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aids related lymphoma cancer?

Is there a chance that my brother could survive aids related lymphoma cancer. He just started CHOP chemo last week. Has anyone gone through this? He has a very bad limp and leg pain in the right leg and foot.

I’m so sorry you and your brother are going through this. A lot depends on if he has full-blown AIDS or only HIV. As I’m sure you know there is no cure for either, but we can manage HIV. There are many people who have HIV/AIDS associated lymphoma unfortunately it is fairly common. I’m sorry to say the median survival is approximately 5 to 8 months, 10 to 20% survive disease-free for longer than 2 years but long-term survival is rare. These patients require specialized care over and above patients with lymphoma only. Your brother should be treated at a teaching facility where they are likely to have more experience in these cases. Best wishes to you both.  (+ info)

How many deaths occur in the world each day? How many are AIDS related?

It occurred to me as I was looking at the latest iPod models. Apple's link to (RED) products, which support AIDS relief in Africa, claims that 5800 people die from AIDS in Africa... every day. I'm not an activist or anything, but this concerns me, and here's why:

My last trip to the museum of science in Boston revealed that a person dies on earth every six seconds. There are 86400 seconds in each day (25x60x60) so that means 14400 people die each day. For 5800 people to die in Africa, each day, alone seems impossible. That would mean that 40 percent of worldwide deaths occur in Africa, add that to the fact that those 40 percent die of AIDS. Either the problem is worse than we thought, or the (RED) advertising campaign is padding it's numbers in the worst way possible.

Can anyone verify this?
sorry, I mistyped some math, I meant to say (24x60x60). There are not 25 hours in a day.

Believe it or not, that is an accurate estimate. 2.9 million per year worldwise, an average of 7945 people die each day from AIDS. That works out to 331/hour or 5.5 per second. The majority of those people that die are in fact in Africa.

2136000 die each year in Africa/Middle East from AIDS.
5852 per day
243 per hour
4 each second.

The problem really is worse than you thought. In industrialized countries, the number of infected is lower because of education and protection. In third world countries, their is little to no education, fewer resources, and more rape.
Industrialized countries have fewer deaths because of available immune treatments and healthcare. Third world countries don't have nearly as many options. So while at home everything seems hunky dory, if you take a look at the big picture it really isn't.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if anyone suffering from an Aids related illness is ever refused a drug because of cost?

I observe that the Government and NHS are extremely tight-fisted when it comes to paying for English people to obtain drugs.
I wonder if there is a special dispensation for Gays?
You know: like there is for Scotsmen!
Hi Mindy
You are right about the pen-pushers!
Every year 20,000 English people are allowed to go blind because Brown won't pay for treatment!
But he'll use English taxpayers money to pay for the Scots to have the eye treatment!

VINCEY BABE! Welcome back!
I work for the nhs and h8 to tell you, but yes this is the case quite often - seems to be whether your face fits with certain consultants? disgusting but true!  (+ info)

Can someone please answer an AIDS related question?

okay..i have gotten a BJ from my girlfriend. i know that i wasnt her first at sex. she has only had sex with one other guy and i know that for sure. I was just wondering if it is possible for aids to transfer while i am getting head.

No, unless she has an open sore in her mouth or somthing like that.  (+ info)

what body parts are affected whenn you have aids related cancer?

please note source too!

The most common AIDS related cancer is lymphoma. Kaposi’s sarcoma is often AIDS related, but not as common.  (+ info)

Are lymphoma and leukemia related in any way?

Both are very prevalent in my family, and I was wondering if maybe the DNA was similar or something.

They are related in that they are both blood cancers.
Here is where you'll find the best info:
Best wishes  (+ info)

I volunteer at an AIDS-related charity. Why are so many gay men still into?

unprotected, anonymous sex with so many different partners? Haven't we all learned anything since the 80s? With STDs and HIV on the rise again, it makes even less sense now than it did earlier. Serious answers only.

Because many of them believe that HIV is no longer considered a terminal illness, but more like diabetes where all they have to do is take their treatment and live a full life. By the way, I'm straight and this dangerous misconception can also be seen among heterosexuals.  (+ info)

what are some of the first symptoms of hiv the aids related virus?

In many individuals there would be no symptoms initially. In some others there would be flu like symptoms...loose motion...fever...etc. which soon disappear on its own and person enters into asymptomatic phase. Symptom again appear when clients face transition from HIV to AIDS  (+ info)

Does anyone know the condition lipodystrophy but not the aids related one?

Not the insulin injection one, thats secondary localized lipodystrophy. I mean congenital primary lipodystrophy.

is it the one related to injecting insulin or and other medication?  (+ info)

Can tonsillitis be an AIDS related symptom?

Can tonsillitis be an AIDS related symptom

Well.........probably not, however, have you been in a position were you think you may have been exposed to HIV?
Oh, btw, HIV is a pre-cursor to AIDS. Just to edumacate you a little bit.

And, if you're THAT worried about AIDS, maybe you should have used a condom?  (+ info)

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