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What diseases does the doctor check for during a checkup?

I had to go to the doctor for a checkup and various immunizations before college. I wanted to also get tested for STDs. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I don't have any (I'm not sexually active) but I don't want any surprises like HPV from sharing lip gloss. Anyway, I went to the doctor last week for a checkup and I wanted to know what diseases the doctors check for.

They dont check for diseases they check for symptoms.

PS Tony you're too excited.  (+ info)

can i catch any diseases from sharing a shaving kit?

i didn't have my shaving kit, so i used my dad's, and i cut my lip by accident while shaving with my dads shaver thing, can i catch any diseases?


if your dad has mono, yes you might.

but odds are he doesn`t, so don`t really worry about it.
besides-he`s your dad. I use mine`s sometimes when i cant find mine
don`t worry about it- you should be fine  (+ info)

Why did i have a bump on my lip?

I had a bump on my lip earlier this week and it kinda hurts when my teeth presses on it.
It's gone now but im afraid if its got anything to do with diseases.
Im only 13, so i havent done anything that adults did. I've never use any lipstick or kiss anybody but my mom.

Sounds like a cold sore to me .. or you may have bit you lip.
Youre fine sweetie ... since you do not engage in sexual behaviors, it is not an STD .. so no worries.
If you get one again, I suggest salt water gargles, the salt will help heal/close the cold sore  (+ info)

what are some possible diseases i could have if i have a canker sore that wont go away?

its painless
it doesnt go away, it only shrinks or gets bigger.
(inside of bottom lip)
im 14 years old and only made out with one person around october.
and yeah.

Canker sores are caused by foods that you eat - spicy or acidic/citrus and you must still be eating foods that are causing this problem. It has nothing to do with making out with someone. You will get these intermittently throughout your life, especially when seasonal fruits come in such as strawberries, oranges, etc.  (+ info)

How can I stop biting my lip? Is it bad if I do this everyday?

I can't stop biting it, the whole right side of my lip is bruised. I don't really bite it, I tear the skin off, *I know it's gross* and I tear it to the point my lip starts to bleed. Oh, and if I do this, can it be easier for certain types of disease that can do bad damage to my body or something?

I always do that! I didnt think others did it :L .. Just chew on a cracker or something, thats what I do because I mainly do it when Im not eating. Lol!

x  (+ info)

is it safe to lip kiss with an unknown person such as prostitutes?

is there any majorly harmful diseases that can pass through by lip kissing or passing spit?
if we french kiss or lip kiss with a prostitutes can we infected with viral or any kind of sexual diseases?

No dude! you never want to kiss a prostitute. you can very easly catch STD. by kissing her. Why would you want to kiss her anyways. thats grouse why would you want to. prostitutes are Nasty.. i say pass, noway..  (+ info)

How do i sterilize a needle before i peirce my lip?

How do i sterilize a needle before i peirce my lip? so i dont get infected or a disease

you should get it done professionally but burn the needle with a lighter or let is soak in boiling water for a minute or two.or soak it in alcohol.i did it and im fine. goodluck  (+ info)

Do sickle cell anemia and lip piercings mix well?

I have sickle cell. I want a stud(lambret) under my lip. My mom says that because I have a blood disease, I shouldn't get the piercing as it may cause my to have a crisis or other sickle cell anemia related issues. Is this true?

  (+ info)

What ar the little white bumps on my lip?

on my lower lip ther is little white bumps and a little on my upper lip. they really itch. what the hell is thisss. i want to make sure its not herpes or a skin disease

cold sore I am guessing nothing to worry about it's just from kissing too much or you sucked on it in your sleep  (+ info)

what does a tiny clear bubble inside my lip mean?

it is inside my lip on the lower side. i'm just hoping its not some sort of disease or std from sharing water with people at the club last night. please let me know the possible reasons if thats the only thing i did recently.

fever blister. just means you're under a lot of stress and not taking good care of yourself. get some sleep, relax, take your vitamins. use mouthwash. you'll be fine.  (+ info)

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