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has anyone here ever had sun poisoning? What are the symptoms and what does it feel like?

I got a pretty bad sunburn almost 2 months ago and I think it might be sun poisoning. It still has a horrible itch and it is driving me crazy. Could this be sun poisoning and if so, are there any home remedies?
from reading some of the links sent to me and other comments, I'm not sure that it is sun poisoning, I don't have any of the other symptoms, just the itching around my neck and shoulders, where I got burnt. My dad has skin cancer, so I think I am going to try to get in to see the doctor.

check with your dermatologist. Sounds you might have serious subdermal damage.

Stay out of the sun for now.  (+ info)

What type of food poisoning do you get from rotten eggs?

I'm not talking about salmonella. What kind of food poisoning would a person get from eating a rotten egg that didn't have salmonella? Or would they be fine?

Have you ever smelt a rotten egg!!!!!? If you had, you would know there is no way you or anyone else could eat one. So you could not catch anything from one.

Beulah  (+ info)

What is the hospital bill for someone who got alcohol poisoning?

If a college student gets alcohol poisoning, gets rushed to the hospital, gets some standard tests done (heartbeat, temperature), and then gets released in a few hours without spending the night, what is their bill, usually?

Thanks. I'm just trying to help a friend who was extraordinarily stupid.

LOL I like that turn of phrase: extraordinarily stupid.

Most hospital visits to the ER without staying the night -- in my experience -- cost about $400-$600. But then you have to pay for the bloodwork, which can run into about $100-$200. And there would likely be one more charge, since hospitals love sending separate bills, for the doctor or technician...he likely got charged for the technician who interpreted the heart tests..that should be somewhere around $100-$250, depending on the complexity. And the doctor, if his/her charges are separate, would likely run $150. If he has insurance, it might be covered somewhat. I'd make sure it got filed if he does have insurance. Looks like over $1000.

I've been to the ER with gastroenteritis before. It turned out I was allergic to an antibiotic I was on. That was the most expensive sinus infection I've ever had.

Extraordinarily stupid. LOL  (+ info)

What are the differences between a stomach virus and food poisoning?

What are the differences? Like what symptoms do you have when you just have a simple but ugly stomach virrus that will go away on it's own...and some thing like food poisoning?

Viral enteritis is usually a one-day wonder and hurts no-where near as bad, whilst food poisoning can last for around a week and is really nasty.

Both are characterised by vomiting, mild to intense abdominal pain, nausea and diarrhoea.  (+ info)

What's the difference between stomach flu and food poisoning?

last night the only thing I could think of that made me sick was a tall glass of eggnog that was a few days before its expiration date.

Well I had severe cramps and whenever I stood up I got really dizzy(urge to faint) and so I laid down on the floor after having diarhea. I don't feel dizzy anymore and I don't have diarhea. I only threw up once.

So is it the stomach flu or food poisoning? No chills.

could be either, stomach flu is obviously caused by a virus, and food poisoning is caused by bacteria. Without further symptoms, like fever, I'd bet it's a virus and just has to run it's course. It would benefit you to get some probiotics to replace the good bacteria your intestines use for digestion.  (+ info)

How can i sue if i live in a lead poisoning apartment?

I share a three bedroom apartment with a friend. The lease is under my friend's name. The city came to check the apartment and have confirmed lead poisoning in my room and even the inspector told me that indeed their is serious lead poisoning. The problem is the lease under my friend's name and she is aware of lead poisoning but doing nothing about it. In the meantime I need to know my options. Dont get me wrong I am in good terms with my friend and always pay the rent on time. Your comments appreciated.

  (+ info)

What are possible mold poisoning treatments?

I believe I have symptoms of mold poisoning. My apartment does show signs of mold. Landlords are aware of mold problem. My health is taking a turn for the worse. What are the treatments and how long will it take to rid my body of the mold toxins?

Call your local Board of Health Officer. He'll come and inspect your apartment for anything. The landlord will have to take care of the problem and he'll be taken to Housing Court. It's the law.  (+ info)

What do you take for a mild case of food poisoning?

Ate something bad that is not bad enough to go to the hospital. What should you take to alleviate the mild food poisoning?

PEPTO  (+ info)

How long before food poisoning symptoms show up?

My friend has just eaten some frozen food that was apparently defrosted by mistake and left in the freezer overnight and then turned back on, so the food was then re-frozen. She's just eaten it and is panicking in case she gets food poisoning. How long before symptoms should show up? What can she do if she starts vomiting, etc?

By now your friend would probably have forgotten all about her re-frozen pizza, but here's some info for you anyway
Onset of food poisoning symptoms can be anywhere from 1-2 hours to a day or so. This is because the symptoms could be produced by the toxins made by bacteria, or by the bacteria themselves. Toxin-mediated food poisoning is generally much faster and more dramatic. Rehydration is the key; if she can't keep stuff down at all, has severe abdo pain or if there's blood etc, she should head straight to the hospital. By the way, frozen food is generally OK to be refrozen ONCE if it's been kept at refrigerated temperatures (i.e. if the temperature does not reach a level at which bacteria can multiply). So if the freezer was incompletely defrosted and the compartment was kept closed, she would probably be OK! (I hope so!)  (+ info)

What are the short and long term effects of acute morphine poisoning with administration of naloxone?

I have been to several sites with this question, trying to learn as much as I can and understand what is going on.

One day post-op for neck surgery on C3,4,7 & T1 with titanium cage enclosure plus removal of multiple bone spurs on spine (front and back incisions), my husband was rushed to SICU due to acute morphine poisoning because of PCA by Proxy (his mother).

His resuscitation required three different attempts with three different medications, the first one being Naloxone. My husband was in SICU for 5 days and endured horrible withdrawals.

Why did he have withdrawals? What are possible complications of acute morphine poisoning? He has been discharged from the hospital, his neurosurgeon is reluctant to prescribe anything to effectively manage his pain. He is also experiencing night terrors when he dozes, but has insomnia.

Any information about acute morphine poisoning, and the antidotes, and the after effects of both will be greatly appreciated.

WOW - PCA overdose by proxy. Never thought I'd hear of that! PCA stands for "Patient Controlled Analgesia", not "Patient's MOM".

The problem with any opiate overdose is that it suppresses the breathing drive in the brain control center. As long as his oxygen levels didn't go down AND STAY DOWN for a prolonged period, there really isn't any long term damage to morphine overdose.

Naloxone reverses the effects of morphine, so a side-effect of Naloxone is acute morphine withdrawl. You can't really adjust the Naloxone dose to just reverse a little of the morphine.

Probably now he's just having problems with pain control since the docs are worried about another overdose, this time with oral medications.  (+ info)

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