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About Melanoma-are the moles there already and change or start as cancer?

I have a lot of moles and most of them all of my life. I have fair skin and would be susceptible to melanoma. But what I've never been able to find out, does it start with a mole that has always been there or does the mole show up later in life and turn into melanoma? I have no suspicious moles, I was just wondering. thanks

Melanoma can start out as a mole. I just had 5 moles removed back in July. One was on my neck, 3 was on my left side, and 1 was on my right shoulder. My family and co-workers were concerned about the mole on my neck, and I was concerned about the 3 on my side. Come to find out the one on my shoulder was the one that I should have been concerned about.

Just this morning, after going back for further surgery, I found out by the doctor that I have the most aggressive form of melanoma. I have to go back again in a few weeks for further examinations and surgery. BTW, I'm not a sun worshipper either so it is possible for moles to develop into cancer. If you do go to the doctor and have these moles removed,they will do a biopsy on these moles to make sure that yo are cancer free. That was how I found out that I have skin cancer.   (+ info)

Approximately how many people are diagnosed with Melanoma?

i'm writing a research paper on it, and i can't seem to find it.

also, what other interesting facts are there about melanoma?

i know all about it (one of my family members has it), but what are interesting facts that i could use to catch the readers attention?

Here's a good source for your paper http://www.emedicine.com/derm/TOPIC257.HTM
"Melanoma currently is the sixth most common cancer in the United States. Approximately 59,940 Americans (33,910 men and 26,030 women) will develop invasive cutaneous melanoma in 2007, with an estimated additional 48,290 or more cases of melanoma in situ. The current lifetime risk for developing invasive melanoma is 1 case per 60 Americans, a 2000% increase since 1930. This risk rises to 1 case per 32 Americans if noninvasive melanoma in situ is included.

Another good site for details is
- and the site listed by Orion above is also good.  (+ info)

Question about increasing your chances of contracting melanoma?

So it's said that if you use a tanning bed before the age of 35 you're chances of getting melanoma will increase by 75%

Does this mean it will go up 75% if you use it one or two times? Or if you use it a lot when your young like one or two times a week?

Who knows? The statement isn’t correct to begin with and this is just one risk factor.  (+ info)

What can help melanoma My brother in law is awaiting what stage it is. I know a lot but want to see if?

anything I don't know that might help. Melanoma is skin cancer. I am not so sure he is open to alternative treatments as my sister is very medically oriented and I am certain they will do the standard treatment but want to know anyhow just in case. so what can help this type of skin cancer which is the worst kind.

There's not a lot you can do with regards to melanoma outside of traditional medical treatment and hoping. The cancer's aggressive and unless it's caught in the very early stages, can be quite deadly. A lot of people contract the cancer because of excessive exposure to UVA/UVB rays (from the sun) which cause mutation in the cells of the skin, and are often first recognized as a mole. What you can do is help raise awareness and realize the importance of wearing sunscreen ALL THE TIME, even when it's cloudy out (the rays penetrate the clouds and you can still get a burn).  (+ info)

I am doing a research on melanoma skin cancer and need a primary source. Would you know of a primary source?

I am doing a research on melanoma skin cancer and need a primary source. Would you know of a primary source for melanoma skin cancer?

Talk with a Dermatologist. They can give you all the information that you need/  (+ info)

How likely is it that I have Melanoma?

I have several spots on my skin that were basically brought to my freaked out attention by my mother. I know that it could be an overreaction, but how common are the symptoms of Melanoma without it actually being Melanoma? I have all of them, ABC and D.

I need to go to a doc. - I suggest you go or try to look for a free screening somewhere. I have these red dots that have been popping up and my arms and chest and now I have one on my leg.....  (+ info)

Is it possible to get melanoma eye cancer at age 16?

I'm asking because i'm 16 and there is a family history of it.
I have a bump on my eye and the dr. said it loos like something is poking the iris out. what do you think? could i have melanoma? i just want some opinions or facts or something.
Thank you!

It rarely occurs in someone your age, but it is possible. I had a case a couple of months ago with a 4-month-old baby who had metastatic melanoma. Although he was hitting all of his milestones, growing well and breastfeeding, he died at 10 months old. I was heartbreaking. He was the youngest I had ever seen with this disease. You have a much greater chance at having something else. Best wishes.  (+ info)

Would a PET scan detect melanoma in the eye?

I have recurring melanoma. This question just popped into my mind.
Should I get an eye exam to have it checked?

PET is used to pick up metastatic disease and it would pick it up in the eye. Just make sure your head was included in the scan.  (+ info)

Survey question: Has anyone in your family developed cancerous moles or melanoma recently?

Has anyone in your family developed cancerous moles or melanoma recently (after the ban on CFC’s)?

I am conducting a survey for our school project. So it would be very helpful if you provide me with your educational level, experience, background and age.

My Aunt on my father side had melanoma and had to get some moles removed. My twin sister and I did as well because we had suspicious looking moles. It is genetic, and from what I gathered, it runs on the male side. Don't quote me on that though. If you have any more questions just ask. I live with a doctor and have researched it myself, so feel free to ask me any questions  (+ info)

What symptom did you have of melanoma?

Skin cancer runs in my family. I just had a mole biopsied a few days ago and am anxious about the results. The mole had changed shape and color. What symptom did you have of melanoma?

I'm not sure what symptoms advanced melanoma cause, but you wouldn't necessarily have any physical symptoms if they caught it early. Usually just need minor surgery to make sure they get all the cancer if the biopsy is positive.

I've had basal cell carcinoma removed and my husband has had melanoma removed--as long as they've caught it early you shouldn't be worried. I've had several moles removed and they were all benign--only one was dubbed pre-cancerous. Just make sure to get checked every 6 months to a year!  (+ info)

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