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What are the chances of survival for 3 month old lymphoma?

My friend went to the doctor several times over the last 3 months, and each time the doctor said it was an infection, and prescribed medicine to heal it. But it never healed. So they went to a different doctor and it turns out that it is lymphoma cancer.

He goes into surgery tomorrow. What do you think his chances of survival are, considering he went 3 months without knowing it was cancer?

my husband has been going through treatment for lymphoma for 5 years now.....it took about 8 months beefier they diagnosed him correctly......he has had chemo (loads of it) a stem cell transplant with his own stem cells and a stem cell transplant with his sister's stem cells.....he is not cancer free, and won't be, but with these treatments he is able to have a good quality of life and a prolonged life.....if he had not had the last stem cell transplant he would not be here right now. he is very positive and strong......give your friend much strength, support and be there for him/her to "lean on" ...i will send out much positive thoughts to you and your friend and i wish for all the very best!!!  (+ info)

What is the survival rate using chemotherapy in children for lymphoma?

In the US, chemotherapy for Children with Lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) is ruled by a judge as mandatory. How many survive? What are the statistics?

Lymphoma is the general name, but there are many sub types of it. It can be Hodgkin's or Non-Hodgkin's (and there are a dozen or so different types of Non-Hodgkin's lymphomas). It therefore depends on the exact type of lymphoma you are referring to - and naturally it depends on how advanced the lymphoma is when it is detected.

Survival rates for lymphoma are pretty high - normally around 80%

However, most lymphomas have a high chance of recurrence.

All the very best  (+ info)

How many types of Lymphoma are there?

I am doing a Advanced Biology research report on Hodgkin's Lymphoma, but I wanted know how many other types of Lymphoma are also out there. I know people say "many" but I was looking for a numerical value or just like "over 20". It was just a way to enhance my paper a little bit.

Logic is very diminished - as is chivalry - but it is not completely dead.
Here's the site you need - http://www.oncologychannel.com/nonhodgkins/types.shtml
This lists 27 types of non-Hodgkins lymphomas.
If you want to add Hodgkin's lymphomas - it would be ~33.
Also - http://www.cancer.org/docroot/CRI/content/CRI_2_4_1X_What_Is_Non_Hodgkins_Lymphoma_32.asp
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Amazing how so many people think "cancer" is one disease. (Not you)  (+ info)

What is the survival rate of a person with stage 3 lymphoma without any treatment?

my mother has been diagnosed with non-hodgkins lymphoma, however she doesn't want to pursue treatment. What is her typical prognosis. In other words, about how long should we expect her to live? Her lungs have already begun to fill up with fluid and she has tumors in her lungs as well. Thanks for any information so I (her daughter) can prepare myself and my family. :-)

My husband died 4 years ago with NHL...he was a stage 4 and was treated in Houston. He survived 5 years (this number was given to us by the doctors in Houston as well as the cancer web sites). BUT

After living with this disease for over five years, I have met men and women who were diagnosed with stage 3 and 4 and are still living -- 10-15 year survival.

I AM LIKE YOUR MOM; If I ever was diagnosed with lymphoma I would NOT go through treatment. The side effects are horrendous and the quality of life goes. That dark cloud will always hang over your head and your loved ones too.
Lots of doctors and nurses will disagree with me, but until their loved one lives with it, day in and day out.... let them then have the last word.

Give your mom all the information she can handle...  (+ info)

Can getting a tattoo after having lymphoma cause any potential health issues?

I survived a very rare lymphoma about 5 years ago and am thinking about getting a small tattoo. However, before I get one I want to get some advice regarding any potential health issues.

This shouldn't really effect your health in anyway, just be aware that lymphoma is a disease of the immune system and by having a tattoo you are exposing yourself to possible complications and infections. If you are concerned speak to your doctor as they should be able to answer any concerns you have. Also, find a reputable tattoist and ask their advice to see what they say.  (+ info)

What should I expect from marginal zone lymphoma?

My mom was just diagnosed with non-cancerous marginal zone lymphoma. Does anyone know that I should be expecting or what that will entail? Please help me out. Thanks in advance.

Marginal zone lymphoma IS cancerous; it is a type of non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It can behave incredibly benign however, so survival is measured in years. It is not considered curable unless localized. Check this page for more info:
http://www.lymphomation.org/type-mz.htm  (+ info)

what side effects of chemo for gastric lymphoma for 78 yrs old can be expected?

my mom is diagnosed with gastric lymphoma second stage.doc is planning to start with chemo? will she be able to tolerate the side effects ?

The chemotherapy will be given of different drugs based on the stage and grade of gastric lymphoma. Since the patient is very much aged the doctors will be giving only mild chemotherapy medicines and will not risk by giving strong medicine. Second stage of this disease for this age is difficult to treat also. So the Oncologist will decide upon the drug to be used.

Any how the side effects will be the same as the chemotherapy given for any other cancer. The usual side effects are-

* nausea and vomiting
* loss of appetite
* hair loss
* anemia and fatigue
* infection
* easy bleeding or bruising
* sores in the mouth and throat
* neuropathy and other damage to the nervous system
* kidney damage

Nausea and vomiting are common, but can usually be controlled by taking antinausea drugs, drinking enough fluids, and avoiding spicy foods. Loss of appetite may be due to nausea or the stress of undergoing cancer treatment.

However you have no other alternative than giving the treatment as suggested by your oncologist as CANCER IS STILL AN ENIGMA.-  (+ info)

How soon would Lymphoma symptoms start?

I have had a very hard lump under right jawline for a while that wont go away with antibiotics. Im gettin it tested yes but Im thinking its cat scratch fever..AGAIN.
Its been there a few months, just wondering, if it was lymphoma, wouldnt I already be experiencing some other symptoms by now?

I wouldnt get advice from anyone online. I wouldnt want to know whats wrong from some 12 year old Doogie Howser wanna be in his Moms basement you know?  (+ info)

How common is it for the pediatrician to find lymphoma in a toddler?

Like i said once before,my daughter has these lumps on and around her collarbone.I have noticed another one today.Very small one..The doctor said the cbc came back ok.And the xray did also..But what could this be..Anyone know of any children that has been diagnosed with lymphoma?

Keep at your doctor - change doctors if you have to. You know your child and you know when something's not right. You may need to have one of the lumps biopsied. But, there are MANY things that make lymph nodes swell. Not all of them are something bad. BUT, you need to know for sure what's going on. Do your best not to stress yourself out. Is your daughter tired or lethargic?
Here's the best site I know on Lymphoma:
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Can a bone marrow transplant save a terminally ill Lymphoma patient?

I'm curious for a friend. If a teenager is diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and her case has been considered terminal, then a family member steps in and asks if they could do a bone marrow transplant, could she be saved?

Bone Marrow transplants are commen in lymphoma patients..

However, if the disease is considered terminal, it must have spread beyond the point where they feel they can stop it. Either that, or her body simply cant handle anymore chemo or radiation.

Dont ever give up hope though. There are records of thousands of people being told by doctors they were terminal and have gone on to survive and live long lives.  (+ info)

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