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What is the difference between Colon Cancer and Intestinal Cancer?

And how does one get screened for Intestinal cancer?

Colon cancer runs in my family and I have a colonoscopy every year. But I found out that a close relative has Intestinal cancer.

As other peole pointed out, "colon" cancer is a cancer specific of the large intestin, whereas "intestinal" cancer could affect any part of the intestine (including the small intestine, i.e. duodenum, ileum and jujenum).

If colon cancer runs in your family, you are likely to have FAP, or Familial adenomatous polyposis, an inherited colorectal cancer syndrome. People with the classic type of familial adenomatous polyposis may begin to develop multiple noncancerous (benign) polyps (growths) in the colon as early as their teenage years.
This cancer usually develops in the lower part of the digestive system, including the large intestine (colon) and rectum. However, the FAP syndrome could present a risk factor for the cancer of the small intestine (what your relative might have), therefore this person could also carry the genetic mutation that confers cancer predisposition (the APC gene, in the case of FAP).

Feel free to contact me for more information  (+ info)

How do I get rid of intestinal parasites out of a human?

My bother eats a lot of food but he is still very skinny,
and he is definitely showing signs of having intestinal parasites (round worms, tape worms etc).
How can he get rid of them?

He would need a blood test so the Doctor can identify what parasite your brother has (if any) there are different parasites and different medications for whatever you dealing with. I travel out of the country alot and every time I come back home to the U.S. I have to have blood tests I have had several different parasitic infestations and each one I had a different medication...if you really believe that he does have parasites he really does need a blood test..it doesn't hurt to get one.... then he can receive the right meds..  (+ info)

What are the the sources of intestinal flora ?

I am having lack in intestinal flora. So, what are the the sources of
potent intestinal flora.

The people answering this question seem to be generating confusion between the terms "intestinal flora" and "probiotics".

Intestinal flora refers to the normal bacteria, fungi and spirochaetes which inhabit the colon; probiotics are specialized bacteria which are intended to replace intestinal flora once they are altered by disease or drugs.

The intestinal flora develop in babies by two routes, from the mouth and from the anus. The flora changes as conditions in the colon change with age, including pH, local redox potiential, and competing other flora.

The only way one "lacks intestinal flora" is if the gut is entirely devoid of bacteria. It takes persistent use of specialized antibiotics to do this, as its done for bone marrow transplant patients. Any other lesser change in intestinal flora, for example by using standard oral antibiotics, produces only a temporary alteration in the flora. Shortly after stopping taking oral antibiotics, teh intestinal flora returns to normal. There is no such thing as "potent" intestinal flora.  (+ info)

Is it common to have intestinal problems and bloating from drinking too much monster?

I know i probably drink to much vodka and monster mixed, i am a bartender and for the last year i have been drinking a ton of monster and/or red bull. I recently ended up in the ER with terrible bloody diareaha (embarrassing yes) and although i am on antibioatics, i am experienceing terrible intestinal issues. I am very uncomfortable. I also was just told it could be from consuming to much monster? Anyone ever heard of this?

Very common. See what others experienced with these drinks:




Monster Energy drink has 27 g of sugar per 8 oz, about the same as Red Bull & Vodka

Too much sugar - fructose and artificial sweeteners - can result in diarrhea.
Caffeine has a laxative effect too.  (+ info)

How can a person be save if the intestinal tuberculosis spreads to others parts in the body?

Can someone be save if they have intestinal tuberculosis and it spreads to other parts in the body is there any treatment or medication


ye[  (+ info)

Is it normal to become depressed because of excessive intestinal gas expulsion?

Occasionally after having made poor meal choices I find myself stuck in a small office unable to escape my own intestinal gas. Being stuck in a green cloud of my own stink can trigger feelings of genuine depression. Is this normal?

Buy some over the counter medication for gas, to prevent it. Never heard of depression from relief of gas.  (+ info)

Are intestinal worms a common problem in people in the US?

I have just heard of intestinal worms in humans. How common is this and is there a treatment prescribed or over the counter?

No. They are very unusual in the states. They may occur in places with less access to good medical care. Maybe in poorer areas, without good sanitation.  (+ info)

How do you know if you have intestinal worms?

Do people get intestinal worm? If so, how do you get rid of them?

Symptoms of tapeworm:

* Nausea
* Weakness
* Loss of appetite
* Abdominal pain
* Diarrhea
* Weight loss and inadequate absorption of nutrients from food

Your doctor can test for them and prescribe anti-worm tablets (these are generally prescription only)  (+ info)

Care for instrumentation and supplies that have been exposed to inside of the intestinal tract?

describe the technique that is used to care for instrumentation and supplies that have been exposed to the inside of the intestinal tract.

Clean with cleaning agents (soap & water, savlon). Then sterilize accoding to your institutions policy.  (+ info)

What causes removal of intestinal flora?

Are there any foods that are bad for your intestine and cause the removal of intestinal flora? Could anyone give me a list of these foods or a website that gives information about it? Thanks! :D

I can't think of any foods, although it's possible that there are some. Antibiotics are what you really need to watch out for, though.  (+ info)

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