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Can a person live without the dura matter?

I've heard of a case where the surgeon told a pacient with multiple recurrent meningiomas that if the tumours continue to re-grow they would have to remove the whole dura matter.

Is this surgically possible? Can a person live without the dura? Would such a person be able to live a normal life?
Is the dura the part of the meninges where meningioma cells originate?

I think that a person would be able to live that way, although I expect it would leave them more vulnerable to brain injury, particularly from blunt force trauma. It would definitely beat dying of cancer, though. I'm not sure if it's surgically possible, but I assume that if a surgeon was discussing it as an option then it probably is.

I assume that for this particular patient, the meninioma cells originated from the dura mater, although since cancer cells can originate from basically any cell in the body there are most likely patients for whom menigioma cells originate from the arachnoid mater or pia mater.

P.S. It's dura mater, with only one "t" :)  (+ info)

Is it possible to get a brain tumor from a head injury?

Is it possible to get a Meningioma (A type of brain tumor) From a head injury? The head injury ended with broken jaw and a concussion.

My thought personally is no.
Thanks, it was my grandpa, he got beat up and he thinks the guys gave him the brain tumor.

Meningiomas have occassionally been reported as occuring directly below the site of focal injury to the skull.
Reference - Oxford Text Book of Medicine 2007 edition under Intracranial Tumours.
I know two instances , of such occurence during my practice

This book is the standard Text book for reference for the MRCP (UK)  (+ info)

Possible Meningioma - doctor not investigating?

I went and had two MRIs done - one on my lumbar region, and one on my thoracic region. They found 3 bulging discs, and one of the discs - the T7-8 - has some "enhancing tissue" with it. In the radiology report it says:

"Thin band of enhancing tissue is noted adjacent to the left posterior aspect of the T7-8 disc which together with mild disc bulging, mildy impresses upon the adjacent thoracic cord. The exact etiology of this finding is uncertain and while possibly reactive in nature, other differential considerations including an en plaque meningioma cannot be completely excluded."

My PCP referred me to an OS for the discs, and I'll see him at the end of the month. My question is - I'm sort of bothered that they're not seeming to jump on finding out if this is cancer or not. The radiology report does suggest re-examination in 3-6 months, so I'll be sure to do that, and I know menigioma isn't normally fatal or even a big, huge deal, but it seems weird to just not do *anything*.

It sounds like your PCP is doing something by referring you to a surgeon. If you're bothered by how soon the appt is, then you need to try to figure out if you can be seen earlier.

MRI is pretty much the most sensitive "non-invasive" test that can be done to try to figure out what is going on around the spinal cord. The next step, depending on what symptoms you're having and what your physicians think about the appearance of the problem on MRI films, is either to observe it or to go in and do a biopsy. Now any invasive tests such as biopsies have inherent risks, so unless the benefits outweigh the risks, doing an invasive procedure like that is not necessarily in your best interest.

Of course, if you're having neurologic problems, pain, or other significant symptoms, an invasive procedure may be appropriate.  (+ info)

Does anyone know of a connection between taking Enbrel and brain tumors?

I have recently been diagnosed with a possible hypoglossal schwannoma or a meningioma which is growing rather rapidly. I have no idea what caused this tumor, but I need to check my medications. I think the most suspicious of them is the Enbrel. I saw one post of someone who had a brain tumor and took Enbrel--Tim. Are you still out there, and what did you find out?

If you are diagnosed, you should contact the manufacturer as they keep track of all adverse events..which your diagnosis would be considered as. This way, should there be a number of patients who start reporting the same diagnosis from using the medication, the manufacturer can determine if it needs to be pulled from the shelf or have a black box warning added...

I don't know who Tim is...but he could have been on Raptiva. This medication was recently pulled from the shelves due to it's connection to a brain infection, PML, that was fatal and could cause permanent disability or death.

Either way, find out if these possible diagnosis' are final and report them to all the manufacturers of the meds you are on.  (+ info)

Meningioma Treatment?

My father was recently detected to have Frontal Meningioma

  (+ info)

I've been diagnosed with Meningioma on my left frontal lobe, I have some questions?

After going into the ER for a severe migraine, a CT scan was ordered. After that, another was ordered with a dying agent. I've been diagnosed with Meningioma (brain tumor in the meninges) located in my left frontal lobe area.

Could this be the cause of the very severe, abrupt, random bursts of pain in my head that last for 2-8 seconds, then immediately go away?

Could this be the cause of my anger and sadness outbursts (really major outbursts)? And, of my depression?

Also, I find it hard to focus and concentrate these days. There's a big difference from several years ago --- and I'm ONLY 21 years old.

I'm really confused. They said it appeared "calcified" and was about 1 cm.

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european brain surgeon specialized in meningioma supra selle turcica?

Are you looking for one, or what? We need more details.  (+ info)

Can someone explain what is Petroclival Meningioma?? dad has it. I cant seem to find proper explanation on net

hes 59 now. he has numbness on the left side of his body, the cornea of his right eye is always red...he gets dizzy, gets headaches. He will go for an MRI soon...

This is a usually benign tumor that has occurred at the base of the skull, pretty well in the middle of the head, just above the beginning of the spine. There are several sorts of tumor that occur here and they tend to cause problems quite early because the base of the skull is an important place for nerves. (That's actually a good thing, early problems, as it can be diagnosed earlier than tumors in other places where there is more room.)

There's a choice of treatments now, mostly available in big centres. There will be probably a number of doctors involved as there are so many different things involved.  (+ info)

plz suggest some homeopathic medicine for meningioma........its urgent?

in recent past i realized that my mom (55 years old) is forgetting the things at very damn fast rate, she is even unable to concentrate on things, she is not even responding properly in the way she use to do earlier. she is keeping herself aloof.

1) there is evidence of an extra-axial parafalcine mass lesion in left frontal convexity which is measuring approx (45x35x45 mm). mass appears hypointense on T1 and hyperintense on FLAIR and T2 WI. there is peri-focal edema, which appears hypointense on T1 and hyperintense on T2 WI. there is low intensity areas within the mass, which show blooming on GRE, suggestive of calcifications.
2) both the cerebral hemispheres show normal MR morphology, signal intensity and gray-white mater differentiation.
3) both lateral ventricles and third ventricle is normal in size.
4) brain stem and cerebellar hemispheres are showing normal MR morphology, signal intensity and outline.
5) fourth ventricle is normal in size and midline in position.
6) basal cisterns are normally visualized.
7) no midline shift is seen.
*) Sella is normal in size. Pituitary gland is visualized normally with both anterior and posterior lobes showing normal signal intensity.


( Screening of whole spine was done which shows degenerative changes in vertebral bodies with evidence of mild posterior disc bulge at C4-C5 and C5-C6 levels with mild indentation of thecal sac).

all other reports like blood report, ecg, xray are very normal........

so if anyone can guide accordingly or can let me know the extent to which it can be dangerous, i shall be highly thankful.

neurologist refferd for immediate surgery which my family is not ready for as of now. SO as of now one doctor(homeopathic) has claimed that he can treat it within 3 months and the medicines which he has prescribed are as follows:-

1) Calcium sulfuricum 3x
2) Calcium fluoratum 3x
3) Silicea 12x
4) Calcium phosphoricum 3x
5) Natrium muriaticum 3x
(these 5 medicines together thrice a day and 3 tablets each)

120/m liquid ( 1 tea spoon once a week)

in addition at the time we were at his clinic he gave a medicine N.12.M

plz advice accordingly....i really need it badly.........

if possible let me know that how much dangerous this thing is and if surgery could be avoided or not.
is surgery a 100% efficient cure to it.
And as a family what should we do?

thanks to you all......
any small guidance is welcomed...............take care you all..............may god bless us all

meningiomamommas is a good search for your Mom, or get her on there.

I have been reading all meningioma material that I have been able to find for over two years - that's when I was diagnosed. I have seen many discuss whether there are or are not alternative treatments to surgery or radiotherapy for meningioma ... there is a chemotherapy being tried ... but I have never come across an alternative even being tried. The risks are pretty high.
However, your Mom's tumour is not large, so if she was not experiencing symptoms (particularly the edema and functioning challenges), watch and wait would probably be suggested. Some tumours quit growing. This would be the time for someone to try alternative treatments. But, when symptoms are evident, treatment is normally prescribed ... and necessary to stop further growth and symptom development.

On the site I have mentioned, there is high recommendation from alot of survivors to seek however many opinions a person needs to find the right Doctor for her, offering a treatment that she would be content to receive ... to get her on the road again!

The main reason that your Mom is probably remaining "aloof" (and good for her!) is because having a meningioma is one hell of an experience ... people around them triy to be encouraging and make many statements that are so far off reality for the patient ... and it is pretty difficult to try to explain what having a tumour is like, unless you have been there. Go to that site yourself ... you will both learn alot there ... and she will find great support on her journey.  (+ info)

what is calcified meningioma of the brain?

perpetual low-signal intensity in righe supraventricular posterior parietal lobe

Out of curiosity, was this found on a CT scan or MRI?

Meningiomas represent about 15 percent of all primary brain tumors and 12 percent of all spinal cord tumors. They can occur in children, but most often occur in adults between the ages of 40 and 60 years. Most meningiomas are benign, as less than 10 percent of meningiomas are malignant.

What is a meningioma?
A meningioma is a brain tumor that grows in the meninges, a thin layer of tissue covering the brain and spinal cord. Some meningiomas contain cysts or calcified mineral deposits, and others contain hundreds of tiny blood vessels. Because meningiomas tend to grow inward, they commonly cause pressure on the brain or spinal cord. Although less common, meningiomas can grow outward, causing the skull to thicken. Meningiomas grow very slowly, and it is often many years before they become symptomatic.  (+ info)

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