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How does the Meningitis vaccine change cells?

I need to know how the meningococcal meningitis vaccine changes cells activites.

The current meningitis vaccine doesn't actually change cells' activities because it doesn't contain anything "live", like a virus or a bacterium.

It contains a complex molecule that has regions that are similar to the regions found on the outside one of the bacteria that causes bacterial meningitis. This molecule spurs the body's normal immune response to make antibodies against these sections of the molecule (called epitopes). When your immune system then sees the same molecules on the bacterium, it makes antibodies that bind to the bacterium and your immune system gets rid of it.  (+ info)

If you just got the meningococcal meningitis shot...?

does anything mess with it to have negative effects such as Advil/Aleve, marijuana, cigarettes, caffeine, anything like that?
What would the others do then say a day after the shot if anything?

You should be fine with advil, aleve, and caffine.  (+ info)

do i have meningococcal meningitis?

ive been having a pain head ache for days threw up last night, my neck is stiff and ive been making out with a girl before this started happening. do i have meningitus?

Annd.... now it's time to put Rl in his place. The general public does not get the meningococcus vaccine. It's recommended for freshman entering college dorms and military training, but is not given to people unless they specifically ask for it otherwise. Also, the petechial rash you describe only occurs in ~50% of the cases, not all cases. Also, meningitis is spread by respiratory droplets from coughing and saliva. So... making out... that means that he must have contacted.... ohhh saliva! Get your facts straight before giving definitive answers.

As for the asker, It really depends on the severity of the headache. If it is the most severe headache you've ever felt, then it is a possibility. However, given that you've had this headache for days already, it doesn't seem like the classic clinical presentation of meningococcus. If you had meningococcus, you would have an excruciatingly painful headache that starts within hours, and then progresses to you being practically on the verge of death within a few hours.

Question is, do you have a fever? If you do, meningitis is still a possibility, but most likely not from meningococcus. Other possibilities could be that you have mononucleosis, which can be spread by kissing (hence, why it's called the kissing disease).

Go to a doctor and get checked out. It sounds more like mono, but if there's something you left out, it could be meningitis. Main thing about meningitis is to really do a definitive diagnosis, you'd need to do an LP to look at protein, glucose, and wbc levels. Needless to say, that's not something I can do over the Internet.  (+ info)

Can Meningococcal meningitis be passed on if I had it when I was younger?

So, I've had many medical problems growing up, one of these problems was Meningococcal meningitis, I had it when I was very young (about 3 months) but it's gone now, though I do have to deal with some after affects of this. And I was also born 3 months premature (the reason for this is unknown) and I was born with short legamints, and an internally extended bowel (too swollen for my body) so, I would like to know, if I was to have a child, would there be anyway they could end up with any of this?

  (+ info)

Meningococcal Meningitis & Antibiotics?

Hi, I want to know if one can get the Meningitis shot (Menactra) if the person is taking antibiotics like ofloxacin and other medications. The ofloxacin is prescribed because of skin rash in this case.

this is a question for your family doctor i am a nurse and in order to get this vaccination you need to be healthy no fever rash? why a rash? hay fever? there is so many different questions and answers then can i get this shot you really need to talk to your doctor he/she knows whats going on with you and if its safe for you to have this you may need to wait for the rash to clear or to stop the antibiotics please ask your doctor  (+ info)

Tingling in my arm days after my meningococcal meningitis vaccine?

I got my meningococcal meningitis vaccine for college this past Wednesday (March 31, 2010). Around April 2, 2010, I started to notice this annoying tingling sensation in my arm. It's not where I had the shot (right arm bicep). It's a ring of tingling around my right forearm. It's odd. It feels like I'm wearing a bracelet there when I'm not. Before bed, I've even reached there thinking there was a bracelet I needed to take off (forgetting it was just the stupid tingling). My dad, a physical therapist, said they might have hit a nerve and thinks the tingling will go away in time. What do you think?
It's not on my wrist. It's on my forearm a few inches above my wrist.

You might of have had a small reaction to the injection but if you read the side effects of the vaccine then it will say "this vaccine may cause tenderness at or near the site of injection. If pain worsens, consult your doctor." It will probably, however, go away in a day or two. If it is really bugging you, then you can ice it.

Hope I helped :)  (+ info)

Meningitis, what is the medical term for Viral Meningitis?

I have heard of meningococcal and Septicaemia but i was wondering what is the medical term for meningitis caused by a virus? one of the above or something different?

Viral meningitis is viral meningitis. There are a plethora of viruses and unless the virus is isolated, it cannot be further identified. It can be lumped under the term Aseptic Meningitis which covers all those meningitic infections not bacterial in nature. It is NOT meningococci, which is a bacterial meningitis.  (+ info)

Meningococcal Meningitis...Questions?

How come on the commercials the shots for meningitis says from like 6 to 18 or something? Can adults not get it? Also how popular is it? What are the odds of getting it?

Adults can catch meningococcal meningitis.

It is very rare in all age groups, but people with impaired immunity are at higher risk.  (+ info)

What type of meningitis is Meningococcal Meningitis .. ?

viral , bacterial, aseptic, or non-infectious ?

bacterial, infectious  (+ info)

When was meningococcal meningitis discovered?

History of Meningitis:
The symptoms of meningitis were recorded in the Middle Ages along with those of tuberculosis and the Black Plague, but it was first accurately identified by the Swiss Vieusseux (a scientific-literary association), during an outbreak in Geneva, Switzerland in 1805. In the 19th Century meningitis was a scourge of the Japanese Imperial family, playing the largest role in the horrendous pre-maturity death rate the family endured. In the mid-1800s, only the Emperor Komei and two of his siblings reached maturity out of fifteen total children surviving birth. Komei's son, the Emperor Meiji, was one of two survivors out of Komei's six children, including an elder brother of Meiji who would have taken the throne had he lived to maturity. Five of Meiji's fifteen children survived, including only his third son, the Taisho Emperor, who was feeble-minded, perhaps as a result of having contracted meningitis himself. By Emperor Hirohito's generation the family was receiving modern medical attention. As the focal point of tradition in Japan, during the Tokugawa Shogunate the family was denied modern "Dutch" medical treatment then in use among the upper caste; despite extensive modernization during the Meiji Restoration the Emperor insisted on traditional medical care for his children. The inbreeding produced among the very few families considered worthy of marriage into the imperial line, most of whom were descendents from that same line and therefore none too distant cousins of one another, also played an important role.  (+ info)

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