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Ultrasound Question?

I am 33w1d pregnant and had an appt. with my Dr. on Wed. & at that time I was measuring exactly what I should have been. The dr. said she was going to order an ultrasound just to double check the growth of the baby. On the paper she checked off "Interval Growth" for Ultrasound Request. But on the very bottom of the page it says Indication for testing and she wrote "SCD" I've looked online for that and all I found was Spondylocostal dysostosis (SCD)....could that mean that my baby has that?? I've had 2 previous US's one of which was a Level II and even a consultation with a perinatologist and he said everything was perfectly normal. There is nothing wrong with my medical history. I am a normal, healthy 23 year old. I'm just worried about the indication for testing. If anyone has any insight on this please let me know. Thanks

I am assuming your doctor's chicken scratch was misinterpreted. I think it actually said "SD" are very common testing indications. In order for your insurance to pay for this additional ultrasound, your doctor must provide a valid reason. If there is no valid reason for another scan, many doctors will make one up. You can confirm this when you check in for your ultrasound appointment. Until then, try to stay calm. I know it is hard for us humans to do that, but stress does NOTHING good for you or your baby. And, you can think of this as another opportunity to see your baby before he/she is delivered!  (+ info)

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