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Is there a non surgical way to fix class II mandibular malocclusion or names of Specialist?

my son has this problem and they want to perform expensive surgery to correct it.

Depends on his age.

If he is about 6/7, then they can use his growth spur, use a headgear to arrest the growth of the maxilla and allow the mandible to grow.

Thus, the Class II malocclusion can be corrected.

However, if he is much older, he will need the surgery to correct the malocclusion.  (+ info)

So apparently I have a Class II malocclusion?

Whats the deal here? Is it not possible to live with it? Am I doomed? How did people deal with this when there were no such things as orthodontics .

Class II malocclusion means you have an "overbite". It just means your top and bottom teeth are not aligned. You can live with it, as it is not really a real problem, just cosmetic. You are not doomed, and many people prefer to not fix the problem because surgery may be too expensive or just unnecessary.  (+ info)

How does one treat a Class II malocclusion (overbite) with lower jaw crowding. The Dr said he may break my jaw

I have a Class II malocclusion with moderate-severe crowding in my front lower teeth, and jaw misalignment. Only my front teeth touch when I bite down, unless I force my jaw into an uncomfortable position, and I'm starting to have sensitivity problems with the teeth AND the jaw because they're being ground into one another. My dentist said he could try braces and removing 2 teeth on top and 2 teeth on bottom, as well as a retainer, but he didn't think that would be quite as effective as option #2. He said my lower jaw is too small and he may have to break it, let it heal so that it becomes slightly bigger, and then take care of the other issues. I'm confused, and I have to say, scared about option 2. Does that generally work? I'm willing to wear a retainer for as long as I need to (he said probably for the rest of the time I have my teeth, I'll be wearing one at night). I'm 25 right now, and plan on getting started with either option in November.
Anyone with advice, please help.

Option #2 is the second choice for a reason. There are many cases in which the jaw has been broken to complete ortho therapy, with much success. It is not as bad as it sounds. But with the extractions and retainers, you also have a good shot of correcting your malocclussion. A bonded lingual retainer would also help keep your teeth in the proper position once your ortho therapy is complete.

Check with youe dentist to see if he/she has the software program that shows you what you'd look like with and without your jaw broken. He may nort have it as you have not heard of it up to now; but several orthodontists do have it.

Don't worry, everything dental is mental. If you anticipate pain or problems with your treatment, you'll psych yourself out! Just relax, I'm sure you'll be fine!  (+ info)

Class II Malocclusion (Overbite) Correction?

I'm seventeen and have what one might call a 'mild' overbite—in that its severity is questionable, but it is very noticeable.

The problem is, when my front teeth ARE aligned, my molars are separated vertically by about a centimeter (maybe a few millimeters less).

My question is, with a separation that seems so minor, if I had my overbite corrected, would I need surgery to bring my molars together, or could braces correct that as well?
Correction, it's actually only a few millimeters, maybe three or four.

Not necessarily! The neat thing about teeth is that they will continue erupting (or coming out of the gums) until they hit something. So chances are, that's what will happen.

Sometimes causing eruption of the molars is how they correct the problem. You may be given a retainer that postures your lower jaw forward so the front teeth are aligned, and the back teeth will erupt until they're touching, which will hold your bite in place. Elastics and braces can also be used to add some extra force for this to happen.  (+ info)

I have untreated class 1 malocclusion. What's going to happen as the disease progresses and when?

Presently, my only symptoms are occasional slightly loose front teeth which firm up when I stop using them and very very slight accompanying pain. If left untreated what could happen? And how long do I have until it does?

Most people have some degree of malocclusion, although it isn't usually serious enough to require treatment. Those who have more severe malocclusions may require orthodontic and sometimes surgical treatment to correct the problem. Correction of malocclusion may reduce risk of tooth decay and help relieve excessive pressure on the temporomandibular joint. Orthodontic treatment is also used to align for aesthetic reasons.

Malocclusions may be coupled with skeletal disharmony of the face, where the relations between the upper and lower jaws are not appropriate. In these cases the dental problem is, most of the time, derived from the skeletal disharmony.  (+ info)

Where can I find a list of State laws for prescribing class II medications?

Is the law in SC the same as FL or CA? Are the laws by state or by the Federal?

The best resource for that would be your local pharmacist. He/she will be able to get you the website for the list.  (+ info)

Sinus issues related to TMJ and Class III Malocclusion?

I have been having chronic sinus issues lately, along with headaches and tooth pain. I've been told I needed surgery to correct my bite, but it just hasn't happened yet. Do sinus problems arise from TMJ and mis-aligned bites?

I was having everything from headaches, sinus problems, ear infections and vision problems. All this due to having a bad bite. I've been wearing braces since March and elastics (rubber bands) for the past 4 months. I've been symptom free for months now and it's been wonderful!! Can't believe the dentist has not suggested this for you. It's cheaper and easier then having the jaw surgery, that's my opinion!!

Hope this information helps and GOOD LUCK with whatever treatment you choose!!  (+ info)

How to relieve headache malocclusion class 3?

i have a headache and i can't relieve

Over and underbite can definitely cause headache. Hopefully you are receiving treatment already.

My plan of attack is this:

First I take 600mg of Ibuprofen (any brand will do), along with 1000mg of Tylenol (generic is fine). This way you're hitting the headache in two ways: with an anti-inflammatory and a pain reducer. It will stop the inflammation in your head and raise your tolerance to what're called painful stimuli.

If that doesn't work after 2 doses (every 4-6 hours), I move on to my prescriptions. First I try 2 Midrins, which is a combination pain reducer, vein constrictor, and sedative. That usually does the trick. If it's a REALLY bad one, then I take a 10mg Maxalt melt with 50mg Indomethacin. Maxalt is what's called a triptan, which works on a certain part of your head where pain usually emulates, and indomethacin is a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Good luck, hope my "plan" works for you. Obviously you will need to get the prescription choices from a doctor. Don't worry - they're not narcotics so if you ask for them, you won't get yelled at.  (+ info)

is razoring and angle layering a common practice? Or would I have to find a high class salon to do it?

I usually go to First Choice cause it's close to my house.

There is a great article on haircuts in the August Issue of Glamour Magazine. I recently read it. They said that you basically "get what you pay for" and must be careful of going to someone if they are going to razor cut your hair. It does not look good on all hair types and there are stylists that "go a little crazy" with the razor. You risk the chance of uneveness and getting split ends. There are techniques that will give the same punky, choppy effect without the risk of walking out of the salon looking like you went to "SuperCuts". I would email Glamour Magazine and request a copy of the August issue on Salons and Styles. Good Luck!  (+ info)

What meds are in class II narcotic list, and which are the strongest?

They are all listed here. This is a very informative site. I hope this helps you out.

http://www.deadiversion.usdoj.gov/schedules/listby_sched/sched2.htm  (+ info)

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