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How long does pain from Mesenteric Lymphadenitis (Mesenteric Adenitis or MA) usually last?

I was diagnosed with this 6 weeks ago. At first I believed I had appendicitis but the CT scan showed Mesenteric Lymphadenitis. The doc said only 2 weeks but it's almost been 6... what gives?

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why anti tubercular drug does not respond in TB lymphadenitis?

i am 30 years old male.I am suffering from fever and cough last 3 months.I have done my right supraclavicular lymph node biopsy.the biopsy result is TB lymphadenitis. I am taking my antiTB drug almost 3 months.but still no improvement.Lymph node size is increased and fever and cough is persistent.Now i am taking steroid therapy.I am worried about my sickness.why this drug does not respond at all?

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is mesenteric adenitis the same as mesenteric lymphadenitis?

K , this is really botherring me i might have the second one ,,,,,, but then wen i search it the adenitis come up....


Hi Lovee, YES, they are the same thing. The mesentery is an apron-like membrane in the abdomen which contains blood vessels, fat, and lymph nodes. There are some lymph nodes near the appendix. When these nodes become inflamed, the person may be wrongly diagnosed as having acute appendicitis - something which commonly and unavoidably happens. The correct term is "mesenteric lymphadenitis" which means inflammed, often enlarged lymph nodes in the mesentery. Your search is now over.  (+ info)

how do you get lymphadenitis?

My son has a lymph node that is enlarged and very painful and the doctors are stumped as to why--he and classmates have been exposed to atlethic staph while playing football--he has gone through 3 weeks of various antibiotics and the mass is still getting bigger. I feel like the lymph node being enlarged is related to this staph going around. He is negative to mono and strep throat--the doctors have not done a blood culture or biopsy--just gave him yet another antibiotic--should I take him to the emergency room or what?

The lymphatic system is a network of vessels (channels), nodes (glands) and organs. It functions as part of the immune system to protect against and fight infection, inflammation, and cancers. It also functions in the transport of fluids, fats, proteins, and other substances within the body.

The lymph glands, or nodes, are small structures that filter the lymph fluid. There are many white blood cells in the lymph nodes to help fight infection.

Lymphadenitis and lymphangitis are common complications of bacterial infections.

Lymphadenitis involves inflammation of the lymph glands. It may occur if the glands are overwhelmed by bacteria, virus, fungi, or other organisms and infection develops within the glands. It may also occur as a result of circulating cancer cells or other inflammatory conditions.

The location of the affected gland(s) is usually associated with the site of the underlying infection, tumor, or inflammation. Lymph node infections is commonly a result of a cellulitis or other bacterial infections (usually infection by streptococci or staphylococci), but can also be caused by rare infections, such as tuberculosis or cat scratch disease (Bartonella).

Lymphangitis involves the lymph vessels/channels, with inflammation of the channel and resultant pain and systemic and localized symptoms. It commonly results from an acute streptococcal or staphylococcal infection of the skin (cellulitis), or from an abscess in the skin or soft tissues.

Lymphangitis may suggest that an infection is progressing, and should raise concerns of spread of bacteria to the bloodstream, which can cause life-threatening infections. Lymphangitis may be confused with a clot in a vein (thrombophlebitis ).  (+ info)

I am 53 year old woman. I am on Rifampicin for tubercular lymphadenitis. I started the course four days back.?

I am getting rashes and itching on my body. I am also taking Allegra . But itching is still persistingCan any medical professional suggest me to get rid of rashes while on Rifampicin?

Check with your doctor if the rifampicin acidity effects need to be neutralised.. especially if you are also on isokin

Rash is hardly ever a side-effect of tubercular lymphadenitis.. don't worry too much about the rash but under no circumstances stop rifampicin without consulting your doctor.. tubercular medicines if stopped halfway can lead to resistance and might need higher dosage and/or more drugs.  (+ info)

+bluish cervical lymphadenitis is present in which condition?

50 year male patient is complaining of bluish discoloration of skin over the cervical lymphnode region

Refers to inflammation of the lymph glands in the neck. Often occurs secondary to a viral or bacterial (Streptococcus) infection. Common symptoms include pain and tenderness to the swollen lymph glands in the neck. Cervical lymphadenitis may accompany tonsillitis, pharyngitis, and dental infections.  (+ info)

What if symptoms of pharyngitis is present but the throat culture is negative for streptococcus?

Symptoms for a 9year old include fever, sore throat, and abdominal pain. There is also swollen tonsils covered in white exudates, and fine red lesions on roof of mouth, the child also has upper cervical lymphadenitis but no cough or runny nose.

Could still be strep, was there a throat culture done or was it just a rapid strep test?
Could be a virus like mono or CMV, usually have to be sick for about 10 days before they will test for these.  (+ info)

What is duration of treatment of Tubercular Lymphadenitis?

I am undergoing treatment under a Physician for Tubercular Lymphadenitis, I have taken prescribed AKT-4 for three months & now taking AKT-3, at this stage the Pathological & Urine parameters are normal so is also Liver Functioning.

I also carry an ill defined very small calcified opacity seen in the right apex, rest of lung fields are clear. This may be remains of old pulmonary koch's.

What will be the duration of entire treatment?

After three months of AKT-4 & one month into AKT-3 what will further medication & for how long?

Will the calcified opacity in the Lung cease to exist after the complete treatment is over?

I am nearing 54, overweight, exercise regularly & suffer from no other complaint. Only Serious answers particularly from the Medical Fraternity is solicited.

In the community in which I live we see many people coming in from outsid eof the US infected with TB. They have developed a standard regime (though it is supposed to be tailored to the individual patient) and most patients receive medication therapy for a minimum of one year or more depending on chest x-ray results and Quantiferon Assay study results. Quantiferon Assay studies are lab drawns that can be done and the blood results will tells us if a person has the active form of TB or they have an inactive form or are completely clear. Please continue to boost your immune system by exercising. Watch what you eat but don't starve yourself, your body needs fuel to fight the bacteria. Keep you spirits up. Good luck and GOD bless.  (+ info)

What does this report mean - Non Specific Lymphadenitis.?

This is my report of FNAC test.

On Examination - Small nodes, left post cervical region, the largest one about 1.2cms diameter. USG shows multiple small nodes(L) supraclavicular and post cervical regions.
Aspiration done from the post cervical node.

On Aspiration - Scanty hemorrhagic aspirate.

Microscopy - Shows scanty tissue, mostly mixed lymphoid cells and a few polymorphs and occasional macrophages amidst a hemorrhagic, protienaceous background.
No evidence of any specific lesion in the sample studied.
Sample was insufficient for ZN staining for AFB

Impression - Non Specific Lymphadenitis
Please Corelate clinically

What does this report mean? Is there some cancer cells?

What is it all about? Does it show that i have cancer?

There was no cancer cells found. The report means you have inflamed lymph nodes for no specific reason and your doctor should correlate this information along with your physician exam, history and any other tests that may have been done. I don’t know if the other person who answered is really a doctor or not, but lymph nodes become hard if they are involved with a carcinoma if it is a lymphoma they do not become hard. Although, if your doctor suspected lymphoma they should have ordered an excisional biopsy not an FNA.  (+ info)

Appendicitis or Mesenteric lymphadenitis?

I am not sure which one because I have all the symptoms of both of them. From my symptoms which oe sounds more likely?
*Pain has gradually got worse.
*Originally round the belly button but pain has now moved to lower right
*Nausea (no vomiting)
*Pain keeps me up at night
*Fever on and off
*Sometimes it is hard to walk
*The pain is sudden, and feels like sharp jabbing pains

And that's about it, if anyone can relate to this then i would be grateful for any advice, or experiences if you have had any of these. Thanks to anyone who submits a helpful answer ;)

In my experience after over 40 years as an RN, there is no way to differentiate the two on the basis of symptoms and signs alone. I've seen many surgeries performed over the years when appendicitis was the diagnosis, only to reveal a true diagnosis of mesenteric adenitis.  (+ info)

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