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Can you be a model/actress/dancer/fashion designer, even if you have a disability?

I have a rare bone disease, in my hand and foot. I dont act mental in any case I just limp a little. It's called Melorheostosis. My dream is to become a model and actress. Many people have said I'm pretty, but looks can only take you so far.... I want to know the truthful answer though. I want to change the industry with this; I know it is very critisizing and judgmental on what they want but, I;m a confident person with a big heart, who wants to make a change. I am obsessed with fashion, clothes, etc. And acting has been a passion for me since the age of 2. I love dancing too. I think I'm pretty good at it. All of these 3 are a HUGE passion of mine. I will do almost whatever it takes to pursue ALL of my dreams.

You could do all four professions with your disability if it was your dream. But being realistic a fashion deigner would be a good choice because you could still be in the fashion industry. If you were completely commited to being a model, I think you good acheive it. The modeling industry is really hard to make big time though. I have a friend who left school at year 10 to try to become a really big model and I think it was a stupid move because she won't have a career when she grows older. It would be hard for you on the cat walk but still frames you could do. I think with time though you could improve you walk.
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