave my head!!!

I had lice when i was little.. the best and ONLY way to get rid of them is to put conditioner in your hair and use a lice comb (from the supermarket or pharmacy) to comb them out.. they can not stick to the hair when the conditioner is in there.. good luck, hope this helps!  (+ info)

What was the smelly head lice treatment that parents used 20 years ago?

My 5 year old has head lice and i wanted to know if anyone could recommend a treatment, i've used Full Marks and its rubbish. Everyones been saying the smelly treatment we used as kids is the best, but does anyone know the name or can recommend one?

I am not sure what the smelly treatment is but I can recommend some natural remedies. Before you listen to anyone advising you to use a pesticide treatment (over the counter shampoo) please consider the following:

No chemical head lice treatment is legally allowed to be labeled as 'safe' as every insecticide is a poison. They are also ineffective as head lice have become immune to them.

Luckily there are quite a few totally natural remedies available that readily kill head lice.

Suffocation is an effective method where oil based products (i.e.: conditioner) are used to block the breathing holes and kill the live lice. The real trick though is to find natural products that will kill both the live lice and their eggs in one fast effective treatment.

Remedies containing Neem Oil are known to be highly effective as Neem interrupts the growth and reproduction of the head louse. Neem’s insecticidal properties are widely recognized now and the oil is commonly available at your local health food store.

Feel free to check out the articles at the following site for more advice.

Good luck.  (+ info)

How long after exposure to lice do signs start to appear?

My friend was with her cousin who just found out he had head lice. She wants me to ask (she doesn't have an account) when do signs start to show?

as soon you make contact with them . here is a link for you , hopefully will help in case of infection. the kwallada works very good and you can find it at your local pharmacy if you should need some.  (+ info)

What is the difference between sticky dandruff and lice nits?

i was being checked for lice for summer camp, and i found what looked like dandruff only it kind of stuck to my hair. it didn't look like lice, but im scared of thats what it may be. HELP.

  (+ info)

What are some effective ways to get rid of lice?

My daughter came home from the sitter's with lice, and now I have them, too? We've tried mayonnaise, Nix, and the nit comb, and we still have them! How can I get rid of them for good? Does hair dye work? And does using a hair dryer kill the nits? Help! School starts on Monday and she won't be able to go if she still has lice!
I'm not going to shave my daughter's head 5 days before kindergarten starts, and have her be traumatized.

OK I looked for this question because I want to tell you the answer! I have fought head lice a few times because my Mom's boyfriend has 5 kids who always give it to my kids. It's horrible! Lice shampoo doesn't work. Nothing works. Except this. OK wash your hair in hot water, blow dry it on high heat and then straighten every piece of it pay close attention to the nape of the neck and right above the ears. This is the only way I could get rid of them forever. Heat kills them! Everything else is a waste of money. Also I've heard they hate tea tree oil so I use the shampoo and Conditioner. Good luck!=)  (+ info)

What is a good alternative head lice treatment to use instead of the drug store shampoos?

My sister is about to shave her son's head for the second time because she won't use drug store lice shampoos. He is so upset. Does anyone know of something that works so he won't have to go through this again?

Sadly my sister has had lice...don't tell alot of people though. It came from bad expierence in elementry school, but she only had it for a week before we fully rided it.

1. Get listerine
2. Get a shower cap.
3. Put the listerine in the hair for an hour.
4. Once the hour is up rinse the listerine out
5. Take a fine-tooth comb and some lice egg remover and brush the remainder eggs out.


I hope this helps!  (+ info)

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