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What signs would you expect to observe as a result of organophosphate poisoning?

Word Problem:
Many potent insecticides contain toxins, called organophosphates, that interfere with the action of the enzyme acetylcholinesterase. Ivan is using an insecticide containing organophosphates and is very careless. Because he does not use gloves or a dust mask, he absorbs some of the chemical through his skin and inhales a large amount as well.

What signs would you expect to observe as a result of organophosphate poisoning?

Use the mnemonic SLUDGEM

Gastrointestinal motility

EDIT: The antidote is either intravenous atropine or intravenous 2-PAM (pralidoxime).  (+ info)

What are the risks of Food Poisoning for Fried Rice & Eggs that Were Left Out?

I ate fried rice with eggs that had been sitting out for a little less than a day (both cooked of course). They were in a tightly sealed container, but left unrefrigerated during this time. What is the likelihood and risks of food poisoning from this food?

Additionally, are there any measures I could take considering I have already eaten this food? Thanks.

quite high , eggs contain lots of natural bacteria as does rice and once left out in room temp further bacteria grows - there are dangers of listeria, ecoli etc....

personally i wouldnt chance drinking any dairy left out i would treat eggs as i would milk.

sorry  (+ info)

What's the cost of going to the hospital for alcohol poisoning?

What is the cost of the ambulance ride, the hospital visit, and any other costs associated with getting taken to the hospital for alcohol poisoning? It's in southern california btw.
I don't have alcohol poisoning and I'm not thinking of doing it. I have to write a paper on it.

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - health-quotes.talk4fun.net  (+ info)

What is the symptoms of food poisoning and symptoms of flu ?

How many hours for food poisoning to start/ and flu symptoms to start?

not a doctor ok,but had both.. food poisoning .hurts like hell you want to die you are throwing up and hurting all at the same time. its not like the flu.. well the flu can be pretty bad too.. sometimes it makes you feel like you want to die as well.Flu you are running usually a nice little temperature and also nauseated , dizzy ,eyes blurry, cold, hot , and sometimes runny nose ,sneezing, and general feeling like crap.You lose your appetite and hard to keep anything down and stomach bothering you going to bathroom alot and sore throat sometimes with headache.. hope this helps but i assure you , you will know if you have food poisoning it hurts so bad.. and you are doubled over with pain that you literally want to die.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of melamine poisoning in humans and how would ingesting melamine affect an adult/teen?

We've heard a lot about how melamine poisoning can be fatal for infants but how would it affect a teenager or an adult? What would the symptoms of ingesting melamine be?

Check out www.foodsafetycentral.net. I came across it while looking for articles relating to food safety. They have alot of news posted on the melamine crisis and how to stay safe.  (+ info)

What are the symptoms of food poisoning?

& is it possible to get it from someone who had food poisoning?

Food poisoning is not contagious. People that get it in a group only do because they all ate the same food most likely. Symptoms of food poisoning come on within a couple hours of eating the tainted food. The symptoms are vomiting, intense abdominal cramps, and diarrhea. It is not a fun thing to go through. My husband had it once and he had the hardest time even keeping down water.  (+ info)

What is the difference between food poisoning symptoms and flu symptoms?

My dad ate taco bell last night @9pm, and started experiencing flu-like symptoms around 9am today. The symptoms were diarrea and vomiting. He started feeling better around 5pm. My mom and him were supposed to fly out to see me and my family today, but canceled their flight because they did not want to come here and get us sick. I am trying to learn about the major differences between the flu and food poisoning. We all know Taco Bell can be kinda sketchy. hehe

Stomache flu is caused by a virus, food poisioning is caused by bacteria in food that was not handled or stored properly. Most people confuse the two because the symptoms are very similar; nausea vomiting, diarrhea and stomache pain occur with both. Fever and body aches may occur with the flu.

Suspect food poisioning when others also get sick who have eaten the same foods with you. Symptoms may begin as early as 1 hour after eating or as late as 48 hours after eating (depending on the amount of bacteria present in the food). The symptoms of food poisioning may last up to 48 hours, but usually are gone within 12 hours.

With one severe type of food poisioning (Botulism) there is also blurred or double vision and difficulty swallowing or breathing. This type is often fatal if not treated with antibiotics.  (+ info)

What everyday home foods can cause food poisoning?

Could you please give me a list of what food and how it gets rotten and can cause me food poisoning?? I think I ate something bad cuz my stomach doesn't feel too good..

I think expired bread is one of the reasons my stomach is churning.. Please help!?

Should I go to the doctors?? How many days will I not be able to go to work then?

You may have ate bread that had mold on it, if so, you won't feel well for a couple of days, but not as bad as food poisoning. Usually bad food poisoning comes from meat that has been left out of the fridge to long, has expired, has come into contact with something that has bacteria on it, like a dirty counter, or was not cooked properly. If you have bad food poisoning, your stomach will experience excruciating pains, you will feel faint and be sick to your stomach a lot. You might just have a touch of stomach flu, it is flu season.  (+ info)

How long should food poisoning usually last?

How long does food poisoning usually last? Is there any way to relieve this ? I have had nausea and belly cramping for 7 days with no signs of relief. What are symptoms any of you had during food poisoning? Just trying to compare. Help!

I had salmonella a few years back. I had severe cramping and diarrhea for 7 days also. it sux, i kno. There are drugs that your doctor can precribe to help with the symptoms a little. Unfortunately, the only way to get over this is for the toxin to totally leave your body. Everyone is different, this can take 24 hours to 10 days. 7 is pretty normal. You should be about through it! Good luck.  (+ info)

How many people die from Blow Fish poisoning each year?

Blow Fish is a Japanese delicacy, but it is also the world's most poisonous fish. One itty bitty mistake in preparation, and you're a goner. How many people succumb to this form of poisoning each year?

♡I live in Japan and have eaten 'Fugu' - Blow fish
many times and I am still alive.(*^o^*) I happen to love it. I have never worried about eating fugu because we always make sure the chef preparing it has been certified (licensed) to prepare and serve fugu.
There is some question as to exactly how many people die of fugu poisoning every year. Take a look:
~"Some sources claim that about 100 people die each year from fugu poisoning, while others sources say only 10 to 20 per year, and still others state only 1 person dies each year from fugu. This reported variation may be the result of different sequences of years being studied, as for example in 1958, the first year the preparation of fugu required a special license in Japan, 176 people died of fugu poisoning. According to the Fugu Research Institute, 50% of the victims were poisoned by eating the liver, 43% from eating the ovaries and 7% from eating the skin."
You can read about it here:
I think the deaths from eating fugu occur when people catch fugu and try to prepare and eat it themselves without being skilled or certified in the correct way to prepare it.
Hope this helps!♡  (+ info)

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