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Why are women more prone to being diagnosed with mental disorders than men?

Why are women more prone to being diagnosed with mental disorders than men? I heard that this is a true statement. If it is, why? Is it because women have more troubles to go through in life than men?

women go through alot more than men do in many ways
in life. We are more sensitive, and more needy but that's
cause were more sensitive. Most men don't think to much
about anything. Women analize everything and as a result
we end up stressed out big time.  (+ info)

Can bad childhood bullying cause future mental disorders?

If so which kinds of disorders can it cause?

It can have an effect for so many disorders. Environmental factors can affect ones mental health in many ways, those who are predisposed as risky to conditions who then experience a traumatic event may develop a condition.

Eating Disorder
Personality disorders

Most things you can think of can have a basis in traumatic events in childhood or adult hood.  (+ info)

How can I be diagnosed with mental disorders?

After researching, I truly believe I may have Avoidant Personality Disorder or perhaps another disorder that has to do with inferiority complex or loneliness. I'm am a 15 year old, and I doubt my parents would believe me and pay a hefty sum for me to be examined by a psychiatrist. The symptoms of AvPD match me very well, and I think I should be examined, do I talk it over with my parents? Or do I wait 'til I'm an on-my-own 18 year old and pay for it myself?

  (+ info)

Are there any mental disorders diagnosed in the US that are not in Asia?

I'm doing a project on psychological disorders in Asia and I was wondering if anyone knew of disorders that are prominent in the US but are not common or may not even exist at all in Asia.

we dont have the desire to eat dogs or cats  (+ info)

I had restlessness/agitation since childhood and now suffer from various mental disorders?

Mood Disorder, schizoid personality, anxiety/depression, agitated depression etc I have now. Just want to know why I had agitation during childhood. Sure is a genetic factor I guess. So whats the disease ?
I had OCD and also have it now; in addition I used to feel cold when its hot.
I am 19 years old
I am Muslim

you are psychic.
Call out for Jesus to help you. Then you can control the evil thoughts, feelings, influences.
you feel them , coming in from the outside.
they are also inside you.
Jesus came to heal your mind, soul, emotions and body.
you need help child.
if you are not a christian, you have no defense against the devil and entities brought in from the fall in the garden of eden. Jesus came to defeat the devil and get the devil off the backs and out of the minds of mankind. call out for help, Jesus makes it very easy.
Been there, done that .
Jesus is peace, and freedom.
Then when reoccurs call out Jesus.
I basically say In the name of Jesus I bind the spirit of depression and suicide from my life, my body, my thoughts.
There are some strong demonic influences, that try and attack you and keep you down, and worse.

Is Allah helping?
If not ,check out the true living God, Jesus.  (+ info)

where do you go to get mental disorders diagnosed?

i am 17, will be 18 next week and i am pretty sure that i have generalized anxiety disorder, clynical depression, social phobia, ..amongst others, and i was just curious how i could figure out if i truely had these, and other things i might not know that i have?
and i am forced to start therapy on wednesday..

A psychiatrist is your only real answer. They train for many years and are fully conversant with drugs if you needed them as well. I see one and he is my saviour. Diagnosed me and treated me.  (+ info)

mental disorders?

have you ever been diagnosed with a mental disorder and at what age were you diagnosed?

i was diagnosed with ocd / clinical depression age 13.

Low-functioning Autism at 18 months

Now I'm almost 'normal' (I can't stand the word normal though!) according to doctor (they say I have Aspergers, but I don't think you can come from being severely Autistic to Aspergers. I think I have REALLY high-functioning Autism though), but I've had to work extremely hard throughout my life to get there.

I've found that the downsides with 'normal' people usually don't bug me so much. People sometimes will treat me as if I'm younger, and I find that it's easier for me to understand what they mean. I also find that manipulative people can't really get to me all that much because I can't tell if they're being mean or nice (which means they'll have to be brutally honest to hurt me, which they won't do) and my honesty kind of scares them (Sometimes when I really dislike somebody, I'll tell them to their face that I can't stand them...and they can't really get mad because I don't know until after that I was being mean)

Anyways, I went a bit off-topic there, but don't feel like you're alone. I went through a bunch of stuff in my childhood which made me depressed. One thing about Austim that sucks is that you can't tell when somebody's about to break your heart. I'm not ocd, but Autism comes with obsession. I'll listen to a cd for at least a month non-stopped, and I hate the colour pink. I have to have things straight, and I'm always thinking about what I did wrong in a conversation because I'm so afraid of being a horrible friend because of my Autism

Off-topic again!
Oh well, life goes on:)
Just know that people care, and I know that you can get through anything with strength. I'm 14, and I'm getting A's and B's without much of an IEP (Basically I use my IEP as an opition in case I feel overwhemed), and I finally have some friends that accept me, Autism and all. I've had to work my butt off to get here, and I'm proud of myself. Doctors didn't even think I was going to ever talk!
This is really getting sappy, so I'll go.
Good luck!  (+ info)

are mental disorders best diagnosed using clinical measures or acctuarial data?

I beg to differ, but time is short...will return later. Actuarial definitely, if the data is available. It's been shown to be more effective in the long term than diagnoses based on clinical observation.   (+ info)

Mental Disorders?

Have any of you or anyone you know ever been diagnosed with anxiety disorder. A family friends child was recently diagnosed also with seperation anxiety. The child is in her mid-late teens. What is the best advice I can give her? How can she over come this type of disease. Sometimes she worries to the point where she almost seems paranoid (not overly paranoid just slightly obsessive and needs alot of reassuring) this mostly happens if her environment becomes unstable even if its only slightly. Is this part of anxiety disorder? Will this 'cripple' her from having a fully functioning life? Lastly, what could have caused it? Trauma, abuse, etc?
My understand was the seperation anxiety was part of the anxiety disorder. She has trouble parting from what is familiar to her. Her family, her home, her friends, etc., when something significant is taking away she seems to withdraw. she can usually come out of it after a few hrs to a few days. She only panicks for a couple mins then she withdraws. But she sleeps alot then like the panick has exhausted her so extremely. It's quite interesting in some aspects.

your friend's child can absolutely lead a normal healthy life with the right treatment.

Anxiety disorders are very common. Here's something from the Mayo Clinic on anxiety disorders: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/generalized-anxiety-disorder/DS00502/DSECTION=8

I've never heard "separation anxiety" used as a formal diagnosis before -- is that how you meant it? Or did you mean it as a symptom of the overall anxiety disorder?

Many people diagnosed with an anxiety disorder can control their symptoms and feel healthy and happy -- at least as much as the rest of us do -- with medication, therapy, or both.

Check out the Mayo clinic information, maybe forward it to your friend, and also check out www.healthyminds.org (from the American Psychiatric Association.)  (+ info)

Is there anybody who could not be diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder?

Isn't it fantastic how quick people are to diagnose people with supposed mental disorders, and to medicate for same? Frightening, isn't it, how quick people are to accept drugs to "normalize" them!
And the seemingly modern trend toward natural cures was first posited and affirmed in the Baha'i writings as well.

With all due respect, it would seem to me that the Native Americans and the ancient Chinese used natural remedies long before the Baha'i - correct?

It has come to my attention that there are several good, serious answers here already. I think I could add but little to them. Therefore, pardon me while I put my pet Chungue in one of his favorite places. But while I am doing that, let me say I definitely agree with you. It is scary. For me maybe especially. I have yet to drink or do any recreational drugs, have never even tried pot. And that is a true and serious statement.
(Short pause)
There, now that I have my Chungue planted firmly in teak, I want you to know I think everyone should be fully meditated every day so they will be more likely to remain calm and better able to deal with life's troubles. And I know of two people who could not be diagnosed with some sort of mental disorder. The first one is a psychiatrist with himself as a patient. And I am the other. I am purrfectly sane. It is the whole rest of the world that is screwed up. Hey, did you hear about the podiatrist who had himself as a patient? It went well until he walked out on himself.

Oops, seems Chungue wants back out.
(another short pause)
There. I am back to normal, whatever that may mean.

I do not have hard figures to back me up, but it seems to me that there is a positive correlation twixt diagnoses of mental illnesses, the cost of the drug to "cure" or "treat" it and the advertising exposure that drug receives. But there is one thing I find very encouraging and that is what in the medical field is called "systems theory." I have a tendency to "over-write" at times so let me just say it is a relatively recent development and focus on what could be called "holistic" medicine, or treating the whole body. Do a search for "medicine systems theory" if you wish to explore it further. Something that fascinates me about it, though, is the fact systems theory was actually written about over one hundred years earlier by the founder of the Baha'i Faith.

Another very-surprising-to-most fact is way back then the Baha'i writings make note of the fact cancer can be transmitted through viruses. How recently was that discovery made in medicine? And the seemingly modern trend toward natural cures was first posited and affirmed in the Baha'i writings as well. That trend I find very encouraging indeed.

One thing that I find rather amusing is the fact that Sigmund Freud, who seemed so quick to cast unhealthy sexual aspersions on others saw no symbolism in his very lingam-like cigars, saying, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar." I must say that Auguste-Henri Forel, another psychiatrist and much more, impressed me a great deal more than Freud, and that was even before I learned Forel was also a Baha'i.

But it has been a long day, Chungue wants back in his wooden box, and I guess I must be off. err. uhh. Let me rephrase that. I think it is time, if not past time, to end my answer. I really don't care who gets the points, but if you have a sleeping pill or four and a handful of Ritalin you can spare?  (+ info)

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