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can you get a melanoma on a place that is never exposed to the sun? like on your genitals?
well i do have a mole there, but i mean, i dont want to strip down in front of a doctor...im 14 and have dignity...

Yes, it is not uncommon to have melanoma of the genitals.
Regardless of the part of anatomy Melanoma is very serious. If you have a mole or suspicious lesion please have it checked immediately.  (+ info)


Two weeks ago i went to the doctor to get a mole removed off my back, she said it had all for characteristics of being melanoma. I am still waiting for the results to come back, but what are they chance that it really is melanoma??

Let's face it, sun is no good for your skin. Sunscreens, hats with wide brims, long sleeves, and pants will lower the risk of skin cancer and keep your skin young looking. All these cancers are related to sun exposure. Squamous cell and basal cell cancers appear almost exclusively on the areas of skin most exposed to sun ( head, neck, hands). Melanoma is also common in these areas but may appear on the chest or back. Melanoma is most common in people who have had one or more severe blistering sunburns before the age of 18. A reminder: If you get one of these cancers, you are likely to get another. So, once you've had the first one cured, it is a good idea to have regular examinations to make sure that nothing new has developed. Avoid further damage to the skin from the sun.  (+ info)

What are the types of tumours for Melanoma?

I am doing a research essay on cancers, and I chose to do it on Melanoma. I have been searching the web to find the types of tumors that is from Melanoma. Please help, I need to answer quick.
And I also need help with this question:
When tissue regenerate by mitosis it may be affected by formation of tumours due to mutations. Which organs might be affected the most?

Melanoma is a type of skin cancer. Melanoma often carries with it a poor prognosis as it can be invasive and affect organs as well as the skin.
Here is more info on melanoma to get you started on your research which includes the types of melanoma:
http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/article/000850.htm  (+ info)

What are the chances that i have uveal melanoma ?

I have always had a small but rather distinct black dot in the middle of my iris, and thought nothing of it until now. I have been reading about uveal melanoma, and it seems this is very common evidence of this cancer,yet i am only 16 and really quite heathly. Is this likely to be uveal melanoma or simply a birth mark of sorts.

If you have had the spot for a long time, and your not having any visual difficulties, like seeing a dot or a shadow in your visual field. You ok. You should be examined by an opthamologist. They will be able to tell you what kind of dot is in your eye.  (+ info)

What oral medication is available for melanoma skin cancer?

I just found out I have melanoma skin cancer, stage 2. Does anyone know of any oral medication for it? I am just curious. Thanks!

More than likely you will receive immunology treatments i.e. Interferon shots.After the surgery and all the scans your oncologist will come up with a game plan.


Actually during the induction period, the Interferon is feed by an IV. The induction period is 5 times a week for one month. Afterwards 3 shots per week.  (+ info)

What are the chances that my Melanoma has to other parts of the body?

When I was four I had melanoma surgically removed off my back. 7 months ago I had another one removed. Then I go back and now I've got four that need to be removed, 2 of them surgically. What are the chances that the cancer could have spread to other parts of my body past just the skin?

i also have melanoma so i know what you are going through. i was diagnosed when i was 12 and the doctor told me that if you get it early enough then it won't spread. it can spread though which is really hard to deal with. I don't want to get you scared cause i don't know the precentage that spreads but i know there is a chance. good luck and i hope everything works out for you!  (+ info)

What does the throat cancer ribbon and the melanoma ribbon look like?

Im getting a tattoo in honor of my dad who had throat cancer and my mom who had melanoma. One ribbon is going to be on one shoulder and the other ribbon on the other shoulder. The ribbons will be ripped in the middle with a sparrow flying through the middle. They both survived and this is for them! So if anyone can help me, it would be greatly appreciated!!!

According to the "for the cure" site melanoma is a black ribbon. It doesn't list throat cancer. But it also doesn't list lung cancer, so it doesn't appear complete.

The Trinity London site and the Pin People site also have black for melanoma, and "pearl" (opalescent?) for lung cancer.

Purple is the color for cancer survivors, but would be more appropriate for your parents than for you.

That tattoo is really a lovely idea... I'm sure you'll come up with whatever is just right for you, and no matter what it is, your parents should feel honored by the fact that you did it.  (+ info)

What exactly are the symptoms of metastatic melanoma?

What exactly are the symptoms of metastatic melanoma, and in how much pain would someone be who suffers from it?

Many thanks.

Metastatic melanoma is by definition, a secondary cancer. You cannot have a metastatic melanoma without having a primary melanoma.

Metastatic comes from the word "Metastasis." A Metastasis is the spread of cancer from its primary site to other places in the body. A good example would be someone who has malignant melanoma (a bad type of skin cancer)....this is the primary cancer. If that cancer spreads (metastasizes) to the lungs, then you now have a secondary cancer in the lungs which is called a metastatic melanoma.

Having said that, there are really no clear cut symptoms for metastatic melanoma...the symptoms really depend on the location of the secondary cancer. For example, if your primary cancer spread to the brain, a symptom could be headaches and dizzyness. If you do not already have cancer, then you do not need to worry about metastatic melanoma. Best of Luck!  (+ info)

How long does melanoma (after a mole becomes malignant) take to spread and cause a person to die?

Does it take years after malignancy of a mole or does melanoma spread within a few weeks as with other cancers? For example if someone has a mole (dysplastic nevi) for more than 2 years, could it be that this mole has been malignant for two years or longer?

Difficult to say as each person is an individual. Some cancers grow slower than others and some take off like wildfire and spread within a few weeks. Cancer means the uncontrollable growth of cells . . so the fact that they may grow quickly should never come as a surprise to anyone.

Death from malignancy is also an individual thing since much will depend on the overall health of the individual, age, and their response to treatment.

As for your question about how long it takes a mole to become malignant .. again it depends on the person. Some cancers can stay dormant for undetermined amount of time and than suddenly begin growing rapidly. No one knows why or we would be able to stop cancer.
That is why it is best to treat cancer when it is small and manageable because you never know when it is going to have a 'growth spurt' and spread like wildfire.  (+ info)

How often does a mole look like melanoma but it turns out to be nothing?

I recently had some biopsies done and one mole in particular perfectly matched the "ABCD" signs of melanoma. Are there any statistics on cases where it matched physically but the results came back negative for cancer?
For more details just in case my question was unclear: I'd like stats on how often a mole is non-cancerous after a dermatologist said it fits the ABCDs of melanoma. I cannot find anything on the subject of how often a biopsy comes back either positive or negative. Thank you!!!

Miss E - There are no exact numbers to answer your question. The ABCDs of a possible melanoma are good guides when to see a doctor (preferably a dermatologist), but there are other melanoma warning signs to consider such as:
• The appearance of a new bump or nodule
• Color spreads into surrounding skin
• redness or swelling beyond the mole
• pain
• tenderness
• itching
• bleeding
• oozing
• scaly appearance
Better to be safe and cautious than sorry too late.  (+ info)

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