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Can someone get Cirrhosis of the Liver from Malnutrition?

Is it possible to get cirrhosis of the liver due to malnutrition? A family member has told us that they have it? Thank you for your help.

why sure! it's called fatty liver or NASH. malnutrition is a hard way of putting it, more than likely they were on the wrong diet, ie, too little fat absorbtion or too much. extreme weight loss or weight gain can cause nash.
other things can cause cirrhosis like iron, viral infections (hep b or c), over the counter meds.  (+ info)

What is the prognosis for Cerebral Atrophy found in my 68y/o husband, from Malnutrition?

He has developed the Malnutrition after being treated by drug therapy for long standing Depression. The Cerebral Atrophy was found in a CT Scan at the same time Bladder Cancer was found. The Bladder Cancer was successfully treated, but we were not informed of the Cerebral Atrophy untill he went to the Emergency Room in respiratory distress. Everything else checked out as normal. He is a recovering alcoholic, has been clean for 20 years, but has abused pain medication and tranquilizers since.

Only his doctors would be able to answer that question accurately.  (+ info)

Is enough being done for global malnutrition?

I'm writing a reasearch paper for the topic "Is enough being done for global malnutrition?" and I need to have a strong thesis statement. Ant suggestions?

no  (+ info)

What is the difference between starvation and malnutrition?

i need to discuss the difference between starvation and malnutrition

With starvation you do not get the minimum number of calories you need to survive. The body begins the process of breaking itself down just to keep basic systems running. Starvation implies that there isn't enough food to eat, or you simply are not eating. Malnutrition occurs when the food you eat provides the calories, but not the necessary vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy. You can be obese, and malnourished, believe it or not. Malnutrition may happen because healthy foods are not available that would provide what you need, or the food is available but you will not or do not eat it.  (+ info)

How long does it take for malnutrition to occur?

I've not eaten properly for three days and I'm feeling a bit weird. I can't eat right now because of emotional issues but I would like to know how long it'll be before I'm in the danger zone.

Sounds like you are already there! Talk to somebody about what you are feeling and doing. Eat something You willn't suffer malnutrition just by not eating. Your body fat will sustain you for awhile. But get some help on this matter! tagger  (+ info)

Minimum grams of protein per day to avoid protein malnutrition?

I want to know the minimum amount of protein I can eat to avoid protein malnutrition.

I've heard your hair can fall out if you don't get enough protein so I don't want my hair falling out.

I'm 5'9" and weight 270. I've heard a half gram for each pound of body weight. I can't get 135 grams in my food a day.

Is 40 grams a day alright? I'm on a restrictive diet.

Yes you can, people get 400 grams in. If your on a restrictive diet, you need to lower fats and carbs, make sure you get enough protein.  (+ info)

What is the difference between nutrient deficiency and malnutrition?

I need this answer pretty soon. It's for a school paper and I just haven't been able to find it.

I believe nutrient deficiency is simply not getting enough nutrients, and malnutrition is not getting enough of anything (vitamins, minerals, calories, etc.).  (+ info)

How does childhood malnutrition effect body development as an adult?

I saw pictures of a child who had anorexia before and during puberty and she has oddlyshaped legs and is rather short? Are these aftereffects of her anorexia? Also, Audrey hepburn is said to have been so think because she was malnourished as a child during the war, is that truly able to make you thin all your life?

If your body doesn't get what it needs, it won't grow as it should!  (+ info)

What are alternatives to GM crops when trying to aliviate hunger and malnutrition?

I just need some ideas on any alternatives asI cant find anything on various websites i have tried or anything in plain English at least!!!!
Yeah Jim I wanted alternatives not reasons to eat GM crops.

Eat the GM foods. It isn't harmful. This is a non-issue. It was created by the European Union out of NOTHING, so they could protect their farmers from US imports. Since the Europeans are out for protectionism for their private farmers, they had to create something from lets say, keeping the crazy French farmers from rioting on Paris. I eat modified corn all the time, and I AM ALIVE! LOL  (+ info)

How long it takes to die from malnutrition?

How much one must weight to die from it? If the starting weight is 100
pounds and the height is 5'7, how long can it take? How many pounds
does such a person have to lose to die?

You can survive about 24 days without food before you die. Leave out water and its much less.

A fatter person will last a tad longer because body fat is the first to go, the more, the longer you stay around.  (+ info)

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