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How long does a lymphocele stay on the penis?

I'm sure I have one on my shaft. its like a hard round lump connected to a short hard line. How long does this thing go away. I've been masturbating like an animal and noticed it after.

Have you had a doctor diagnose it?
No. Then you can't call it that.

It could be a tumor, it could also be scar tissue from and injury in that area. (even a minor one from masturbating)

best to go get it looked at.

-Connor  (+ info)

Can Lymphocele removal lead to Lymph Edema?

I am nervous/scared about an upcoming medical procedure. I already had cancer and very minor lymphedema as a result of the surgery, and now I have a lymphocele in my groin, pressing on a nerve in my leg. I am a very active person, so this is freaking me out - I don't want any more complications! Lymphedema was bad enough! Does anyone out there have any information/experience?

HI there, I'm Tina of Lymphland International Lymphedema Online (LILO). Since you already have lymphedema, you didn't say where whether it is upper or lower, I'll assume it's lower. The inguinal nodes are in the groin area, and yes removal or any surgery or trauma such as the lymphocele can cause lymphedema. The fact you have it already leads me to believe that you will have some issues with it. Have you had therapy for it so far and also compression garments? I would suggest before you have surgery to see a lymphedema therapist and get the fluids in your body moving before surgery and asap after surgery, that can be the difference of lymphedema setting in or not, and it depends on if the node is damaged, traumatized or removed too. Inguinal nodes are big ones in the body, one of the biggest chains in the body.

I know it's scary and I hate to be a doomsdayer but the reality is you are prone to lymph problems just from where the lymphocele is located, it can be blocking fluid as well. It would be a good thing for you to join a support group to help you stay on top of lymphedema. My group is located with the join button on http://www.lymphland.com or you can go to yahoo groups and search for lymphland.

I have doctors trained specifically in lymphedema and also therapist in my group as well. We share alot of ideas and we do chats. Our last one I wish you had been around to come to was just 2 weeks ago with a lymphedema doctor.

Tina  (+ info)

Can you still masturbate when you have a lymphocele?

I have had it for like 2 days now and it keeps getting smaller, but its still there. Is it safe to masturbate? Will it come back? How can I get rid of it?

U Have Sex With Your Boy Or Girl Friend And It Will Get Big  (+ info)

Guys: Have you ever had a lymphocele on your penis?

Can you describe to me what it is exactly and what it feels like? I have a small, movable lump near the head of the penis, on my shaft.

i have the same thing.
it doesn't hurt or anything--its just there.
and it gets bigger when i'm erected.
i thinks its normal.
i dont have any problems with it.  (+ info)

what is pelvic lymphocele?

I tend to resent people who take up pages of space with pasted answers they probably don't even comprehend.

A collection of lymph fluid from injured and leaking lymph vessels sometimes happens after a lymphadenectomy (surgical removal of lymph nodes) and which has occurred in the pelvis. Lymphoceles can occur in other locations, such as aortic lymphoceles. Lymphoceles aren't a disease or even necessarily an infection although the lymph fluid can contain pathogenic bacteria.  (+ info)

is lymphocele cyst cancer?

no. a lymphocele is basically a bubble on your lymph node  (+ info)

How long does it take for...?

A penial lymphocele to go away?

20 minutes  (+ info)

How long do it take for...?

a lymphocele to go away?

3 and a half days  (+ info)

Small movable lump on shaft of penis...?

I noticed a small movable lump on the shaft of my penis, underneath the head. I did some research online and I think it could be a lymphocele, which is normal. Has any other guy had something like this? I'm 27 years old.
The lump gets bigger when I'm erect but shrinks when I'm flaccid.

Buildabear say check dropping shaft; wandering buffalo no good  (+ info)

Lymphoceles...(Mature please :S)?

I'm 15, and I'm 75% sure I have a Lymphocele. My only issue is that most of the people on the internet have them around the top of their penis. Which I don't. Mine is right at the very bottom of the shaft.

Of course the other worry I have is Penile Cancer, but as I am only 15, don't drink don't smoke never tried either or done drugs. I have already (tried to) put this to the back of my mind, as i really don't believe I have it.

Please help I am really worried.

Info about the lump.
Size: About 3mm Diameter (constantly the same in a circle shape)
Time I've had it: Noticed it 2 days ago, now it has grown much bigger.
Pain: none
Bleeding: none
Hardness: little firm, like a spot.
Colour: Little bit red, but I thinks that is just the skin stretching.

How do I know its not a spot? Well It is much bigger than any spot I have ever had. It cannot be popped (with ease, never tried applying pressure)

Well, if you have read all of this I thank you, am I right (give me your best guess), is it a lymphocele or is it *Gulp* cancerous...

Any additional questions I will add to additional information in just a couple of minutes so check back!


If it's a lymphocele, it's really nothing to worry about for now anyway, unless it gets big enough to block the urethra. The only way to know for sure though is to show it to your doctor.  (+ info)

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