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Has anyone been diagnosed or have any experience with cystic mesothelioma in the peritoneal cavity?

i was diagnosed 2 years ago, i have been told it is a very rare cancer. I had peritonectomy surgery and heated intra peritoneal chemotherapy and hoped to see how many others are out there.

Cystic mesothelioma of the peritenum used to be considered benign but I think now it is classified as being a low grade tumor? There are various types . . and some are more aggressive than others.

You may be able to find more support from groups like ACOR which has an email list for Mesothelioma patients . . this is a support group for anyone who has mesothelioma so you may find someone with your subtype . . in either case these are real patients with the disease and they may be able to point you towards other groups or share information with you:

ACOR: MESOTHELIOMA (Cancer) Support & Information
http://listserv.acor.org/archives/mesothelioma.html  (+ info)

How many different types of Mesothelioma are there?

I am conducting a report on mesothelioma treatment and need to know. I can not seem to find them.

There are about 6 malignant types.

Whoops – It just occurred to me that you may like to know what they are! Sorry.
Biphasic, desmoplastic, epitheloid, fibrous, papillary and spindled. I’m probably missing something. May be Spreedog our local oncologist will come along and correct me.  (+ info)

What is the chance of getting mesothelioma when exposed to asbestos, can it be survived?

If one has been exposed to asbestos for a while, is the chance of them getting mesothelioma inevitable?? If so, is there any chance one could survive it?

thanks heaps

Exposure does not mean cancer. If that were true, the rules would be much more strict than we have now. There are many factors and who gets sick is just not understood. There are several cancers that you can get from asbestos , meso being one. However it is the worst, since it is a death sentence. The longest survival I have heard of is six years.  (+ info)

With the cancer mesothelioma, what effect does metastasis to the lymph nodes have on the patient?

I'm doing some research and have heard that it's common for mesothelioma, in more advanced stages, to metastasize to the lungs. What symptoms does this cause for the patient?

Thank you in advance.
Whoops, I meant lymph nodes, not lungs. And I am aware what metastasis means, I'm just wondering what metastasis particularly to the lymph nodes would cause.

It would cause an avenue tor the cancer to spread to other areas of the body. This is a highly lethal disease. Less than 10% survive 5 years.  (+ info)

How can we prevent ourselves from Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a ling cancer,How can we prevent ourselves from Mesothelioma? What are the preventions?

Don't inhale asbestos.

@Thinking, what are you TALKING about?? I sure haven't posted about mesothelioma, the autobot hasn't and I didn't see one on the other poster's q&a. Is that the pattern?

LOL, I get it now!! Sorry, that's silly... a copy and paste job!  (+ info)

What are the chances of winning a mesothelioma lawsuit?

My father-in-law was recently diagnosed with mesothelioma. He is a disabled vet on a limited income. The life expectancy is only 4-18 months. He and my mother-in-law have filed a lawsuit against the asbestos manufacturer. The concern is that they have very little money and without compensation we are afraid that my mother-in-law will lose their house when he passes. Does anyone have experience with this?
Thanks for answering. The lawyer says that because he has the disease that we have a good case. Mesothelioma is caused almost exclusively by asbestos exposure.

We have filed the suit against the manufacturer because we believe that he was exposed while working in the boiler room while in the army and suing the army just isn't an option.

The lawyer we have retained has been involved with thousands of these cases. He has given us examples of awards won by his law firm, but I want to know what the chances are of not winning.

Lawsuits like that take years to even get to court. The companies have big time lawyers, much more than the average person can afford. I see commercials on tv all the time about a class action lawsuit against the manufacturer, so that hasn't even come to fruition yet. Like I said, years.  (+ info)

What is mesothelioma and why is there a need to go to court when it comes to this illness?

I read in a local paper about people suffering from mesothelioma and am just being curious. Also I do not quite understand why one has to resort to court if one has this illness.

It's a rare cancer caused by working with asbestos. Companies didn't provide information/protective gear to employees working around this stuff, and were placed in danger without their knowledge.  (+ info)

What did you use as alternative treatment to cure and survive mesothelioma asbestos cancer?

Hi, I'm doing a new web site about diagnosis malignant mesothelioma titled http://www.diagnosis-malignant-mesothelioma-prognosis-claims-settlement.com and true stories about people diagnosed with mesothelioma asbestos cancer and USED AN ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT TO SURVIVE LONGER THAN 24 MONTHS . This cancer normally kills people within 24 months, but some survive longer.
I will recognize you as the source

The ONLY treatment I've ever seen work (and work often!) is the Immuno Augmentive Therapy (IAT) Clinic in Freeport Grand Bahamas. They are run by British and Bahamian medical doctors, and are in my opinion by far the best alternative cancer treatment center in the world.
For some reason, their treatment (small injections you take several times a day containing immune system proteins) works especially well with mesothelioma, and they are well known for treating it, and often get referrels from Stateside and British MD.s.
Visit their website at either...  (+ info)

What is the best treatment for mesothelioma?

I want to know in detail that what is the best treatment for mesothelioma? Tell me in detail Please.Thanks

Treatment for Mesothelioma depends on the location of the cancer the stage of the disease, and the patient's age and general health condition. Before knowing the best treatment, the patient have to past the process identification first. So the doctor will know what is the best for treatment.

Standard treatment options include surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy. Sometimes, these treatments are combined. for more detail explanation you can read at the source link below.

Mesothelioma is very hard to control, the researcher try to find a new treatments and better ways to use current treatments. Before any new treatment can be recommended for general use, doctors conduct clinical trials to find out whether the treatment is safe for patients and effective against the disease.  (+ info)

Does anyone know if Peritoneal Mesothelioma has the same awareness color for just Mesothelioma which is Pearl?

I'm not sure since Pearl is for lung cancer and things pertaining to the lungs. Peritoneal Mesothelioma is dealing with the abdomen area. If it's not the same, does anyone know the color for it?

Peritoneal Mesotheliomas are not plaques as they are in the lungs, but are tumour like nodules within the peritoneal space (a part of the stomach) They can vary in size, and also in colour such as - white, red, yellow-tan, pink, or grey.

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More info on my mesothelioma website . .  (+ info)

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