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Can anyone give me good sites or books with lot of info on alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver?

It can be internet sites, ebooks, journals and books? please it will help. thank you :)

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cirrhosis  (+ info)

Is O'douls really non-alcoholic?? Can a person with liver cirrhosis drink it??

O'Douls' various brews contain a very small amount of alcohol, 0.5%, probably not enough to get even the most inexperienced teenager a buzz. However, it's enough to make a cirrhotic liver sit up and take notice, so it should be avoided, like all alcohol products.  (+ info)

How long can someone live after being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver?

My mom, an alcoholic for over 15 years, was recently diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver. She became diabetic two years ago and has lost massive amounts of weight, brusies extremely easy, has hair loss, and has difficulty walking as she says she often has no feeling in her feet. She decided that she does not care and is continuing to drink as much as she ever did. How long does she have left to live? I'm getting married next August and am wondering if she'll still be alive by then.

Please refer to previous qestions on cirrhosis in this website. You will get a lot of information. Only a gastro-enterologist can answer your question after verifying her present liver condition, and medical records.  (+ info)

Do you think he has cirrhosis of the liver?

My dad, on a weekly basis, usually has, 21+ 1 litre bottles of cider, somethimes a 35cl bottle of whisky and occasionally wine. He is an alcoholic and i suggested he went for a liver scan, do you think he has cirrhosis of the liver?

The only way to know for certain if there is any
liver damage is to have blood testing done.
The doctor checks the liver blood enzymes,
the liver functions tests, and the liver viral tests.
This will show if there is damage to the liver
cells, if the liver cells are able to do some of
the necessary functions of the liver, and if a
virus has entered the body and is using the
liver cells to replicate itself.

If a problem is caught early on...there is a chance
that the liver cells can heal and the problem will
be reversed. There are people walking around
with liver diseases and don't even know they
have them. The signs that first occur could be
tiredness and maybe flu like symptoms. This
could be mistaken for other things. The first
true sign is becoming Jaundice, but sometimes
this doesn't show up right away until someone
is in the advanced stages (in some people).
Jaundice is the yellowing of the whites of the
eyes and skin.

Just having this blood test done gives the doctor
alot of information about whether there is a problem.
Anyone who drinks, on a regular basis, should have
them done just to be sure. If the liver cells are
damaged to the point that they start to die off,
it can become an irreversible disease known
as Cirrhosis and the only cure then is to have a
liver transplant. Liver transplants costs
$300,000 and up.

Each patient is different. Some people are more
sensitive to alcohol than others are. In some, it
doesn't take much at all to cause damage and in
others, they can go all their lives without a problem.
It is always good to find out, just to be on the safe side.
Over consuming alcohol doesn't give the liver enough
time to process it and convert it to a non toxic form.
Drinking alcohol over long periods of time, can lead
to fat infiltration inside the liver. Either way, it can cause
damage to the liver cells.  (+ info)

Typically, how long can a person live with alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver?

Hello everyone. My Father was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver. He has been an alcoholic since he was a teenager. My question is how long do people with this condition generally survive? He has jaundice, he is very confused, he has swelling in his abdomen, his ankles are swollen, he is too weak to walk on his own... they are giving him physical therapy but his health changes every day. He gets better, worse, better, worse, it is so overwhelming. Also on top of that he has abused drugs in the past as well. They claim he is slowly dying... but my question is if he does therapy and everything and eats right could he possibly get better or is it to late?

Ty, I have had patients like your dad. Unfortunately, there is not much that can be done. If he follows the regimen the doctors have him on it might slow it down some. The question to consider is have the doctors diagnosed him end-stage liver disease? If so, then he is dying. He will go up and down with it. I really hate to hear your dad has this and you and your family have my prayers. I have seen what these patients go through.   (+ info)

Liver cirrhosis?

I know I've asked this question before about liver cirrhosis, but I need more info, please. If a person falls off the wagon, and ends up back in the hospital, I know it will damage the liver again, but can something else happen too??
what is fibrosis?? My husband recently had a swollent stomach, & fluid. they got a lot of fluid out now, and now they want to do more tests?

The fluid they took out of your loved one's abdominal area is
known as "ascites". This fluid will be sent to the lab to
see what it contains and if there is any infection.
This fluid is caused because of the lack of a protein, known
as "Albumin". The liver once made this protein, but as it
becomes more damaged, this function of making it is
decrease. Albumin has a special purpose, it not only
carries other substances throughout our body, it holds
the fluid in our vessels. When there is not enough of
it, this fluid seeps out and into the abdominal area.
Draining the fluid will help relieve the patient of discomfort,
but it is not a cure. The patient will develop this fluid once
To think of fibrosis, think of having a wound that is open and
someone places a gauze across the top. The gauze looks
like a net. This will give you some idea of what it looks
like inside the liver...like netting. This fibrosis is just
the beginning of the scar tissue being formed there.

Our body is made up of cells, but the liver has specialized
cells that do the certain functions. With liver disease,
these cells can start to have inflammation. If the doctor
finds this, he will give the patient medication and the liver
can heal. Why? cause the cells are injured, but are not
dead. However, once the cells die, it forms this fibrosis
inside and this leads to scar tissue. This scar tissue
that forms, blocks the flow of blood that carries nourishment
and oxygen to the other healthy cells and then they
eventually die also. The death of the cells is known as

The liver does so many different functions for the body...
When the cells start to die, the functions the liver once
did deteriates...such as the lessening of the amount
of the Albumin made, like I stated above.
This is an easy to read article on cirrhosis. I hope it
will help you understand better the symptoms and
the things your loved one may be going through.

Trying to stop alcohol can be very trying. The patient
may have jumpiness, sleeplessness, sweating, and poor appetite, to tremors (the "shakes"), convulsions,. hallucinations, and sometimes feel like they are dying.
To them...they are very sick and that one drink to make
it go away is so tempting. The doctors have medication
that will lessen these symptoms and make it more able
to be dealt with. But, the person has to want to overcome
it. When a person is so sensitive to alcohol...I mean that
some people can drink it all their life and not develop a
problem, but others cannot. So, when they are sensitive,
the liver usually can handle a small amount...but when it
becomes overwhelmed...the alcohol it doesn't handle
changes into another chemical that can damage the liver
cells more.

The requirements to be placed on the transplant list, after going through an evaluation and testing, they have to be free of alcohol for a period of six months.

I hope this has helped you understand better what is going
on. Only the doctor, who has his blood work and sees the
patient and knows his medical background can tell you
how damaged the liver is and if he will need placed on
the transplant list.

The best thing that can be done now, is to get a living will,
advanced directive, or a power of attorney...so someone
can handle his medical affairs if he isn't able to do so himself.
Living wills and advanced directives can be found free on
some sites on the web. This power is usually given to
someone who is a relative of the patient. It has to be the
patients will that this be done. The best doctor he can be
with now is a liver specialist: Hepatologist. The best test
to see how his liver is, is the liver biopsy.  (+ info)

liver cirrhosis?

when patients get liver cirrhosis, many male patients develop gynecomastia and testicular atrophy, while female patients start showing signs of virilizm. what is the mechanism of action behind that?

Testicular atrophy, gynecomastia, and hypogonadism are common complications of advanced cirrhosis because the liver can no longer break down estrogens or because of possible breakdown of hypothalamic or pituitary functioning.  (+ info)


A buddy of mines father was an oral surgeon and alcoholic. Drank whisky. Suddenly one day began throwing up black blood and was DOA- his liver failed him and he was a goner-(life support for a week). He was 51.

To get to this point, do you have to be sh**faced 7 days a week?
How also do they acheive in their occupation? Wouldnt you have the shakes?

hey,It is different for everyone,myself,whisky beer drinker for 30 + years,but I was a binge drinker,now sober 5 years,stopped at age 45,so far as I can tell,no problems,I hope I dont have problems later on,at the end of my drinking I drank on antibuse,and thought I was going to die,also could feel a numbing in my forehead,the start of a wet brain,now 5 years later that has finally gone away,alcohol has f---ed up my life since junior high,but now,I really enjoy life.I really hate to hear about people who die from alcohol,It took a near death for me to sober up,some people are functioning alcoholics,and can hold a job and a family,myself,Icould not hold a job,and yes there were times I got the shakes.bottom line is people have to hit there bottom to sober up,and most important is,they really have to want it more than anything,good luck.  (+ info)

I have NAFLD (Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease). What are my chances of getting Cirrhosis?

I went to the the ER the other day because I have had chronic diarrhea, dizziness, and abdominal pain for more than 3 months now. The Dr. found that I had NAFLD and said that I should be seeing a Dr. for this condition and said that I need MANY tests done to see what is causing it. She also said that I have to be on a vegan diet (I am not overweight) to see if it can reverse the Disease. My questions are: Is there a cure for this & What are the chances of it forming into Cirrhosis?

You should be seeing either a gastroenterlogist
or hepatologist now.
Fatty liver disease can be caused by many
different things: alcohol consumption, certain
medications like steriods, weight gain, hereditary conditions,
diabetes, insulin resistance, high cholesterol/triglyceride levels
and more.

The cause needs to be determined.
There are different stages of this disease....
Simple fatty liver doesn't usually cause a
problem and can be easily reversed by
stopping the cause. Alot of people are very
thin and can still have this problem.

The fat pushes on the liver cells and can
even push the nucleus of the liver cell out of
place. That is why it has to be treated immediately
....so the fat will disappear and not harm the cells.
The liver is surrounded by a membrane capsule and
the fat only adds to the pressure inside the liver.
If the cells of the liver become damaged, it signals
the immune system of the body to respond to
this. The immune system then causes inflammation
to develop inside the liver, also. This will cause the
liver to enlarge in size. It then goes from simple
fatty liver to steatohepatitis. Steato means fat,
hepat means liver and itis means inflammation.
This becomes more serious...the inflammation adds
to more pressure inside the liver and the cells can
more easily start to die off. When the cells die off,
it becomes a progressive disease known as
Cirrhosis of the liver. What happens now, it the
cells die off and form scar tissue inside the liver
that blocks the flow of blood through the liver on
its way back to the heart and may also block
the flow of blood to the other liver cells and they
will continually die off.

If the patient follows the doctor instructions and
is treated for any inflammation that may have
developed...then it may never go to the point of
becoming Cirrhosis of the liver.

Here are some links to help you learn more about
this, that you can click on:

I hope this information has been of some help to you.  (+ info)

Are there any herbs or vitamins that could help with tiredness associated with Liver Cirrhosis?

My dad has been unexpectedly diagnosed with non-alcoholic liver decease, and he is very sick. I was wondering if there is anything he can take that would give him a bit more energy.

Milk Thistle is known for aiding the liver.

I take it and I believe that I feel better. I have liver disease.

WILL NOT CURE...just help the liver do its job.  (+ info)

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