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Does anyone know anything about mite infestations, probably black pepper mites?

I have small itchy red bites everywhere that keep increasing despite through cleaning and laundering. Internet searches have lead me to believe that I have a mite infestation brought on (probably) by a furniture move. I ordered a product called Kleen Green which seems to have a good track record eliminating pests of all kinds. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I have been battling with the same thing for 5 months. What HAS NOT worked for me was going to the doctors! The dermatologist insisted it was scabies but could never prove it and could not get rid of it despite ivermectin and eliminate! What I discovered came off the Internet. Common flea sop works best. you can use the healthy stuff from the Health food stores or buy 'hearts flea and tick soap' the reason it works is the pyrethrins. Try a small amount somewhere first to see if you have a reaction to it. Leave it on the full 5 minutes, use it twice a day. ( hair too) and then use foggers EVERYWHERE in your home. There is a brand that is over 12% pyrethrin. Dont forget your cars, coats, boots, shoes, purses ect. Also eating a 'candida diet' (thats on the internet as well) helps make you not as 'attractive' to the little stinkers. Take a daily dose of MSM (organic sulfur) you can dilute the powder form and add water 1/4 cup to 3 cups water and spray it on yourself,put it bath water ect. Anything with menthol in it helps with itching. Keep fogging every month (or more if necessary) use the pyrethrin soap and tan. (this toughens the skin against bites) It sounds dreadful I know but the itching and sleepless nites are worse (in my opinion) hope this helps!  (+ info)

How long can the anti dust mite bed protector last?

How do you know it's time to change your mattress protector? Any indication that the anti-dust mite will wear off? And is there such kinda bug that bite on clothes? I got 2 blouses with holes and it looks more like a bug been biting on it.

first of all, dust mites are everywhere...no point in buying bed protection. They will just keep coming back. They eat dead skin cells/dust, so would you really want to sleep in billions of skin cells?

Clothing problem...moths. Buy those moth bags and hang them in your closet. They will ward the moths off. Could be your doing as well.  (+ info)

How long does it take for dust mite rashes/bumps to disappear?

How long does it take for dust mite rashes/bumps to disappear?

Depends on the severity and how quick your body heals.
Within 2 weeks they should be gone. If not ask the doctor for help.  (+ info)

How effective are dehumidifiers at preventing dust mite?

Have a bit of a problem with dust mite allergies in my new accommodation. Would buying a dehumidifier provide a noticeable improvement?
Also hoe about an air purifier, HEPA seems to be the most likely candidate?

Hi Spoon,

By asking this question you would have saved yourself money and feeling foolish. People would not believe you if you told them that you bought a dehumidifier to reduce the dust mite.

The dust mite lives in you bedding most frequently. It is also found on sofa sets, carpets and arm chairs.

If you want to reduce the dust mite you need to wash your bedding frequently, use a plastic mattress cover, cover your sofa sets with plastic etc.

A dehumidifier will not reduce or prevent the dust mite. It will make the air that you breathe less humid.

I hope you have not bought a dehumidifier to prevent dust mite. The dust mite which causes  (+ info)

What is the remedy for house dust mite allergy?

I am under house dust mite allergy since 1994. I have taken a lot of vaccine shots but I still need to see doctor after every 3-4 months. I have been asked not to eat meat and rice particularly.

A properly functioning elimination system will get rid of your allergic reaction to dust mites. The best way to begin having a proper elimination system is to do the Water Cure and drink several glasses of ditilled water each day with a pinch of unrefined sea salt. A properly hydrated and mineralized body will move toxins through your elimination system much more quickly.

Imagine a battery with a proper acid and water balance as opposed to a battery with no water and improper amounts of acid. Your car may start but it will start showing signs that it is in decline. Your allergies are a sign that your battery is not properly functioning. The water cure can make your internal battery(your gut and internal organs) just like new.

When symptoms are gone, still drink 6-8 glasses of distilled water but you can back off on the sea salt in the water. To maintain the proper PH balance, after overcoming your allergy, start a water maintainace program by adding 10-15 grains of brown rice to two or three glass containers of distilled water that you store and rotate in your refrigerator. Those big Apple Cider Vinegar
Containers or Sun Tea containers work well. The grains of rice will remineralize the body in a similar fashion to
the unrefined sea salt. As you finish one jug of water, throw out the brown rice that is left and put in 10-15
new grains of rice.

Also switch to sea salt as your table salt. It is inexpensive and will help provide perfect sea salt minerals instead of unhealthy table salt that is commonly used.

To give your gut a jump start until the Water Cure cures you, take a shot glass of carrot juice, add a dash of cayenne, a tablespoon of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar and dash of cinnamon three times a day. Mix well
and you will be amazed by how well it makes you feel. Keep adding more cayenne as you build up a tollerance to it.
Yah Bless  (+ info)

What exactly does dust mite proof bedsheets mean?

I saw this and I was wondering if being able to wash the bedding at over 60 degrees Celsius is what dust mite proof is all about:

"Very Healthy Bedding: Anti Dust Mite fabric which is machine washable at 60 Deg C temperature which kills mites and allergens."

It just means that when this type of sheets are fitted properly on your bed dust mites wont burrow and find their way to your mattress. Most mattresses and pillows that aren't covered have lots and lots of dust mites.

I know, it sounds gross but it's true.  (+ info)

Putting tape over the zippers of dust mite bedding covers?

I just bought some dust mite covers for my mattress, box spring, and pillows.

I was just wondering if I should put tape over the zippers of the covers to keep dust from escaping?


Nppe! You shouldn't need to because the zippers themselves are dustmite proof. It used to be common practice to tape the zippers but with the newer technology, it isn't needed.  (+ info)

Do allergen sprays really work in controlling dust mite allergy symptoms?

recent studies are saying they don't do anything for those who are allergic to dust mites and their excrement. Is there anyone out there who is allergic to dust mites who notices an improvement from using sprays or other dust mite allergen treatments?

I have horrible allergies, which include common house dust and dust mites. I've tried a few prescription sprays as well as Zyrtec and other oral allergy med. None of them did a thing to help me. I have found quite a bit of relief from installing an air purifier in my home. I tried a couple of the less expensive types like you'd get at WalMart, Target, etc. They really didn't do much and I found them to be noisy. I ended up paying $500.00 for an Oreck model which I had to get directly from an Oreck store. It's really been wonderful for minimizing my allergy symptoms. In addition, someone recommended this stuff called Allergen Block, which is made by Chloraseptic. It's an ointment and you smear a small amount around your nostrils and upper lip. You rub it in well and it's invisible and you can't even tell you put it on. I've been using that for three days now and have noticed some improvement in my allergies inside and outside.  (+ info)

How can you help to rid of house dust mite??

My son is 3 and on alot of meds for his asthma, laterst results show house dust mite allergy,any ideas?? he is not allergic to cats and dogs as testing came back negative.
p.s i know you cant get ris of house dust mite ,i am asking how to reduce it. : )

well ...first off you need to get him a new mattress and pillow and get protective covers for the mattress and pillow. It has proven that one pillow you keep unprotected for three years wieghs in at 10 pounds of dust mite poop! Its not the dust mites its the poop that we are allergic too. If it is real serious I suggest getting rid of carpet in your home. when you vaccum you are only stirring up the mess and can get worse. even though he is not allergic to cats or dogs, but they carry that dust mite poop with them always because of their fur. You will have to find better homes for them too, unless they stay outdoors and he doesnt mess with them much. you can buy the protection covers at any store that sells bedding. It can be as expensive as $300+ but so worth it!!! Good luck to you little man!  (+ info)

Are you supposed to put pillowcases over dust mite covers?

I have a dust mite allergy, so i bought a down pillow with a pillow cover. But I'm not sure if i put a regular pillow case on it, if it will still block the dust mites. Thanks in advance for your help.

  (+ info)

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