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What are the common causes of menorrhagia and metrorrhagia?

The major cause of both scanty and excessive periods is generally hormonal shifts. Light or absent periods can be caused by stress, changes in lifestyle, or excessive dieting or exercising. Heavy flow can also be the result of fibroids, or overgrowth of tissue in and around the uterus, known as endometriosis. Your gynecologist can give you more information.  (+ info)

Is metrorrhagia dangerous to a nulliparous single womens health and will it affect future conception?

my cousin is 20 yrs old,single and experiences bleeding in between periods..no pain..just bleeding that lasts for a day but not heavy...

its probably fine, and it is unlikely that it will effect future conception... but it depends on why she has this. either way it would be smart for her to consult a dr to make sure there is nothing wrong.  (+ info)

What could be causing this metrorrhagia (bleeding between periods)?

It started yesterday, has NEVER happened before, I have been regular since I was 12 . I am NOT pregnant, it was NOT caused by intercourse, I am NOT on the Pill (or any other meds), there is NO pain (only other symptom is momentary intense nausea about once a day). The bleeding is medium-flow. Fresh blood, no clots. Any ideas on what it could be? If it continues for more than 7 days or happens again next month, I will consult a doctor. My last period ended 1.5 weeks ago.

As the above answerer has suggested, bleeding between periods is not normal - as I'm sure you are aware.

I would have suggested the possibilities, but you have addressed them all, save one. Pregnancy and the Pill are some reasons for mid-cycle bleeding, so if you are SURE that is couldn't be for these reasons, then I hate to say it, but bleeding is also a common symptom of an STI such as Chlamidiya or Gonorrhea.

Have you had any unprotected sex?

Your plan sounds good, to monitor your bleeding, and then check again next month, but if an STI is even the slightest possibility, I think you might want to consult your doctor sooner.

All the best....  (+ info)

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