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STD or AIDS related question?

Here is the scenario whether it is realistic or not. 1 male has sex with 2 girls. Also, all 3 of them have been tested and do not have std or aids. So, its impossible to get it right?

  (+ info)

dying from AIDS related disease?

What is the most common disease AIDS victims who are not on any medication, die from.

I don't know what a broad statistical analysis would show but, form the link below:
"AIDS will often result in several cancers growing, some of which are identified mainly with AIDS, especially Kaposi's sarcoma, cervical cancer and lymphoma (cancer of the lymph nodes) "  (+ info)

have full blown AIDS,Lymphoma/Lymphoma, Kaposi's Sarcoma. I am not a sexually active person I haven't done any

have full blown AIDS,Lymphedema/Lyphoma, Kaposis Sarcoma. I am not a sexually active person I havnt done any risky std behavior in over 12 yrs. Suddenly my all fingers, left wrist, right knee cap are swollen and tender and causing me unable to be mobile. What do I have? Spider bite? medication reaction?"

Most of HIV infections take place through blood transfusion and through the mother to child.
People who become infected with HIV may have no symptoms for up to 10 years, but they can still pass the infection to others. After being exposed to the virus, blood tests results change from HIV negative to HIV positive usually within 3 months.
Consult your doctor.  (+ info)

In the U.S , are there many AIDS related deaths amongst teens?

In the U.S , arent teens immune systems stronger and able to stay healthy for longer with the disease than someone who is 35-45?

yes there is.  (+ info)

Is HIV-AIDS related to Ebola?

Is the disease AIDS a cousin of Ebola?


no, not at all, completely unrelated.

HIV aids is a retrovirus whereas ebola is a filoviridae  (+ info)

AIDS related question.?

in countries like USA many of them divorce usually & have sex with their every spouse and have children with them.why don,t they get affected by diseases like AIDS.

question of getting aids arises only if the virus is present in the source...which means people there have been well educated,smart,lucky, n catucious enough to be protective from such a STD...

when out of the 2 parties none has the aids causing virus in them,there arises is no chance of a person being effected by aids...  (+ info)

HIV/AIDS related pain?

A friend of mine was dignosed with HIV/AIDS years ago. He has been having serve back, leg and stomach pain. Is this caused from the infectious diese and why??

If he has been diagnosed with the virus then it is entirely possible that the symptoms are a manifestation of the virus since they are one of the signs of HIV.  (+ info)

Remember ARC (AIDS Related Complex) AIDS symptoms present, same risk group, with no HIV. This defies logic.?

If HIV causes AIDS, then there would not be people with the exact symtoms, Kaposi's sarcoma, Pneumocystis pnuemonia etc. that are part of the same risk groups ( IV drug users and daily amyl nitrate sniffers) but with no HIV antibodies. Heavy hard drug users chemotherapy patients,and the malnourished have always risked immune failure. Millions of people would be dead from it each year as a result of mosquitos (which carry and transmit every blood born virus). There was an interesting article in the San Francisco Chronicle a few years ago that discussed why so many of the early AIDS deaths from the late seventies and early eighties (before the HIV theory was accepted) turned out to not have HIV. It was claimed that although they were part of the same risk group, they actually died from a "rare lymphatic cancer" that had all the same symtoms as AIDS. We were told by HIV experts that anyone infected with HIV would be dead in 18 months. They keep changing that, adding years and years.

well first of all survival after diagnosis with HIV has increased ever since HAART were researched, secondly what exactly is your question? this looks more like a comment on the amazing but not all understandable facts about HIV, good luck  (+ info)

where can a doctor get training on HIV?AIDS related issues?

from international NGO's working in Africa

I would guess college... or call a school and they should have information for you... ;) There is also a website called J-Store that has a lot of scholarly articles... I am not sure if there is a cost for this because our school granted us access to the website  (+ info)

i would like to get infor mation about aids related thinks give any site address?

I have been on www.ask.com and put in HIV & Aids  (+ info)

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