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What does "mast cell degranulation" means?where can I get more information about it?

I need information about this clinical disorder and what are the potential triggers of mast cell degranulation or mast cell leukemia or mastocytosis. Thanks.

Mast cell degranulation is where the mast cells break down and release histamine and heparin which then causes all sorts of very unpleasant severe immune and allergic reactions. Mastocytosis is characterized by excessive mast cell infiltration of either the skin or extra cutaneous organs. Death from mastocytosis is secondary to mast cell degranulation.
Read up here about mastocytosis.



http://www.emedicine.com/derm/byname/mastocytosis.htm  (+ info)

What is the likely cause of general swelling 10 days after mast cell surgery on my dog?

Entire area around incision (upper-back flank of Great Dane) is somewhat swollen (after 10 days of no problems). It is fluid filled and you can easily squish it from one side of his 7-inch incision to the other. (Vet used internal, dissolving stitches) No redness, sores, bumps, or discomfort. Temperature is normal (100.8). He seems to feel fine. No other symptoms at all. I will obviously take him in but the vet isn't open until tomorrow. I am looking for likely causes for this... ESPECIALLY: Does this mean the cancer is likely still there? Or is this probably some side effect of surgery not cancer related?

I would have said "infection" but then it would have been hot to the touch, and tender. So, probably the cause is still there, so tomorrow take him to the Vet, but call first and describe the problem, insist on speaking to the Vet himself. Lots of luck.  (+ info)

My husband was diagnosed with Mast Cell Disease and I trying to help him cope. But how, can anyone help?

We are not sure what exactly it all intells. He looks up things all the tiime but no doctors on the military base know what they can do or what will help. He is going through a medical discharge but we are in germany right now trying to get back to the states but don't know what to do right now. I need help trying to help him cope with all this.

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What should I do? My dog was just diagnosed with a malignant spindle cell sarcoma.?

My 5 1/2 year old lab was just diagnosed with a medium-highly malignant tumor. The diagnosing vet has refferred us to an Oncologist and already taken a biopsy, but I don't know what else to do. Has anyone ever had this happen before with a malignant sarcoma? What did you do and how did you handle it? What should my next step be?

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How are mast cell tumors diagnosed?

This is performed by examining the tumor after it has been removed.  (+ info)

What is the prognosis for dogs with mast cell tumors?

The prognosis depends primarily upon the grade and stage of the tumor.  (+ info)

How are mast cell tumors treated?

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I was just diagnosed with spindle cell sarcoma, I am having an extremely difficult time finding?

any information at all online about this cancer. If anyone has any info or links to any "useful" websites on this cancer please let me know. My tumor was in my right humerus, just above elbow. They say I will need more surgery to clear all margins, shave bone, muscles, etc. Not sure on radiation and/or chemo yet. Very nervous about lack of info I am able to find about this cancer.

"Spindle cell" sarcoma is more of a descriptive term (what it looks like under microscope) rather than a histologic term. Usually these are undifferentiated pleomorphic sarcoma, malignant fibrous histiocytomas, leimyosarcomas, fibrosarcoma, synovial cell sarcoma. Your confusion is understandable as these cancers are difficult to classify many times. If you will email me, i'll be happy to send you some info on soft tissue sarcomas. I agree that with these rare cancers, being treated at a major center with lots of experience is best. You should also try www.cancer.gov for information.

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Diagnosed as chronic urticaria but I think it's mast cell disease?

Since I was in junior high, I've had occasional "episodes" of abdominal pain, with diahreea, vomiting and now, hives, first it was called IBS, now it's chronic urticaria. Everything I read about chronic urticaria sounds skin related only. does anyone know if it can have stomach symptoms too, or is this mast cell disease??

l suggested first you must be to the hospital examine body for all.then the doctor will help you.not it's mast cell disease.if yes.also can cure well. not fear,to see a expert doctor.after to make how did cure and how did keep good body.good luck to you.  (+ info)

i think my dog has a spread of mast cell tumors and there are many tumors on his body. can this be fatal?

my dog also twitches in his sleep if that has anything to do with mast cell tumors but i am getting very worried and my mother and father say that we dont have enough money to cure him please answer my question

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