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How long is recovery time from having a large lipoma removed?

I have a large lipoma on my left ribs that has to be removed? Just wondering how long recovery time if any would be? Like would I have to miss work or would I be fine?

You should probably plan on taking a day or two off work.  (+ info)

Is lipoma completely noncancerous no matter how long it is on your body?

Also, does lipoma spread? I asked that because I'm still scared and worried about getting the lipoma removed from my back and the results that will follow after the procedure.

By definition, a lipoma is a benign fatty-cell growth, which doesn't spread, but may become large. Generally, the removal of a lipoma doesn't involve a large incision, so that the resulting scar is usually a small one. Since you are worried about it, make sure that the tissue gets examined by a pathologist, who can then assure you that the tissue is not cancerous, as there are liposarcomas, which are cancerous. However, the liposarcomas tend to be rather hard, and not soft and mushy, as is a benign lipoma.  (+ info)

What are the side effects a day after lipoma removal from the forehead?

The surgery was done by cutting the skin and removing the lipoma and then stitching the skin back. This was on the forehead. Is it normal for the face to swell a lot the day after the surgery, especially near the eyes and under the eyes and also the cheeks? Doctors please help. I appreciate it.

swelling ,edema ,local infection and occasionaly wound problems  (+ info)

Can my lipoma on my face grow bigger if i put on weight?

I'm a skinny person who wants to gain some weight but i'm also worried that the pea sized lipoma will grow bigger as a result of eating too much fat. Removing it is out of question at the moment for some reason,so should i wait until i get rid of it or start eating lots of food?

No, it won't grow coz you've gained weight.It might grow however spontaneously. The ones on the face don't usually grow so big but again there are always the exceptional cases.  (+ info)

Is it possible to get lipoma on your ribs?

I've had a lump on my rib cage for a few months, and I was hoping it would just be lipoma, but is it possible to get lipoma on your ribcage???

I'm going to hospital to get it removed tomorrow, but I just want to have something to be positive about, so please answer!

yep, fat can grow anywhere.  (+ info)

If I fell and dislocated my shoulder, could a lipoma form on my back, or would it form on my shoulder?

I'm just wondering cause I read lipomas can form from injury, and I noticed a small bump on my back that is underneath my skin. I think it is a lipoma, because I can move it and it is not to big, and it is not painful. Does this sound accurate?

Do you have high cholesterol? Lipomas are commonly found in adults from 40 to 60 years of age. Lipomas are rarely life-threatening and the common subcutaneous lipomas are not a serious condition. I had one over my eye, removed twice, because it returned and as it grew my upper eyelid was closing. I doubt you have a lipoma, but if you are worried, see a Doctor. Best of Luck  (+ info)

How can you prevent a Lipoma from growing?

I'm 15 and just noticed a lipoma below my sternum (It is not my xiphoid process). How can I prevent it from growing or spreading (It is currently slightly smaller than a dime in size)?
Thanks a lot. I can't tell if it moves, and it feels kind of tough, but also can be squished. My doctor felt it and told me that if he were me he'd honestly wait and watch it befre getting it biopsied because he didn't think it felt like cancer.

Thanks for your concern =]

Well, you don't want to be poking at it or squeezing it too much. that can cause it to get irritated and grow bigger. And how do you know it's a lipoma? Does it move around or stay in one spot? Does it feel soft and squishy, or is it solid and hard? If it moves around and is squishy, than it's probably a lipoma or a cyst. if it's solid, it's a good idea to get to the doctor and have him check it out. Good luck and i hope it all works out!  (+ info)

I want to know what cure can done for lipoma other than surgery?

My niece is suffering from Lipoma. He had 5 surgeries. Still the lipoma is growing. He is 14. Help him. Any homeopathy medicine? I want the best doctors to help me out.

The only non=surgical way to get rid of a lipoma is via liposuction or lipodissolve. However, the removal of a lipoma, surgically, need not be a large procedure. Often, we'll make a small cut, the size of a pencil eraser, and take the lipoma out thru that cut. Good luck.  (+ info)

Does a brain lipoma cause forgetfulness and severe headaches?

Sometimes, I'm talking to somebody and my memory goes blank and I don't know what we're talking about and I ask "What were we talking about?" I also get very severe headaches and visual disturbances. Does a brain lipoma cause multiple tender spots all over the body along with fatigue?

nope...most brain tumors have no symptoms until its too late...  (+ info)

Will I die from getting the lipoma from my back removed?

I have had the lipoma on my back for 14 years. Although I am getting it removed, I am still very scared and worried about the results that will follow after the procedure. I'm afraid I won't make it out alive, healthy, strong, and well.

Stop worrying. A lipoma is only a collection of fatty tissue which needs to be removed. It will take a few minutes, won't hurt and won't harm you at all; you will be left with a minimal scar and a more attractive appearance. This is a simple surgery with very little risk. You will not die.  (+ info)

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