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Migraine Aura?

I'm wondering if anyone has experienced a Migraine Aura?

I get these now and again when i'm really tired or rundown. First of all my realise i can't see things properly, and i get what i can only describe as a glitter ball in my vision. Then my hand goes numb and the numbness travels up my arm and on my face then finishes in my mouth. Then I feel a bit strange for a few days, but i don't get a headache!

It's sooo strange!!!!

Mine are similar to yours.First is the sight problem when I look at something and cant see the whole of it, there are little bits missing,then comes the zig zag lines bright and wavering.They get bigger until they wave themselves out of my vision,then come the slight nausea and headache.For all this I know I am lucky not to have migraine so badly as many others.  (+ info)

Are people who suffer visual migraine aura, forbidden from having a driving license?

Visual migraine aura creates blind spots, flashes and visual distortion which makes driving dangerous. It is also a brain dis-function.
Is it against the law for a sufferer of visual migraine to have a driving license or to drive a car, or do a job involving driving such as bus driving?

Hi, that's a good question!
Migraine sufferers are still allowed to drive and can hold down jobs like that.

Rather than a brain dysfunction it is actually a blood vessel that gets constricted which causes these symptoms. They tend to pass after a few hours. I would imagine that a suffer would avoid that kind of job anyway, simply because of the possible difficulties it could cause in carrying out his/her duties. If not lease because they will want to lie down in a darkened room rather than have the noise of school kids at home time!!

Feel free to read deeper into the subject on my site.  (+ info)

I normally have a migraine with the aura, is it possible to have one without seeing as i usually have one?

Is it possible for me to have a migraine.. but without the aura if i've always experienced the aura in the past? about a year - 2 years ago i had terrible migraines and suffered from them greatly and had about 3-7 a week, but i stopped having them for about a year, and now i have this horrible pain on my temple as if it is a migraine, but i didnt get the aura before it? can i get that?

...there are many forms of migraines...you can get a different form every time you get one!!!  (+ info)

How do I treat Migraine with Aura or just aura without Migraine?

I been having both migraine with aura or aura without migraine?? What causes aura?? How do I cope or treat this?? Any vitamins or medication?

Everyone is different in how they have their migraines and how they are treated. I don't know that the treatment would be much different for both.

there are 2 ways of treating migraines. One is to take medicines to prevent having them and the other is to use abortive meds to stop one when it starts. If you have an aura, probably taking the abortive medicine when it starts can prevent the bad headache. Some people, like myself, use both preventative meds and abortive meds.

When I first started getting mine, I had an aura, but over time I stopped having any auras. My sister gets visual migraines, where she will have wavy lines in her vision for a short period of time and they go away. For those, she does nothing for them, they just go away on their own.

It has been shown that taking magnesium can help in the prevention of migraines. Also, cutting back on caffeine or caffeine loaded things (chocolate, energy drinks) and making certain other dietary changes can decrease or eliminate them. Just google migraines and you will be able to find a site that has foods to avoid for migraines.

Good luck  (+ info)

How do you deal with migraine wit "aura"?

I have a migraine with aura. I have no headache but suffer from aura sometimes. Does smomebody have the same migraine? If so, how do you cope with it? I am so frightened. Mentally disgusting to think about. This is a quetion on how you can cope with it interms of mentality. I am very upset to think about next attack.
Thank you.

I had them for years! I would see what I called "electric sperm" floating in both of my eyes and then just wait for the migraine to hit. The closer the migraine, the more my vision was impaired and the longer the aura, the worse (in terms of intensity and symptoms) the migraine.

It all stopped for me when my physician put me on beta-blockers - now no aura and more importantly, almost no migraines for over 8 years. Talk to your doctor about Inderal or Toporol in a dosage that is right for you.  (+ info)

Is having an aura before a migraine common?

I'm 14, and I recently started having severe migraines and this past episode was my third one so far, and my doctor said i have an "aura" that warns me before the migraine? My aura consist of numbness, dizziness, and lost of vision.

yup completely normal i have my first aura when i was 7 i have been getting then ever since im 17 know that's 10 yrs of migraines. i get the same as u when ur in the aura stage what u should do is take a paracetamol nothing too strong trust me i know. this will subside the headache pain later.  (+ info)

Can migraine aura cause weird sensations in head?

I only had one migraine since I start having them in December. Most of the time I get this weird senstation that lasts a couple of days and then goes away. What could this be? I do not experience any headaches.

Yes they can. There is a type of migraine where you get the aura but no pain. They are called acephalgic migraines and not really common.

It never hurts to discuss this with your doctor, just to be on the safe side. Although it does sound like them, doctors are really the only ones who can tell you for sure.  (+ info)

Anyone ever take a medication for persistant migraine aura or visual snow? I have this and need advice?

I have a migraine aura in my vision but no headache, and it's been persisting for months. My docs don't know what to do for me. The last one I saw told me he's only seen 3 cases in he last 27 yrs! (optho-neaurologist)
I've had many tests done by opthomologists, retinologists, neuro-opth. but they can't see anything wrong.

Wow! I have occasional and mild auras, and through accident, i found that sudafed reduced or eliminated them within about 20 minutes. It has to be the original sudafed that you sign for at a pharmacy. I doubt this will work for your situation, but you don't have much to lose by picking up a small box of 12-hour sudafed and trying it out. One of the thoughts about auras is that they are somehow related to blood flow, and Sudafed dilates blood vessels, so there's at least a logical reason why it works.  (+ info)

Do I count as having a history of migraine with aura?

I know that women aren't supposed to take any medication or contraceptive with estrogen if they have a history of migraine with aura, but I don't know if I count as having a history. I'm 18 now, and I had about 8 migraines with aura all while I was 13 years old. I haven't gotten one ever since, but I don't know if it still counts as me having a history of them from the standpoint of whether I can take estrogen-containing contraception or not. Thanks so much!

You'll probably be fine, although this is definitely something that you should be mentioning to the doctor who will prescribe you the pill. They'll be able to take a look at your history and give you an actual qualified medical opinion. Unlike me. But, about a quarter of people will have a classic migraine (with aura) at some point in their lives... the fact that it's been so long is probably a good indicator that you can give it a try. If you're a smoker or have other stroke risks, however, it might be good to look into a different form of contraception.

If you are concerned about the increased risk of stroke, ask about lower-dose formulations (30-40 micrograms) or the mini-pill, which is a progestin-only pill. The mini-pill is slightly less effective than the combination pill but it has milder side effects and is often prescribed to women who wish to avoid estrogen.  (+ info)

Is there any medication that can prevent the aura just before you have the migraine?

Just b4 I get a migraine I get this aura (sort of like flashing ligts and zig zag line and my vision is all distored) I ask this question because it has happened when I'm driving and it's very scary!! I can almost put up with the headache it's the aura that I can't put up with and the nausea! HELP!!

I'll be watching your answers closely, as I've just had my second three-day migraine in two weeks, and I'm tired of it.

I, too, have had those auras (the ophthalmologist called them ophthalmic migraines), but they didn't necessarily lead to a full-blown migraine. I timed them, and it seems that they move inward for about 15 minutes, then I can't focus at all, then they move outward far more rapidly. Usually a half-hour from the onset, I can see fine.

The only bright spot in these blamed headaches is that one of my cats will lie on the bed with me and "hold hands."  (+ info)

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