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Who can I contact for free legal advice in Massachusetts regarding a mentally ill relative?

I am looking for pro-bono legal advice to let me know what my options are with a mentally ill relative who has stopped taking her medication and who, I believe is a danger to herself. Any suggestions on who I could contact? Thank you so much for your help.

also go to NAMI.org and find a local chapter, that organization is primarily for relatives and friends of those with mental illnesses. Also, you can call social services for your county and find a mental health social worker. In my state, MN, I am legally entitled to a social worker, and my case manager also handled commitments occasionally. It was a bone of contention of us sometimes, because there are people who are committed improperly, ***and the consequences are about the same as a felony conviction. It will be on your record forever, you will lose some rights forever, the police will know about you forever, and you don't get the same legal protections that a criminal does****

Your relative may never speak to you again. You should try to talk her into treatment first, the next step would be a 72 hour hold, which does not require any legal action. I hope everything goes OK, but it would be better to get her to go back to the doc. Maybe her pills are making her fat or sick to the stomach or stupid, these pills are REALLY noxious. I hate taking them, because I get all of the above, and I feel I am taking them to make everyone else happy, because I am in hell whether I take them or not (still have the internal anguish, unabated). Sooooooo maybe she can be reasoned with. Some people with mental illness can't tell they are getting bad, tho, that's why the other options are still there, nowadays. Good luck to you, I know a lot of mentally ill people because I help run a social club for people with bipolar and schizophrenia, and most of them would be very upset about a commitment. Your relative will not thank you, but pursuing a commitment may be a moral obligation for you, given the circumstances.

Good luck to you and your relative!  (+ info)

How do I get my mentally-ill mother to take her medication?

My mom has been mentally ill since I was in elementary school (I'm 20 now). She goes through different phases - currently she's in the phase of spending money (even if it is not hers) and hysterical screaming. She doesn't think she has a problem, and thus refuses to take her medication. When we do get her to take her medication, she screams, swears and threatens us. This makes it much harder for us to give her medication because now, no one wants to do it. What can we do to help her if she doesn't want it?

Definitely contact her doctor/psychiatrist. It may be hard accepting that you need outside help but it will be the best for both of you. If she still refuses to take her medication, she may need to be hospitalized for a while somewhere where she can be monitored closely and treated by professionals. It may be stressful or painful for you but whatever helps your mother is the best thing to do in the long run.  (+ info)

How do I find information in Kansas about companion pets for the mentally ill?

I have a client who is mentally ill and she has a companion pet and her landlord is trying to make her pay a pet deposit. I know there is information out there that will help her not have to pay the pet deposit.
These are diffrent clients and I am just curious what you think!

I have heard that all someone needs is a letter from his/her doctor- sort of like a prescription for a companion pet. However, this was in another state, so you may want to ask the psychiatrist you work with if this is the case.  (+ info)

How do Christians feel about the terminally ill?

What are the Christians' views on the terminally ill?
Do they have the right to live if it's incurable?
Do they have the right to euthanasia?
What does the Bible say?

First, when you realize that the phrase "terminally ill" applies to all of us. We are all going to die. When someone has a disease that medical science cannot "cure," a person is typically told they are going to die within a particular time frame.

So, the only difference in someone that is diagnosed "terminally ill" and someone who isn't, is that medical science has decided to tell the person they have a shorter time to live than they were designed for.

I cannot speak for ALL Christians, but most Christians believe that it is GOD who determines when we live or die, not man. To see someone suffer is horrific and very emotionally painful. To assist someone in dying can be interpruted by some as being merciful, but it takes away the basic premise that only GOD can make that decision, or does it? That is what each Christian must deal with and on a personal basis with GOD.

Since medical science today is about treating symptoms and not "root causes" of disease, a dire prediction of doom from a doctor does NOT necessarily mean the person has no other options and will die as predicted. So a great concern for taking someone's life that is "terminally ill" can be a great risk because many terminally ill people seek help outside the medical community and have survived and gotten healthy.

good luck to you  (+ info)

Do scratches on cooking pans have any ill effects other than not looking pretty?

I was always yelled at by my mom about schratching pans when I wash them. However, I am a rebel and I would like to know if there is any reason what so ever that there is any other ill effects of scratching pans other than them not looking as attractive after. What the heck, not many people get to see your pans, dishes yes, pans??? I really doubt it. Thanks.

Scratches from scouring pads and scouring powder are generally not a problem in cast iron, steel and stainless steel pans. However, deeper scratches can be problematic as they can make foods stick. Of course scratches in teflon coated pans leads to microscopic flecks of the teflon getting into the food and into the blood stream via the digestive tract - a no-no. Scratches in hard-anodized pans will destroy its non-stick characteristics. Scratches in enamelware pans, even those from scouring pads/powder, will make foods more apt to stick.  (+ info)

How can i make myself look less ill for tomorow?

Ok my mum thinks i have a chest infection but cant take me to the doctors because shes ill with epelepsi...so i have all he syptoms of a chest infection i need to be better for tomorow or atleast look better...i have 3 dance exams tomoro for my gcse that i CANT miss how do i perswade her that im better or to let me go to school?

A chest infection is nothing to play with. You can call the doctor (or his receptionist) and tell him the symptoms. Explain that you can't come in because your mom can't drive you. Ask him about the dance exam and LISTEN TO WHAT HE TELLS YOU.

If he says to take some Tylenol and rest all day and try it tomorrow, then go ahead.

But if he says it sounds serious and you should not go, then don't go.

Lying to yourself or ignoring your symptoms because of selfish ambition is not healthy.

Don't treat your body like you don't value it. It is a precious gift, not to be taken for granted.  (+ info)

Can stress and anxiety make you physically ill?

I have pretty bad stress/anxiety problems and lately they've been pretty bad. It's getting to the point where I get physically ill (vomiting and diarrhea) and I think it's related to my anxiety. Is this possible?

Unfortunately yes it can, in fact stress is a very underestimated condition which can lead to all sorts of short and long term illnesses if not managed properly.

It is important to understand what stress is and how it affects the baody before you can really start to tackle it. Please see these pages for an insight into stress and its affects


Stress is not always avoidable so it is how we react to it and manage it in our lives which helps to prevent further illness from developing. there are many techniques to finding stress relief and it is important that you find the right one or ones for you and your lifestyle.

Here are a few ideas on some of the techniques
http://www.stress-relief-workshop.com/stress-reduction-techniques.html  (+ info)

Does eating undercooked fish always make you ill?

I cooked 3 bits of fish saturday night - 2 were cooked and 1 wasn't as it was translucent, i ate some without realising it and now i'm ill.
Yes know about sushi but i didn't eat sushi and i am not talking about sushi - i'm talking about regular fish cooked from frozen.

Personally if I eat undercooked fish I would probably be ill as I'm not used to it. Same with under cooked meat, even though meat and fish can be eaten raw (eg-steak tartare and sushi)
If you're feelin ill, keep up fluids- lots of water and if you still feel ill tomorrow perhaps see a doctor.
And remember to cook fish for a bit longer next time!!!  (+ info)

What health problems would make a child too ill to travel?

I'm writing a short story.
I need to know what a child could have that would make her too ill to travel to another country, so I need a health problem that would be quite significant, and possibly something that lasted for a number of months (in fact, something that rendered her unable to travel for years would be even better, if such a health problem exists).

Please help, I really want my story to be authentic. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks so much.

Hey 'CR' cancer can prevent you from traveling like if you constantly have to check in with your doctor, take medicine, be treated or get blood transfusions. Also if a person has like a fake heart or needs to be on a ventilator, that cold keep them from traveling.

Thanks, I hope you look into these and I hope i helped!  (+ info)

How do you think caring for a terminally ill patient will impact on you?

How do you think caring for a terminally ill client will impact on you?

Psychologically? will it change our feelings about death? WIll you be sad or dipressed? anyother potential feelings???

As a healthcare provider who has done this for a longtime....it depends on so many individual things. Is it a relative in the home....is it your job or profession.....how much background and knowledge do you have on the process of dying and how to best care for this patient....what is your past experience.....
The best recommendation I can make if you are considering this situation is to get as much information and training in hospice are as you can. Not only for your own well-being, but for the most important person in this scenario: the person dying. It can't help to impact you....but like everything else in life.....it will be what you choose it to be.  (+ info)

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