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linitis plastica?

surviving linitis plastica

I am sorry to hear that you or someone you care about has this rare but dreadful disease. You can read some about the prognosis here:

You also may request materials from the (US) Federal Government's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. You can reach their clearinghouse toll-free at 1-888-644-6226 (voice) and 1-866-464-3615 (TTY). In addition, you can visit the Center's Web site at http://www.nccam.nih.gov or send an e-mail to [email protected]

Essiac tea was developed specifically for treatment of stomach cancer. Original blend contained 1 pound of powdered Sorrel, 1 1/2 pounds cut Burdock root, 4 ounces powdered Slippery Elm bark and 1 ounce Turkey Rhubarb. It is available from several companies, with some variation.

Mullein tea is helpful if there is pain in the stomach. Slippery Elm gruel can be tolerated when the stomach won't digest food. Goldenseal root may slow the growth of cancer, speed healing and give relief from stomach and intestinal upset.

Maria Treben when suffering from stomach cancer took the juice of Nettle, Yarrow, Dandelion and Plantain.  (+ info)

el plastico que llevan los garrafones de agua arriba de la tapadera plastica?

No hablo espaƱol. Try asking your question in English so we can help you!  (+ info)

For girls only(the question about breast augmentation)?

I really want to do that, and I am thinking about saline implant,who has saline implants tell me do they look fake? PS I will do that in LA in a very good plastica surgery center)))

I have silicone breast implants and they look natural, but they are more harder than a natural breasts.  (+ info)

is there anything to get rid of stretch marks???

my wife after pregnancy got alot of them in many places...she's tried everything...how about plastica surgery or laser? plzzz give me details

If you cannot afford laser or do not want to go that route, AVON has a product called Re-Fine that helps stretch marks fade away and stay away. It is a creamy lotion that you apply to the stretch mark area.  (+ info)

Unqiue gothic names...........?

Alright well I'm in a goth band, and we're using fake names.
I need a unique goth name.
Something like Dementia, or Funerella, Dark Rose, Black Rose, Plastica, and Symphony...I need some other choices though.
I really like the ones I have now, but I'd like more choices.
Alright well thanks :]

I don't really have a name for you but don't use plastica. Sorry but it sounds fake. I mean fake as in blonde cheerleader High School drama queen bimbo kinda fake. I like the Twisted roses one though by Katie B.  (+ info)

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