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I have mosaic turner's syndrome will i have premature menopause?

I have mosaic turner's syndrome. I have gone through puberty and I have a period without the aid of hormones. My question is will I go through premature menopause and what is the average age of menopause for turner's women who are fertile?

My understanding is, yes, women with mosaic Turner's who menstruate on their own usually do so only for a relatively short time and then go through premature menopause. I can't answer your question about the average age; I would talk to your doctor about it.  (+ info)

Is this premature menopause or secondary infertility?

A few years ago I was on the depo shot for birth control. I ended up having my period for 2 months straight. My husband and I have been TTC for a few months now and we are having trouble. I was just wondering if the fact that I had my period for that long could cause premature menopause? I am also 3 days late for my period this month and 2 pregnancy tests have said negative. Anyone know why this is?

The only way to tell if you are going thru premature menopause is to have some blood work done. I would speak to your OB/GYN. They will probably test FSH, LH, Estradiol, along with some others. If you have been trying for longer than a year you should see your OB anyway.  (+ info)

Has anyone here had a premature menopause?

Has anyone here experienced premature menopause, and if so, can they tell me their experiences with it?

My main question is, did you go off sex completely after you'd been through your premature menopause?

Anything anyone can tell me though would be much appreciated.

Thanks so much.

I started experiencing premature menopause in my early 30's and still do on and off today and I'm 43 now.
main question is ? But no I did not stop having sex but it was a little painful not bad.
I hope that this helps.  (+ info)

could night sweats around the time of my period be premature menopause?

I've been having night sweats a few days before my period and now during, and I don't know why, so I have assumed it has something to do with this. People associate it with menopause. I haven't been on any pills ever. I'm 17. I wake up in cold sweat wet.

This is quite common in women of all ages due to falling oestrogen pre period. If you do not have any other symptoms it is normal but uncomfortable and not a sign of premature menopause.  (+ info)

I am 33 years married woman with symptoms of premature menopause?

My GP has told me last month that i can be hanving premature menopause as my symptoms are saying so.
She has adviced me Menopace tablet and general calcium tablets. For last whole month i was taking this tablet and my symptoms were undercontrolled but now next week my period is due and yesterday i forgot to take that menopace tablet and today i am feeling lot of tiredness alongwith hypertension and fatigue , artheritic pain , and lost of temper problem what does these symptoms mean because it can be PMS or premature menopause can somebody help me in telling which are the blood tests to rule out menopause?

Menopause is a stage in life when a woman stops having her monthly period.It is a normal part of aging, marking the end of a woman's reproductive years.Get enough calcium. A woman going through menopause needs 1000 mg to 1500 mg of calcium a day. Avoid excessive amounts of salt to reduce bloating associated with hormonal changes. More information and remedies at http://useinfo4.blogspot.com/  (+ info)

Does anyone out there have Premature Menopause?

Does anyone out there have Premature Menopause or have any info on this?

I was close to getting this. I suggest going to this website


They deal with a ot of premature menopause symptoms all related to an imbalance of the hormones and malnutrition.  (+ info)

Is there a link between marfans syndrome and premature menopause?

  (+ info)

Could I be having premature menopause?

I am having heat flashes like crazy! I am 38 years old.

  (+ info)

If i have premature menopause is there a chance i can still become pregnant?

You still need to expanciate on your question, like telling people what is menopause. Moreover, u surpose to ask doctors these kind of question as this might not be clear to any layman ok.

But however, from my own experience, the chance is very slim but you can still be pregnant ok.

But pray well to the Almighty and belief that it will have while you go to treat urself ok/  (+ info)

has anyone gone through premature menopause or early menopause?

My question is has anyone gone through premature natural menopause before the age of 40. Or early menopause, early 40's? I'm really afraid because I'm 39 and since the age of 33 I've on and off had hot flashes, light periods and then sometimes heavier. If you did go through this did this age you a lot? I'm really worried because I've read this produces less collagen in the skin and thins your hair. Especially when you go through menopause prematurely or early. If anyone has gone through menopause in this way, do you feel it has aged you a lot? And what do you do when you reach menopause that's healthy. Do you take anything or just do nothing?
Please tell me your age or the age of someone you know that has gone through it young. Do they look really old?

My mom went through early menopause and she looks great for her age. It was rough for her at the time, but she made it through and you will too, but it didn't age her any more than normal.  (+ info)

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