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Louping ill is a disease of which animal ?


-MD x30y  (+ info)

What can i do to became ill start vomiting that sort of stuff?

Any home stuff i could do to became ill like start vomiting like something to drink that will make me ill. (i cant stick my fingures down my throat) for tomorrow

Is something severely wrong with you?? What person in their right mind would want to be SICK? Wow, never heard of this one! Go get some professional help..that's my best advice to you! I thnk that would be a good start in the right direction. Good luck!  (+ info)

My mother and brother are mentally ill. What are the odds that my children will become mentally ill?

I am not ill and the children's father isn't either.
I don't actually have kids yet. I am just wondering about the statistics
My mother has OCD and other anxiety disorders. My brother has OCD and psychotic delusions.

Your very best bet would be to talk with your physician next time you see him/her.They can either tell you or refer you to someone who can discuss the possibilities with you.

I can understand how you would want to know this before you entered into a serious relationship with someone. It is the responsible thing to do.  (+ info)

How long does it take to get ill and what are the chances?

My biology homework is on Food Poisoning, andi need to know what are the chances of getting samenella in raw chicken and out of 10 how many potions of raw chicken breasts would contain it.
And if you eat raw chicken how long will it take befor you get ill?
Finally what are the symptoms?

It is better to get information on the sites of manufacturers, which will indicate accurately and in detail about sitotoxism, see here can find something interesting http://www.topmeds10.com/search.php?aid=89869&q=sitotoxism.  (+ info)

How ill do you get with radiation and chemotherapy?

Well i know this person who has cancer, and well im really worried about this person and i want to now how ill this person will get with chemotherapy and radiation.

  (+ info)

What discrimnination and stigma do you think exists against mentally ill people?

I am asking because I am mentally ill (schizoaffective) and I am doing a project for a college sociology course. I have ideas of my own, but I want to know what other people in my situation think. I am not trying to get you to do my homework for me. :)
narotamdewan: Do you mean like when women weren't allowed to vote? Was it their thinking that made that so?

There is quite a bad one against schizophrenia. I have schizophrenia and I function moderately well now that my meds dose has been stabilised. If the girls at school were to know I have schizophrenia, their parents would campaign to have me removed from the school. I am also expecting future discrimination at work and insurance companies getting stroppy.  (+ info)

Should the mentally ill be grouped together or find work in the community?

This is a real debate at the local hospital, they have closed down the daycentre saying that mental ill people should be encouraged to get out in the community with normal people.

So do you think there is an inbetween?

Some need a daycenter....... For many people with mental illness they are not able to be independent and not able to hold a job..... their choices are to lives as well as they can alone (which often means homlessness), live with family, or be permanently institutionalized. The ones you see mostly stay with family... yet families need to work and so the mentally ill need (I repeat NEED) a safe place to be during the day. AND the day center is their version of getting out. They di not close the day center because they thought it was bad for the mentally ill..... They closed it because they don't have money for it anymore....  (+ info)

What is a good support group for family and friends of the mentally ill?

I have way too many mentally ill people in my life and I consider myself to be pretty normal but stressed because of the ill people in my life. I need a good support group as an outlet, are there any for a person like me?


NAMI, as mentioned.

Ask your family or friend's mental health provider (dr, therapist, hospital program, etc.) for good resources in the area where you live. They should be able to tell you what is a good support group for your needs.

you can look up the NIMH - national institute for mental health - online and look for resources there, too.

You could also seek out a therapist for yourself. They can help you understand and deal with what happens in your life because of your friends and family and any other issues you may want to ask about. Therapy is all about coping (you don't have to be "sick" or "mentally ill" to use these services.  (+ info)

Why do I always feel ill after I take a nap during the afternoon or early evening?

This happens every time I take a nap during the day without fail and I have no clue why it does. Im healthy, I eat healthy , excercise, but whenever I take a nap I wake up feeling ill, no matter where I am.

It happens whether that day I ate a salad or like, a cheeseburger I just always wake up with this weird stomach ache.. why does this happen?

hey luv...

are you still a teen or in college...ok...cause if you are a working young lady...this is not mexico...or Europe ...there's no sleeping on the job...a hem!...we all do it anyways..i'm just teasing...

the answer luv..is yes...without much fanfare..the story is that ...melatonin...a sleep hormone...is thought to be and has been shown to be naturally activated by the absense of sunlight...that is a natural night-time...influence on your sleep-cycle...however...not only hormonal activity is regulated naturally by sleep...so is appetite control...and processes such as digestion...all under normal brain and general nervous system control and regulation....

You say...of course that you have a bite before you end up pulling the z'z.z...well-if you are eating or nibbling...what happens is what happens to everybody to some degree..though some adults do find creative wrok ways to prevent dozing after lunch while at work....

Blood is temporarily...not a lot...diverted to the intestinal..area....oxygenated blood...Blood with oxygen-to aid in the processes of digestion..which by the way to refresh...yer middle-school bio..begins in the mouth...with chewing...or even salivation...upon sensation or even thought....so from the foods ya eat ..whatever it is ...simple sugars...like glucose...you've heard of it right...(provides energy) yes...the energy needed for the metabolic processes that digestion facilitates...

these metabolic...processes....one aspect or function of digestion...plus absorbption..excretion..other regulatory activites...involves..building up processes and necessary breaking down processes to liberate usueful...by-products...energy included....necessary for the body's reactions....location...(movement)..growth etc..like the baility to do or perform work...i.e school work...play...sports...all kinds of recreation...etc...

Bottom line...

1..daytime sleep...disturbes the sleep cycle---especially if you are a regular night time sleeper....at home...with family

2...if you are eating during the day...it is one main reason ..you are falling asleep..when you do...

3...sometimes though people in comfortable surrounding..especially at home...will fall asleep...often..even without eating...could also be at school...like the library...etc..

4..you are getting a weird wake up feeling because...your nap is probably before your food has digested...you tend to fall asleep soon after you eat...is that it...within 45 minutes...? ...if that is so...digestion is still in progress...so your tummy will feel quesy or achy...completely normal...to prevent this you'll have to wait about 1 hour after eating to lie down and rest...

5..if none of the above go see your GP and have a little chat...and check up...you should be fine.... don't worry...call her if ya wish first before ya go...2 get another opinion...  (+ info)

How do you cope when your ill? Do you stay in or do you muddle through and just get on with it?

Obviously if your seriously ill you have no choice. But if you have a headache/nauseous, cold or just generally feeling unwell do you stay in and do nothing or ride it out and keep going.
Also do you need to have certain people around you or do you prefer being alone?

I just stay in and save my energy and i prefer to be alone so that i can recover in peace  (+ info)

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