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Lichen Nitidus?

Does anyone know the LONGEST time Lichen Nitidus is known to last? All the literature says "a few years" but I know it can last at least 5.
Can it ever be permanent?


ive been "diagnosed" with it since may '07, it comes and goes for me, like right now its coming back after a few months of being gone...  (+ info)

How do i cure lichen nitidus?

What medicines are useful to clear it away. It is on my penus and it makes it look very ugly. I need to know over the counter medicines and prescription medicines that will help

  (+ info)

How effective is Protopic for lichen nitidus?

Google Protopic and see if the site tells you whether it's prescribed for that. Better yet, Google lichen nitidus and see what medicines are recommended.  (+ info)

Has anybody heard of a skin rash called Lichen Nitidus?

I was told by a dermatologist that my daughter has this. They said that they do not know what causes this and it will come and go. I was given a cream to put on the rash and it seems to help but now it looks as if it is coming back. I looked it up on the internet and I found the same information as the doctor told me. Does anybody know anyone who has or has had this rash? Thanks for your help

It may not be possible to clear up lichen nitidus at all. Protopic is a reasonable choice, but a week is not nearly enough to tell. I suggest waiting another 6 weeks and then discussing with your dermatologist the possible alternative of a cortisone-based cream.
good luck  (+ info)

Help, I have Lichen nitidus. ?

I know there is no cure. Do you have it as well, how long did your symptoms last? Any suggestions?


Lichen nitidus is a rare, noncancerous skin condition. It consists of tiny, skin-colored bumps (papules) that often appear in clusters on the surface of your skin, especially on your trunk and upper extremities. The cause of lichen nitidus is unknown.

Lichen nitidus may affect anyone, but typically develops in children and young adults. While you may find lichen nitidus to be annoying, it's harmless. Even without treatment, lichen nitidus usually disappears over time.

You're right that Lichen Nitidus is rare. It's not cancerous or even pre-cancerous so that's the up side I suppose.
As you say it goes in its own time which can be just a few months but is more likely to be a few years. I know that sounds like a hell of a long time when you have it, but, at least, in the majority of cases, it goes and that's the important point.

As a sufferer what can you do about it? Basically nothing, sadly. You can help to minimize the longevity/severity of the condition by not getting your affected, or nearby, skin burned from the sun. There is a thought out there that it will extend the condition but there's nothing conclusive in that regard as yet. Why take chances with the sun just in case it's true?

Another thought is that stressing seems to increase it's spread or add to its duration/severity. So, I guess trying to just remain calm and not let yourself get too stressed over things may go a long way to helping clear it up rather than lengthen it.

Sorry to say that other than the above there's not much can be said about it except try and hang in there. It's not pleasant to have it but time is on your side. Good luck.  (+ info)

How long does it take for Lichen Planus to be treated?2-What is the treatment to remove the spots completely?

I'm 25 years old and it is about 8 months that I'm sufferring from Lichen Planus.I went to doctor and it stopped improving but it is about 1 month that the spots are reappearing .Moreover, the spots that were previousely healed are still on my skin . How these brown spots can be removed for ever?

Takes about 2 months for them to dissapear. You will have tiny white spots after that. In flourescent lighting they can show up big time. So if you go to a place with those lights cover up.  (+ info)

How would a physician differentiate between eosinophilic esophagitis and severe oral lichen planus?

I am diagnosed with only oral lichen planus, never had a purple papule on flexor surfaces. I have no lower esophogeal sphincter tone, and severe esophagitis.

The physician would use Gastroscopy.

Try www.emedicine.com BUT dont go directly --> go thru Yahoo Search / Google search otherwise you will be taken to payment page. Search both diseases like --> "eosinophilic esophagitis emedicine"

The site is an excellent resource even for doctors.  (+ info)

i am looking for a doctor in michigan that specializes in lichen sclerosis?

I'm really in need of a good lady doctor if any of you ladies out there have any referrals, specifically one that specializes in vulvar disorders, like vulvodynia and lichen sclerosis. I am in southeast michigan. Help, please.

Dr. John Robert Wichert, M.D., MSU Women's Health Care
1200 East Michigan Ave., Suite700
Lansing, MI USA 48912

Phone: 517-364-5888
Specialty: gynecology

Recommended for: lichen sclerosus  (+ info)

I was diagnosed with Lichen Planus? Has anyone heard of it and know of a cure?

I would like all the advice I can get. I have been seeing my dermatologist about this for 6 yeras. They do not know what causes it and how to cure it for sure, so I was wondering if anyone has had experience with Lichen Planus or know of someone that does. If so, please share your story with me.

know about lichen planus but also know that there is no cure for it.  (+ info)

what medication can I use to get rid of lichen planus in my mouth?

I woujld like to find a mouth rinse or something to ease the discomfort of lichen planus from my mouth...I hate it!!

Lidocaine mouthwashes. Your doctor or dentist will be able to prescribe them to you. Follow the directions that the prescription is written for. The lidocaine will numb the mouth area and help make you feel a little bit more comfortable.
Ask your dr about predisone, a pill that is a steroid to help reduce inflammation. It may help also.
There is no cure for lichen planus according to a few websites I looked at. A few stated that it normally goes away on its own, but the oral form is usually worse than the skin form.  (+ info)

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