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I have sickness and diohreah should I keep breastfeeding?

I have a 9 week old baby and am exclusively breastfeeding. I have come down with a tummy bug. Could I pass it to him through the milk? Or, will the breastfeeding protect him against this? Thanks

Breastfeeding won't harm your baby....it will actually even help you get better faster!! Don't stop nursing, just watch what medicines you take while you are nursing!!  (+ info)

milk and sickness?

why shouldn't you drink milk or eat dairy products while sick? my mom told me this . thanks!

Might depend on the type of sickness. Apparently a lot of people find that they feel much more congested, runny, or generally phlegmy if they consume dairy products with a cold. Other people, who might have minor trouble digesting such things normally, may find that they have more trouble digesting them when ill.  (+ info)

Does milk really worsen your illness such as throat and runny noses?

I was just wondering if this is true or not, since my friends keep saying that it does worsen the sickness from sore throats to runny noses, fevers, etc. I just wanted to see if this is really true or not.

Some people complain that when they have dairy products, their throat feels coated and mucus is thicker and harder to swallow. Recent research has shown that these feelings are due to the texture of the fluid and occur with similar liquids of the same "thickness" (viscosity). This "coating effect" is not due to increased production of mucus. Furthermore, symptoms are short-lived and not related to illness.  (+ info)

if i microwave my chocolate milk would that cause any harm?

would it cause like some kind of diease of sickness? o-o i was wondering and i remember my friend drinking it and i felt like i wanted to try it.

It wouldn't cause any medical harm, but I doubt it would taste nice.  (+ info)

Had bad diarrhoea for a week, and had one day of sickness?

I had some icecream last week and the next day was really unwell with diarrhoea and then it stayed but i felt better, then I had some different icecream and was fine yes still had diarrhoea. I was then thinking it was a one off and had some of the 1st icecream, and was throwing up the next day. Is this food poisoning or am i allergic to dairy as milk seems to make the diarrhoea worse. Any advice would be appreciated.

When you have sickness and/or diarrhoea the worst thing to have is dairy products they make diarrhoea worse.

You need to starve yourself for 24 hours totally, as hard as it is just have water then gradually reintroduce plain foods like dry biscuits, toast etc. Once you can keep these down then move onto a normal diet but leave out dairy and acidic things like orange juice for a couple of days and then start eating/drinking them as normal.

I doubt you are allergic or as is more common intolerant to dairy it rarely comes on suddenly like this. Could be a bout of food poisoning but mostly your body is quite capable of dealing with these things. You just have to make sure you starve for 24 hours to clear your system out otherwise you are just feeding the bacteria that are causing the sickeness in the first place.  (+ info)

Do you get a fever while your breast milk is drying up?

I've heard that you can run a fever while your breast are drying up, I'm wondering if this is true? and if so, is this like a sickness that I can pass to my baby? or is it just my body reacting to the pain and pressure?

If you wean suddenly, you would be at risk for getting mastitis, which is an infection in your milk ducts. This would cause a fever. If you have a fever and a warm, hard swollen lump on your breast, talk to a doctor. You may need antibiotics.  (+ info)

why do i feel kinda bad when i drink milk ?

right now i am having a hard time sleeping and feel very uneasy about it ... i stopped drinking milk when i was 2nd year high school due to the same kind of feeling uneasy that i feel inside my stomach ... is it a kind of sickness ?

"Lactose Intolerance" You may be unable to break down the sugars specific to milk. This is a really common affliction. Because you were unable to break down these sugars, bacteria in your bowel break them down and produce gas. Enough gas hurts. Try drinking soy milk or lactaid milk (milk specially designed for people who have lactose intolerance) for a while and see if your symptoms stop. Alternatively, you can get tested by a doctor. I figure soy milk is cheaper though.  (+ info)

Sharp pains/sickness after digesting milk?

I've never liked milk. A year ago, when I was around 19, I noticed that when I'd drink milk, or have it in cereal, I'd get sick to my stomach. So, I cut out drinking milk which made even less than I had before. Now when I drink milk, about 5-10 minutes after, I get really uncomfortable, sharp pains in my stomach. It doesn't feel like gas or nausea. After the pain goes away (or settles a bit) I get bad gas or it makes me have to poo, which is usually a bit painful.
Any suggestions or comments about what this might be?? Thank you!

Your lactose intolerant, you shouldn't have dairy products. You can buy lactose milk or( tablets to take if your going to have dairy). My son has this. Cocoa  (+ info)

is it true that you should drink milk when sick?

I have been told to give my daughter milk as she has a sickness bug and cant keep anything down. they say milk lines the stomach surely dairy products will make sickness worse????
FAO caffsands what is pedialite, what does it do??

I think that is an "old wifie's" tale. The best thing to give anybody when they are sick is one of those rehydrating sachets that you can get at the chemist. It replaces all the minerals and vitamins that you lose whilst heaving up. It is also a good way to make sure you are still getting fluids. If you also can give your daughter plain boiled water,that will make sure that she is hydrated enough until she feels a bit better and can stomach some light foods. Hope that helps.

you should fell that she is  (+ info)

Would I get sick from ingesting year-expired milk?

This milk in my fridge is rancid, gray, chunky, and smells worse than anything I've ever smelled. It's been in the fridge for over a year, and I was wondering if I would get sick from ingesting it... would probably have to use a spoon since it's so thick. If I were to get sick, what type of sickness / bacterial / viral infection would I get?

Why not call your local community college and ask if one of the professors would like to use your year-old rancid treasure as a science experiment? You'd have answers to your questions re virus, bacteria. Of course you'd become very sick if you tried to ingest it, so you already know the answer to your question.  (+ info)

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