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can lymph drainage massage help someone with Follicular Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma?

I am a massage therapist in GA and I have a client with NHL adn I want to knwo if she coudl benifit from Lymph drainage massage

I recently had lymphoma and i was strictly not allowed to have any kind of massage until i was in remission. I'd read that massage can assist in spreading cancer around the body and i didn't quite believe it, but my oncologist/haemotologist fully supported the theory and strictly would not let me have anything of the sort, mainly because lymphoma is a blood cancer which can spread anywhere n the body!

I was allowed acupuncture for nausea and that's about it. My massage therapist had no clue that some cancer patients weren't allowed to have massage so it might be a good idea to chat with a mentor about it should future cases arise  (+ info)

what is largecell follicular lymphoma?

non-hodgekins follicular lymphoma, stage 1 , what is the prognossis

Large cell follicular lymphoma is an intermediate grade lymphoma. Without more information I can't give you real prognosis statistics but stage 1 is highly treatable and long remissions are the norm. I think this is the type lymphoma that presidential candidate Fred Thompson had but I am not positive on this. He had radiation to the enlarged lymph node and has been in remission for 4+ years. Here is a good web page on the various follicular lymphomas. Scroll down to read about large cell variety.

http://www.lymphomainfo.net/nhl/follicular.html  (+ info)

Follicular Lymphoma????

Does anyone have or have a family member with follicular lymphoma?

My husband does and am just trying to find some support from people who have gone through the same things emotionally.
I tried the Follicular Lymphoma site, it is more medical infomation than support. In fact they pretty much told me to find another site for emotional support.

Try this site:
There are online couselors, and many links.
Best wishes  (+ info)

What is the survival rate for stage 4 lymphoma?

I have stage 4 lymphoma follicular in the bone marrow and would like to know is it possible to get out of the bone marrow and the survival rate. Scared in Oklahoma . I have had 3 treatments so far and I;m wondering if I should stay away from sugar is there any truth in that

Sherry, I want you to know I will be praying for you.  First of all I am not a doctor but I have studied Iridology and Herbs and have been using this knowledge for about 30 years.  I apply it in my own health.  I know of a few people who turned to natural medicine back when I was in my late 20's and I am 65 today.  I had a friend who;s father was in his late 60's who had prostate cancer and it went throughout his body.  The doctor told him to go home and die they could do no more for him.  My friend, his son, went to stay with him and everyday he juiced fresh carrots and made him drink a quart in the morning and a quart at night, he also took barley green and vitamins, plus alot of vitamin C.  Six weeks later he went back to the doctor and the doctor did not even recognize him.  The doctor ran a test and he was clear of any cancer!  He was off all meats and onto a vegetarian diet with nuts and fruits and vegetables.  I hope that helps you.  Also there is something else you can do for yourself.  Start taking colonics to get the plaque out of the wall of the colon. Make sure your colon is moving every time you eat. Go to the yellow pages and look up a colonist.  Doing that will help to get the toxins out of the body.  Lymph has 45 pints of fluid in the body.  It carry's alot of toxin's.  Blood is alot less.  Cleaning the colon out is like pulling the cork out of a dirty bathtub. THe name of the game is raise your ammune system and clean up the body. You also need to get on alot of green drinks to help keep your strength up.  You can find liquid chlorophyl being sold in bottles or pills.  Spirulina is good.  Chlorella is another.  Also acidophillus is also something that you should consider taking, it puts the good bacteria back in your body and fights the bad bacteria. Germanium has been effective in curing cancer, it enables the blood's malignant cells to attract oxygen and so normalizes themselves. Some authorities have claimed that figs have helped cure lymphatic cancer. Purchase these books for alot of information on cancer. God Bless you.  (+ info)

can you get small cell lung cancer and follicular lymphoma together?

is it possible to be have follicular lymphoma lower grade! and small cell lung cancer?

basically my mum was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer at the start the year, after having chemo which didnt work and then being told she was terminal. we went private and she had loads of different tests, its now come out that she doesnt have small cell lung cancer she had been diagnosed wrong. after months of tests and waiting 2 weeks ago to different hospitals diagnosed her with follicular lymphoma, which they said she would be left on watch and wait till she needed treatment. shes still having breathing problems so there running tests deciding how to treat her.

we recieve a call today though from the cancer nurse saying that there still looking at the lump in her lung being small cell lung cancer!!

i've been told follicular lymphoma cant have secondary cancers with it?! if anyone knows anything please reply to this! were going through hell being told different things all the time!

also my mum seems normal cept for the problems with her breathing when doing the vacing etc.. if she did have small cell cancer since january (when "being diagnosed with it") surely she wouldnt be this well?

xavdx - The overwhelming odds are that your mum has only one of the two types of malignancy that you mention - NOT both. Under the microscope, both small cell lung carcinoma (cancer) AND follicular lymphoma biopsies look amazing alike, often confusing some pathologists at smaller hospitals with limited resources. The correct diagnosis often requires a series of special and somewhat expensive immunohistochemical stains which smaller labs do not carry because of the cost and infrequent use. If it was my mum, I would try to have both her biopsies sent to the pathology department of a larger (medical center) lab or medical center where such special stain panels can be done and a correct diagnosis finally made by a hematopathologist who specializes in tghis area.  (+ info)

My brother has Stage IV Follicular Lymphoma, and needs some good news. Please help.?

My 44-year-old brother has been undergoing chemo for Follicular Lymphoma for four months. He has ("CHOP") treatments for three consecutive days, every three weeks. He has two regular cycles left and has just been told that he will need "maintenance-type" treatment (one day a week, for four weeks) every six months, indefinitely. Even though the doctors have said that the treatments have been having the desired effects, nothing anyone can say gives my brother a feeling of hope. He is particularly concerned about the status of his bone marrow, though my understanding is that it is improving. Is there anyone out there - maybe a fellow Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma patient or medical professional - who can give me some encouraging words to pass along? Thank you.

There are two FABULOUS organizations where you can get information to help you better understand what your brother is gonig through and, more importantly, where HE can get information and support from others who are gonig through what he is going through. I have copied the links to these two organizations below. You didn't provide specifics, but I do know a bit about lymphoma. The good news is that many people dx'd with it can live for many years after dx. Some high grade lymphoomas are actually CURABLE with the CHOP regimen you mentioned. Other LOW GRADE lymphomas can be put at bay for yeaers and years with a CHOP regimen. I encourage you to go to the sites and read more about the specific type of lymphoma your brother has and to try to get him to go to the sites as well.

You are a wonderful and caring sibling to worry about your brother like this. BEST of luck to you both!  (+ info)

how does one get follicular lymphoma?

I don't know for sure. Mine was a different type.
Here's where you'll find the best info:
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Grade 3 Follicular Lymphoma?

My mom just got diagnosed the other day. They said they found it early. What can anyone tell me?

Follicular lymphoma can be assigned a histologic grade 1,2,3a or 3b; the 3a vs 3b issue is controversial. Most oncologists treat grade 3 follicular lymphoma as an aggressive lymphoma, stage for stage similarly to how one would treat a diffuse large cell lymphoma (the most common aggressive lymphoma). Usually that means a regimen known as CHOP-R (Cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, prednisone, rituximab), though other regimens are used.
Generally follicular lymphomas are considered highly treatable, though usually not curable unless very limited disease, in which case radiation may be added to chemotherapy. It is unclear how often this aggressive treatment can cure some of these earlier stage follicular lymphomas, but it is possible. Even if not cured this disease can still be associated with fairly long survival. Talk with your oncologist; also Leukemia and Lymphoma society (http://www.leukemia-lymphoma.org/hm_lls) has good information too.

Best wishes, God bless  (+ info)

If lymphoma and have in retroperitonal area where is it ?

I have stage 4 follicular lymphoma and It was in my messentery wall and bone marrow and the retroperitonal area . I had my 5 th treatment today and so far its out of the messentary wall and showing no acrtivity in bone marrow. So where is the retroperitonal area I thought it was at the base of the abdomal cavity. I would like to know if possible Just where is this spot and how large is it.?

Retroeritoneal area is behind the peritoneum go to wikipedia and type in retorperitoneal - there is a very good diagram of the abdominal cavity  (+ info)

Can hard nodes or nodes that have been there a long time be lymphoma?

I thought this grew fast not slow. I was sent for carotid ultra- sound because of sporadic pain in my neck. Artery was fine but swollen nodes were measured. Had a large one removed in 1990. It was follicular hyperplasia, they left the other one in. I have since developed one more but it is small Radiologist suggested CT scan with contrast because one node was "unique enough" (these are the nurses words who called me) to warrant such.
I didn't know that there were slow growing types, but Dr. asked if my first one removed was lymphoma, so this must be on his mind and he wants to rule it out. CT scan is Wed. I am not going to fret over it. If it is this type, I have had it for awhile and it is not life threatening.

There are slow-growing, or indolent forms of Lymphoma. Stay in close touch with your doctors.
Here's where you'll find the best info:
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