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What are some diseases of the nervous system?

i am in 7th grade and i am doing a project in science and i really need to know some diseases of the nervous system that 7th graders can understand and places to find info about them.

go to righthealth.com and search M.S., huntington's disease and many others  (+ info)

How do diseases of the Nervous System interrupt homeostasis?

could you please give an example of a nervous system disease & how it interferes with the system's job/ homeostasis

  (+ info)

What are types of nervous system diseases?

Would Alzheimer's be a type of disease in the nervous system?
If not, what are some?

Easy 10 points, for good answers.


Yep, Alzheimer's sure is.
Some other ones are down syndrome, narcolepsy, parkinson disease, west nile fever, etc.  (+ info)

What are some diseases and Medical Conditions that can affect the Nervous system?

Research Help ?
I just don't wanna google it and type stuff that I don't even understand or know. So, I hope that somebody with more experience and/or know something .

motor neurone disease
parkinsons disease
  (+ info)

Diseases Associated with the Central Nervous System?

Can anyone tell me what type of diseases are associated with the central nervous system. I took my 8 year old to the doctor today and was advised in general that she wants him to come back in a couple weeks to do some tests with the central nervous system because she feels that there may be an issue in this area. This is cause for concern becuase my son is currently taking medication for his ADHD, ODD and Bi-Polar disorder. In addition to, recently he has been having seziures too. These are not just titles associated with this child for that if he wasn't on the medication he would be extreamly unmanageable and a danger to himself and other children.

The following website has many links to sites with information on the central nervous system:
Check out the "Drugs and Supplements" link to find out side effects of drugs and drug interaction problems.  (+ info)

What are at least 5 neurological conditions related to central nervous system diseases?

I know one. Its in my family. Multiple Sclerosis.  (+ info)

What neurological and nervous system diseases cause muscle spasms and muscle twitches?

Tourette's Syndrome

Tardive Dyskinesia  (+ info)

What major diseases are associated with the nervous system?

1. Alzheimer Disease
2. Broca Aphasia
3. Cerebello-Olivary Degeneration of Holmes
4. Choroid Plexus Papilloma
5. Huntington Disease
6. Kl├╝ver-Bucy Syndrome
7. Locked-In Syndrome
8. Multiple Sclerosis
9. Parkinson Disease
10. Parinaud Syndrome
11. Pituitary Adenoma
12. Tourette Syndrome
13 Wallenberg Syndrome
14. Weber Syndrome
15. Wernicke Aphasia
16. Wernicke/Korsakoff Syndrome
17. Wilson Disease  (+ info)

What are some diseases/ disorders that affect the nervous system?

spina bifida
cerebral palsy
meningitiesthe list goes on and on  (+ info)

explain how impaired lysosomal function can cause the symptoms of storage and diseases?

  (+ info)

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