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Why am I always ill during the holidays?

I am never ill at school - I've never had a day off ill. But literally the second I get on holiday I come down with, usually, an awful cold. Is this just amazingly unlucky or can I avoid it? Is my immune system lower or something?

Well, the basics apply here. Always wash your hands when you hae come in contact with other people or when touching surfaces that other people have been touching. Avoid touching your eyes and nose after contact until your hands are washed or sanitized with Purell.
Diet has a lot to do with your body's ability to fight off colds. Make sure you eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables every day and eat a healthy portion of fish or poultry that has been grilled or baked.
I no this sounds trite, but doing these things do reduce the incidences of illness.
Oh, btw when you have a cold, studies have shown that Mom's homemade chicken soup reduces the length of the cold. Good ole mom.  (+ info)

What can I do to help my mentally ill family member?

My aunt is mentally ill. A doctor told her she is schizophrenic and she got mad at him. She says things that don't make any sense. Everyone else in my family doesn't want to tell her to get help. She lost her job a few months ago and has been living with a relative who is getting out of patients with her. What can i do to hep her?

Some people with schizophrenia or other similar disorders have very poor insight. Essentially, this means that they may not see the problems in themselves that every other person around them can see. This lack of insight may improve or it may never improve; a lot depends on the treatment or severity of the disorder. For that reason, many people with schizophrenia may not seek help because they don't think they need it. You cannot force someone to get help, in most instances, unless they are a "danger to themselves or others."

Your best bet is to just talk with her. See how she feels about her life and her situation. Be supportive and understanding. Do not judge her or push her into treatment. You may eventually be able to get her to realize on her own that she needs treatment.

Also, keep in mind that she may have been misdiagnosed by the doctor. Schizophrenia typically develops in early 20's and is usually very debilitating. If she is able to function fairly well without meds, she may, instead, have schizotypal or schizoid personality disorder.  (+ info)

How do people know if they are mentally ill or just hormonal?

How does someone know if they are mentally ill?
Are the wild rushes of emotion just hormones or symptoms of something greater? Is the fear of not knowing what one is going to do next normal? Are the thoughts that seep into ones mind just a phase of adolscence?

This is a tough one. There are a lot of poor young people out there who are too hastily told something is "wrong" with them just because they are overly emotional and question what the purpose of life is-- obsess over their future-- etc. These things are incredibly normal.

Actual mental illness usually surfaces during the late teens to mid twenties, and is generally characterized by severe change in their behavior and attitude. Things like clinical depression are really hazy and have no definition, but they will severely hinder your ability to be a functional person.  (+ info)

How can you tell if someone is mentally ill?

I have always woundered how you can tell if someone is mentally ill, not like depressed like hallucinating and stuff?
But if you could tell, what would you notice like behaviour wise?

Often you can't tell but if you know the person well enough there maybe changes in their habits which will help you notice, or if it's yourself help you.

Does the person become overly analytical?
Are they distracted easily?
Have they changed their mannerisms?
Have their favourite things taken a backseat as of late?
Do they crash and burn (a state of almost euphoria and then a total lack of enthusiasm for anything)?
Have they started changing the way they do things, such as what they wear, eat, journeys they take?
Have they started talking in a way that makes no sense or seems to be just odd?
Do they have rage periods?
Have they become timid and shy and self conscious about mistakes they make?
Do they shake off something they've said after realising it's not quite right and change the subject?
Have they become forgetful?
Do they talk about things that aren't there or haven't happened?

Of course these are only general things to look out for.  (+ info)

What do people who are taking care of an ill person do to recharge their batteries when they are exhausted?

If you are taking care of someone who is ill, how do you recharge yourself when you are exhausted and can't sleep? What do you do to rest?

Long Baths with all the luxuries....

Nature walks~ breathe the air~ see the tiny blades of grass~ The snowflakes~ the bark of an ancient tree~ look at the clouds~hear the birds~ ...connect with the Goddess.

Sitting outside at night is very relaxing~ looking at the moon~ hearing all the night noises.~ Often when i can't sleep i will do this and it always makes me sleepy.

Take some time for yourself and hold a ritual~ perhaps some meditation or spellwork aimed at recharging your batteries~ Ritual work is good for our souls~ and our energy levels.

Make sure you are eating right!

My Sister~ I love you.
Hang In There.
Ariel.  (+ info)

What makes it hard to fall asleep with an ill filling of not feeling right?

I went to go to sleep and I had this ill feeling like something bad is about to happen. I just didn't feel right last night. Could it be my heart giving me more trouble than I know of?
My chest is starting to hurt again and I don't know what is causing this.
I'm having more palpitations and my chest is hurting a little more and I don't know if I want to go to sleep tonight. I'm supposed to work opening to close tomorrow and I don't know if I should do that.

Madam, just forget about your job and go to the ER, make sure that you bring all your documents from your previous exams and tests from the Hospital or any other place where you have been treated before, because this way will be easier for Doctors to treat you with more effectiveness and faster. I don't understand why you are still waiting, just go and take care.  (+ info)

What is a good easily accessible way to become fatally ill?

if you want to die, what is a good quick way to become very ill and then die? also what easy to find stuff can make me too sick for school, that doesn't have long term effects?

You could always start eating feces whenever you get the chance. Other people's, your own, dogs'. That would make you chronically ill, I bet, and there's always the chance of contracting serious bacteria that way, too, so that's a plus.  (+ info)

Can drinking an old open can of coke make you ill?

I got a few old open cans on my desk and I drank a mouthful of one of them by mistake. It's probably been there 2-4 days and was pretty warm as we've had the heating on a lot. Will it make me ill? I didn't notice any mould in it or anything but it tasted foul.

If it is just a few days no.
If it had been a few weeks maybe.
If it had been a few months most likely.

Lesson learned, throw away the old cans instead of letting them sit around and accumulate.

  (+ info)

What are the ill effects of excessive masturbation?

I mastrubate a lot, sometimes 3-4 times a day.
what are the ill effects and how can I stop?

3 - 4 times a day isn't really excessive. Jackinworld did a survey of its readers aged 11 to 19 and obtained the following results:

Average Masturbation Frequencies by Age:
11: 11.1 times per week
12: 9.4
13: 10.6
14: 10.6
15: 9.9
16: 9.6
17: 9.4
18: 8.5
19: 9.3

Remember these are AVERAGES, so some males would masturbate more often (and some less).

It's very good for your health - this is from Wikipedia:

"A 1997 study in the British Medical Journal based upon 918 men age 45-59 found that after a ten year follow-up, men who had fewer orgasms were twice as likely to die of any cause as those having two or more orgasms a week."

You can see how this makes sense - when you masturbate your heart beats faster, and your breathing speeds up. Since the heart and lungs are two of the most important organs in the body, any safe activity that exercises them is good for your general health.

Other studies have found that frequent masturbation reduces the risk of prostate cancer - a doctor who studied the evidence recommended that teenagers masturbate at least six times a week.

Unless you're feeling sore or excessively tired, I really don't think you need worry. In any case we all masturbate less as we get older, so that will happen of it's own accord.  (+ info)

Do you have to be terminally ill to get a physician assisted suicide?

I have been chronically ill for 4 and a half years and although i am not terminally ill I want to end my life. I have wanted to commit suicide since i was 9, im 16 now. I don't see any reason why I shouldn't, I can't live with this pain and all the effects its had on my life.

sorry to hear that you are so sick,and not knowing how you are and feel it is difficult to know what to tell you to do.I am a person who has several things wrong with me,but remember you die once there is no change of mind,think carefully before you do anything  (+ info)

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