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Do impacted wisdom teeth cause crowding and the movement of other teeth?

I have horizontal impacted wisdom teeth at the bottom, and I am aware of the fact that some doctors suggest removal to prevent crowding and teeth shifting in position. But are there any articles or anything that anyone can provide saying that wisdom teeth really cause movement? It boggles my mind that 1 tooth can move the other 12 teeth or so that are implanted in my jaw. Can 1 tooth do that? It seems like a bizarre argument, and I'm just looking for evidence.

They certainly can, and will, if left in place.

Additionally, upon removal, the teeth can shift then, also.  (+ info)

will the braces have any movement if the upper part of the teeth near the gums was grinneded?

will the braces have any movement if the upper part of the teeth near the gums was grinneded?
I have pasta in my front teeth and it is alsothe same texture of my real teeth. i mistakenly told the dentist to make it more thinner because my pasta is very bulky and what i didn't know was the part i told the dentist was the actual tooth structure. What should i do to bring it back?..Would it be growing back?

Yes, may I email you a chart that shows how this works?  (+ info)

teeth movement especially during the night.what could be the cause of this shifting?

my teeth shift and move especially during the night, the shifting is minor and painless all i notice is a bit of blood and a slight different position of the tooth.

you better go to a dentist. i have heard people grinding their teeth at night but this sounds bad. must c the doctor.  (+ info)

How much should the extraction of three mesial impacted wisdom teeth + only local anesthetic cost?

You can easily check your minimal health care rates in internet, for example here - health-quotes.isgreat.org  (+ info)

can anabolic steroids affect the movement of ur teeth with braces?

can using steroids (sustanon 250) while having orthodontics fitted,effect the movement of the teeth,or moving as freely as they would,without the drug

No because they only affect muscle areas not gums..  (+ info)

Are teeth strong like bones, or can you know them out with a simple tongue movement?

I may be feeling things that are not.. But when i push my tongue against my bottom teeth, sometimes i feel like my tooth are falling.. Then i check by pulling with my hand, and it's not falling.. Mmm, so i wonder if i'm just scared. Can teeth actually be knocked out if i push them lightly with my tongue? And if they were knocked out, wouldn't i get some blood or something, and more pain? Am i just psychologically affected and that's why i keep thinking my teeth are faling out?

The tongue pressure you're using can be falsely interpreted as the teeth moving ,but they're not unless you have severe gum disease and then you would feel them move in your finger grasping . Best advice is is to have a Dentist examine your mouth if for nothing more than reassurance .  (+ info)

I have braces. How long until my teeth make a sign of movement towards their intended places?

  (+ info)

been taking perkicets since saturday because i got my wisdom teeth out cant seem too have a bowel movement?

please help! any suggestions???
also... is this normal?
... i did get ALL 4 removed at the same time. and my oral surgeon DID pescribe them to me. because tylenol3 do no work for me. i am still taking them because i am still in pain from having all 4 removed! they said it can take of to 10 days to heal. also i can barely eat solid foods so im thinking that would be half of my problem.

Narcotics cause constipation. Try using fiber or over the counter stool softener while you are taking narcotics  (+ info)

Movement in composite bonded teeth?

I recently had composite resin put on my front two teeth to close a gap. When I brush my teeth, I feel like they are moving or slightly moving. I just got them done two days ago, and I'm worried that something is wrong. Any idea why I could be feeling movement?

It could be just a small amount of adhesive that was left on the tooth that could be loose or it could be the restoration. If the composite material did not "bond" correctly to the tooth, you would have a bonding failure which would make the material loose on the tooth but it may be "wedged" in keeping it from falling out. Call your dental office and let them evaluate this restoration. A bonding failure happens occasionally when moisture contaminates the tooth prior to placement of the material. Your dentist will be able to check this easily and put your mind at ease.  (+ info)

how much tooth movement is normal for your front two adult teeth?

up to .25 mm, if there was absolutly no movement it would be considered not normal, it is called ankylosis and means your tooth is fused to the bone.

Here are the grades of mobility:
0- no mobility
N- normal movement, up to .25 mm
1- slight mobility, up to & including 1 mm
2- moderate mobility, total movement of more than 1 mm in facial to lingual direction (meaning cheek to tongue movement)
3- severe mobility, greater than 1mm in any direction (facial, lingual, apically-tooth is depressed in socket)

From my periodontics manual  (+ info)

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