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What is Baralgin M used for? Can u u se it for intestinal infection?

Can u tell me the side effect of it? If not can u tell me that what can be used for intestinal infection? I received it from my doctor but I hheard it's off the market.

This is used for severe cramps at that time of month

www.undoc.org/pdf/parkistan/parkistan_study_treatment.pdf  (+ info)

Has anyone out there started getting stomach aches or had intestinal problems while taking clomid?

I took my first round last month and have just finished my second round. I'm not sure if the intestinal symptoms that started last month are linked with the clomid or not. Any similar experiences?

I haven't taken it or experienced these problems but I have looked into taking Clomid and saw that a possible side effect is swelling in your intestines. Have you noticed swelling or is your abdomen sore to the touch? If so, call the doctor immediately as this can be a very serious side effect.
Good Luck!  (+ info)

What types of intestinal diseases are associated with nodular mucosa in the ileum?

I just got my results back from a colonoscopy and that is what the gastroenterologist found. I've been suffering from unexplained chronic diarrhea (sorry if it's too much info) and edema for 4 years. Advice from anybody from the medical profession would be much appreciated.

Nodular mucosa of the ileum could indicate Crohn's disease. Classically this disease presents with a 'cobblestone' appearance of the mucosa, especially in the ileum. Do a quick search on Wiki and it will tell you all you may ever want to know about Crohn's disease. Good luck!  (+ info)

What causes an imbalance of intestinal bacteria?

A recent news story is about a study showing weight gain, high blood pressure, etc. may be related to an intestinal bacteria problem.


Could food additives and preservatives be related to this problem?

If you are a healthy person that has never been vaccinated, taken any antibiotics, drank chlorinated water, taken birth control pills, eaten processed foods, were breast fed for the suggested 2 years from birth, avoided all fluoridated products and fluoride in general, you most likely have about 3 pounds of intestinal flora that is 3/4 of your immune system and one of the big reasons you are so healthy.

By "imbalance of intestinal bacteria," I am assuming you mean the ratio of bad bacteria to good bacteria. Plant eating animals do NOT make hydrochloric acid and rely heavily on probiotic bacteria in their gut to digest the plant foods. If they are fed GRAINS, they get sick and produce bad meats and bad milks, die early deaths and this is the status quo in America today with livestock herded into those feed lots where lots of human pathogens are generated. Cows are fermentation vats and to feed them grain is stupid. Grass fed animals live 4 times longer for good reason.

Humans have probiotic bacteria in their intestines to help digest plant foods. Humans also have lots of hydrochloric acid to digest meat, sanitize the food in the stomach, and lower the pH of the food in the stomach to allow proper digestion of minerals and vitamins. Most food additives are genetically modified and have caused huge problems for people.

About twenty five farmers recently met in Iowa, who have identified that feeding certain genetically modified corn varieties to their animals has caused their animals to have reproductive problems, primarily with pigs unable to get pregnant. Either they were giving birth to bags of water or had false pregnancies. They look like they're pregnant, but then all of a sudden they weren't pregnant. Cows gave birth to twenty times the amount of twins. At least one farm and others had trouble reproducing. So we're in a situation where we are rolling the dice on the DNA. The DNA makes changes in the physiology of the plants that we eat, that are not being studied. The genes transfer to gut bacteria and likely to internal organs, which could make changes in the DNA there, which are not being studied because our illustrious FDA has declared these Franken-foods as SAFE, so NO testing is required or is being done.

The way genetically modified foods are made requires antibiotic RESISTANT genes be used to create the garbage. Why do you think antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are getting such a foothold? When the gut bacteria is altered by the DNA exchange that is happening from genetically modified foods, who really knows what the results will be. NO TESTING IS BEING DONE ON THIS in America. Aspartame is a genetically modified artificial sweetener, has 92 side effects, and the FDA is promoting it as SAFE. Isn't it interesting that the head of the FDA is an ex-monsanto executive and over 50% of the FDA employees are ex-monsanto employees? Monsanto is the largest maker of GMO products in the world. Watch the film called: "The Future of Food" video and read Jefferey Smith's book called "Seeds of Deception" for more information on all this.

good luck to you  (+ info)

How long does an intestinal bacterial infection last?

I started throwing up Thursday night until Friday afternoon. I got some nausea meds to keep it down and since then I've been getting better. But exaclty how long does the infection last?

Usually a few days. Depends on which bacteria is making you sick.  (+ info)

What food are good to eliminate intestinal worms and parasites?

It would be a good thing to know. I also want to know what NOT to eat so they don't invade the intestines and other organs.

Eliminate... no. There is no sure way to eliminate them naturally. However, diets high in Pepper (Hot varieties only) make living in intestines uncomfortable. Next, try a high fiber diet. In essence, make the food nasty tasting to them and use the fiber to scrape them out.

Elimination is best by medication. Go to a doctor.  (+ info)

How can I relieve the itching caused by intestinal worms untill I can get to the doctor?

My daughter found a small white worm in her butt and she says her butt is very itchy. I will take her to the doctor on Monday, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to relieve the itching in the meantime?

You can buy worm treatments from the chemist. Speak to the pharmacist about it.

http://www.jnjaust.com.au/products/combantrin/  (+ info)

Can you get intestinal worms from regular grocery store food?

I am asking in this section because you guys seem to know a whole lot more about food and where it comes from than other people.
And can you provide some examples of things that might be affected if you can? Like - is it only in meats or in produce or whatever?

Yes, you can. Parasites are common on most foods, including fresh fruits and veggies. All meat and fish contain parasites, which is why they need cooking at certain temperatures to kill the parasites. Fruits and veggies should be washed very thouroughly before eating. If you mean processed, packaged food, its anyones guess what ends up in it, when so many people are involved in the production of it. You are subject to the sanitation habits of anyone who handled the food. If a worker wipes their nose, or scratches their tail, then handles the food, who knows? Yet another reason I prepare everything from scratch.  (+ info)

What medicine I need to take to kill intestinal parasites?

Can I buy them at Safeway, Priceline or sort of stores that I don't need to ask to buy those medicines. (I'm really shy when talking about this kind of thing).

Don't forget to tell me names of medicines.

Honest to Pete. I can't imagine just trying some over the counter medication to kill intestinal parasites unless you know exactly what parasite you have. You should go to the doctor and get a diagnosis. Your symptoms may be caused by food allergies or something else quite different and you can make yourself sick. These medications are poisons which kill a specific thing.

http://www.aafp.org/afp/20040301/1161.html describes many different types of parasites. You need to know what you have and they talk about fecal studies, counting ova (eggs), and the cellophane test (capturing something or other so it can be identified).

You may be shy, but doctors certainly have seen worse that your poop or pee.   (+ info)

What's the fastest way to reduce intestinal inflammation caused by Celiac disease?

In case of a one-time accidental exposure or contamination from an unknown source, how do you fix this? I am already on a gluten-free, casein-free, sugar-free diet.

I'd like to hear from anyone that has actually tried something for this and had good results.
Thanks, yes I also do peppermint tea and acidophilus to keep canciciasis at bay.

I rarely have an accident like yesterday, but it takes so long for the inflammation to go away. I took some magnesium citrate, that helpe.

I'm hoping to find something rapid in case this happens again. I might consider trying prednisone or something similar, just one or two doses.

Honestly there is really no way to "heal" the body after an accidentaly gluten eating bc it just has to pass the system.
However, there are things I do to ease the pain afterwards.
I take aloe vera juice to get things "flowing" (I have constipation with eating gluten, not all do.)
Taking a walk if u can bear it will help the bloat and pain (for me)
Wheni ts REALLY bad all I can do is lay on myb elly an djust pray for it to be over!!!

FYI: Many sugar free foods contain gluten, and some artificial sweetners hurt the belly as they are chemically modified and not natural. If u are trying to avoid sugar, you might want ot try stevia, blue agave nectar or honey.

Best of luck and I hope u feel better!!  (+ info)

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