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i have tenderness in bones behind ears but no ear infections. is it mastoiditis?

Mastoiditis is an infection of the mastoid bone of the skull. It is usually a consequece of a middle ear infection. The infection may spread from the ear to the mastoid bone. Symptoms are ear pain or discomfort, earache, pain behind the ear, redness of the ear or behind the ear, fever may be high or spike, headache, drainage from the ear.

If these signs and symptoms apply to you I think you should go to the doctor and have a checkup. It might be something else but you might as well play it safe. Good Luck!  (+ info)

What medication is taken for treating Mastoiditis? What antibiotic?

My fiancee has chronic mastoiditis, ear drum ruptured, fluid can't drain from behind the ear, etc. He is in pain and said when he talks he sounds like he's under water.
He has had a tube put in before to train the fluid and it temporarily helped, but he is a pilot in the military and if they treated this they would not let him fly, so i am trying to find medication he can take. This is also, from what I am reading online, a bacterial infection. What medication/bacterial antibiotic would help this?

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is Mastoiditis linked to hearing and memory loss?

i have a friend who is a liitle dazed , and i remember that she has mastoiditis before, so could it happen?

'Little dazed' is a little non-specific - this could range from being a symptoms of a significant underlying problem, to just being a normal variant for her.

Mastoiditis can certainly lead to hearing loss if the infection & inflammation extends to involve the middle or inner ear, which it often does (in fact, mastoiditis often arises from middle ear infections).

Memory loss is a little bit more far-fetched as a link - I would think that significant memory loss should only occur if the dominant temporal lobe of the brain is affected (for example, if the mastoiditis extended to become a meningo-encephalitis - but in this case, the person would have been VERY ill indeed!).  (+ info)

What is chronic mastoiditis?

I recently had a mri done after a car accident and it found that I have Chronic Mastoiditis? Is this something I should see a doctor for? What is it?

Mastoiditis is an infection in a bone right behind your ear. This can result from an ear infection that has gone untreated. It is NOT uniformly fatal, however, it can be fatal if it isn't treated appropriately. If the infection in the bone is not contained and eliminated, it can spread to your brain itself and create and abscess. It is something you should take very seriously.  (+ info)

what is mastoiditis? is is dangerous or deadly? how do you get rid of it?

where is the mastoid bone at in your body and what is it purpose?

The mastoid bone is in the skull. It is the lower part of the temporal bone which makes up the side of the skull. The prominent bone felt behind the ear is the mastoid process, the lower most part of the mastoid bone. The main purpose is to encase and protect the brain, and the neck muscle called sterno(cleido) mastoid is attached to the mastoid process. The mastoid bone also contain numerous air cells which are connected to each other to form the mastoid antrum which communicates with the middle ear. In fact the middle ear is embedded in the lower part of the temporal bone.

Mastoiditis is inflammation of the mastoid bone and is a complication of otitis media (middle ear infection). There is severe pain, swelling and tenderness behind the ear with pussy discharge and progressive hearing loss from the ipsilateral ear. This is a dangerous condition and it requires aggressive treatment with antibiotics and possible draining of the pus as well. It could lead to meningitis, brain abscess or severe thrombosis of the adjacent venous sinuses. If the abscess ruptures spontaneously, it may damage the overlying facial nerve leading to facial paralysis.

Pellegrini Kitara-Okot
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how long does it take for Mastoiditis to occur from an ear infection?

A week to ten days.  (+ info)

does anyone have any information on mastoiditis?

i would like to know if anyone has heard of it recurring,my son was hospital last year for a week with it..he now has it again,but this time its not as bad and i just have to keep an eye on it.

Mastoiditis is an infection of the mastoid process, the portion of the temporal bone of the skull that is behind the ear. It is usually caused by untreated acute otitis media (middle ear infection) and used to be a leading cause of child mortality. With the development of antibiotics, however, mastoiditis has become quite rare in developed countries, most likely due to antibiotic treatment of otitis media before it can spread. It is treated with medications and/or surgery. If untreated, the infection can spread to surrounding structures, including the brain, causing serious complications.

Mastoiditis is an inflammatory process of the mastoid air cells in the temporal bone.1 Because the mastoid is contiguous to the middle ear cleft and an extension of it, virtually every child or adult with acute otitis media (AOM) and most individuals with chronic middle ear inflammatory disease have mastoiditis. In most cases, symptoms involving the middle ear (eg, fever, pain, conductive hearing loss) predominate, and the disease in the mastoid is not considered a separate entity.

In some patients, the infection spreads beyond the mucosa of the middle ear cleft, and osteitis in the mastoid air-cell system or periosteitis of the mastoid process develops, either directly by means of bone erosion through the cortex or indirectly via the emissary vein of the mastoid. These patients are considered to have acute mastoiditis (also called acute surgical mastoiditis [ASM]), which is an intratemporal complication of otitis media. Chronic mastoiditis most commonly is associated with chronic suppurative otitis media (CSOM) and particularly, with cholesteatoma formation (see Cholesteatoma).
http://www.emedicine.com/ped/topic1379.htm  (+ info)

Why is mastoiditis potentially more dangerous than a paranasal sinus infection?


The mastoid bone is very porous, and it may be near-impossible to dislodge an infection. And since it's part of the skull, it's very near the brain.  (+ info)

i have chronic mastoiditis what can i do for the pain ?

i have been to the er 4 times now and my dr.2 time and this last trip to the ER they did a CT of my ear and found that i have chronic mastoiditis and that means the the bone in and behind my ear is infection so bad that is it making the bones swell when i went to the ER they didn't give me and thing for the pain to take home and it hurts so bad that i cant sleep i cant eat and idk what to do please help

Some people get help from biofeedback or accupuncture. Read more at www.webmd.com and www.nih.gov..  (+ info)

what does the doc means when he says i have a bilateral sclerosing mastoiditis with right csom?

Hey there!!

Well, it means you were suffering with Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media (CSOM) which progressed to mastoid ( a bone behind your ears)!!!

See, to start with you must be suffering with sinusitis or some ear infection which did not get resolved and led to a condition called CSOM.. Even then this CSOM was not/inadequately treated which led to spread of infection to mastoids..

Since you say that the condition is bilateral (both ears) the cause could be Allergic Sinusitis!! Irrespective of the cause, first thing you need is drainage of middle ear and mastoid and control of infection. Having done that we could look at the cause like Allergy!!!

My suggestion: Please do not ignore it, as it is easily controllable now.. So control it before it spreads to produce intracranial complications!!!  (+ info)

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