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I have two liver diseases and fibromyalgia: Is saccharomyces cerevisiai a danger to my healt?

I read that it was a danger to the liver and bone marrow in certain cases?

The yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae is widely used in baking, brewing, wine making, and biotechnology and previously has had GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status. Recent evidence indicates the involvement of S. cerevisiae in a range of superficial and systemic diseases. Numerous cases of S. cerevisiae-induced vaginitis have been documented as have cases of oropharyngeal infection. Potentially fatal systemic disease due to S. cerevisiae has been recorded in bone marrow transplant patients and in those immunocompromised as a result of cancer or AIDS. A number of studies have indicated that commercially available strains of S. cerevisiae may cause disease in certain individuals.

It seems more of a danger to the immunocompromised.
S. cerevisiae should now be regarded as an opportunistic pathogen, albeit of relatively low virulence  (+ info)

What possible diseases/problems could somebody have from an inflamed liver?

My girlfriend has recently been told she might have leukemia again, its not certain but she said she has an inflamed liver and this might be a symptom of it. But i was wondering if it turns out not to be this (i hope not!) then what else could it be?

Hepatitis is inflammation of the liver cells.
This is usually caused when the liver cells become
damaged and the immune system of the body
responds to it.
The causes of a problem with the liver becoming
damaged are: alcohol consumption, medication
toxification, chemical exposure, hereditary condition,
biliary obstruction/malformation/infection,
viral infections like hepatitis A-B-C, parasite
infections, Mononucleuosis, cardiac/vascular problems,
mushroom poisoning, auto immune disease,
fatty liver disease, cancer/tumors/growth/cysts,
and there are others.

The inflammation inside the liver will cause the
liver to enlarge
in size. This can be seen on an ultrasound or
Ct scan.
Many times this can be treated and if the
cause can be removed, the liver cells can heal
and the problem reversed.
A liver biopsy is the best test done to determine
whether or not the inflammation has lead to a
disease, known as Cirrhosis of the liver which
is when the liver cells die off and form scar tissue
inside the liver that blocks the flow of blood.

I hope this information has been of some help
to you. Best wishes  (+ info)

If someone is an alcoholic what diseases could they get in their liver?

I know someone who was an alcoholic and then their liver stopped working right. It started bleeding and not working right. What kind of disease could this be if they were an alcoholic?

Alcoholics usually cirrhosis of the liver, esophageal varicies, ascites and vitamin deficiencies.

The bleeding comes from when they get ulcerations in the stomach, colon and esophagus.

They can also get very thin blood from liver diseases.

Read my link, it will spell it out for you.  (+ info)

What are some nasty parasitic diseases that affect the body?

For my science final I need to do a presentation on a parasite that affects one (or more) of these systems: Circulation, Respiratory, Digestion or Excretory.
Any suggestions? I want a really bad one, preferably fatal or life-threatening that affects two or three (if possible) of the systems.

Thank you in advance!

trypanosoma cruzi (chagas disease)  (+ info)

What are some really strange parasitic diseases that cause problems in the respiratory system?

And/Or the circulatory system?

nematode worms... you know the ones that dogs, cats, sheep get,
they migrate to the lungs as part of their life cycle and cause coughing when they eat through part of the lungs.  (+ info)

what is a specilaist in stomoach, intestines and liver diseases called?

I need the term like a skin specialist is called dermatologist,
so that I can google some clinics.

It will be awesome if you know it german as well.

gastroenterologist it is the same in Germany here is a link for you

http://www.medknowledge.de/germany/hospitals/gi/gastroenterology.htm  (+ info)

What is the best hospital specialized in liver's diseases?

It will be very helpful if you give me the Hospital location, and it will be more helpful if you give me the Doctor’s name. Thank you

San Francisco General Hospital is supposed to have a liver center within its hospital . It's been many years since my brother in law passed away BUT the only way into that center was by recommendation by another doctor ...
You might want to research
Kaiser Permanente ®
their doctors were the ones that made the recommendation
scanty help but a lead none the less
I wish you all the best ... illness is a trying time not only for those ill but those who love them  (+ info)

Why are people with cirrhosis (or any liver damaged diseases) at risk of diabetes?

I understand why they would be at risk for hypoglycemia (b/c if a liver is damaged it cannot store glycogen).... but for diabetes I wasn't so sure why.

Is it because since liver cannot store excess glucose, the body's sugars have no where to go when a person has excessive sugars intake, and so that's why they are at risk of diabetes?

impaired glucose metabolism  (+ info)

What are the diseases or parasitic invasions affecting human Lymph nodes?

Lymphoma is the cancer that effects the lymph nodes. There are many subtypes of lymphoma.

Mono is one of the main viruses that effects the lymph nodes as well.  (+ info)

What is the liver diseases poem by Dr. Sheila Sherlock?

There is a book call 'Diseases of the Liver' and there is exit a poem also by Dr. Sheila Sherlock. so, pls tell me that poem.. I want to it urgently....

Thank you very much....

I DOWNLOADED THE TEXT, but i couldn't find a poem, clarification pls  (+ info)

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