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Can any one suggest treatment for Mitral Valve incompetence?

A heart disease mainly affects in the childhood. it affects through bacterial infection in tonstrils which properly not cared later affect the mitral valves. It mixes the good blood and bad blood due to the non working of valve. That means as per the required speed, the valve will not close or open. It can detect through stethescopic hearing even. The hearbeat speed varies.

Mitral Valve: One of the heart's four valves. The mitral valve normally swings open to allow the smooth passage of blood from the left atrium to the left ventricle, then closes. Blood should flow only in one direction and only at the right time. Mitral Valve incompetence is defective closure of the mitral valve permitting regurgitation into the left atrium during systole. Mitral valve repair is used to treat regurgitation (leakage) or stenosis (narrowing) of the mitral valve. Traditionally, surgeons have treated mitral valve disease by removing the diseased valve and implanting an artificial valve (valve replacement).
The many advantages of this approach include improved long-term survival rates and reduced risk of stroke, and freedom from long-term treatment with blood thinners.  (+ info)

How common is inability to take a deep breath in mitral valve prolapse and what treatments are there?

I am 35 and have mitral valve prolapse, and occasionally have some shortness of breath that goes away in a day or so. I am currently on atenolol 25 mg daily. This bout is lasting a week +. It is driving me crazy trying every minute or so to get a deep breath, and I begin to panic which makes it worse. I have no problems at night as far as sleeping, so relaxing seems to help. Is this related to MVP, or what is going on here? I went to my cardiologist and he set up a Thallium stress test and echocardiogram which I had last Friday. (It is my 3rd in 10 years) I feel a little better today as far as breathing, but the more I think about it, the worse it gets. (IN addition, I am physically active, however this has put a halt on my cardio activities this week)I was exercizing 5-6 days a week with cardio for 30 minutes everyday and weight training every other day. Could I have brought this on by overdoing it?

i have MVP and i have experienced the same short breath...it`s very terrible and annoying...my doctor believes it`s because of stress and it`s for more than a year which i dont have shortness of breathe...i used to take Prapronolol but now i dont take any medicine and every thing is ok some times that i have stress it comes back...also i have some chest pains too...  (+ info)

Is Whey Appeton drink bad for those with mitral valve prolapse?

I have a mitral valve prolapse since I was 11 years old. I am now 29. I am thin since i was a kid and ive been wanting to gain some weight. I weigh 88lbs only as of today. Somebody advised me to drink Appeton but im not sure if it is ok considering my health condition.

ive heard that it can be bad  (+ info)

I have a leak in the mitral valve and a leak in tricuspid valve, can someone tell me something about this?

I just found out that I have a leak in two valves in my heart, the mitral valve and the tricuspid valve, can someone tell me about this, what does this mean? Is it dangerous? And tell the what questions I should ask my doc as I have an appointment with him.

Too bad you're not a car, I can do a valve job on a car. If you were a car, I would say you were probably running lean and the ignition timing was off. That's a sure way to crap out a valve.

I'm a mechanic, Jim, not a doctor.
Poor Star Trek joke.  (+ info)

Anyone have ehlers danlos and mitral valve prolapse?

I have been recently diagnosed with ehlers danlos, hypermobility type and mitral valve prolapse. Any other experiences or related problems welcome.

My father was diagnosed with EDS Type III (I believe that is the classic type) but I have not been diagnosed as I don't really have any symptoms other than my joints ache frequently, like with arthritis. I was however diagnosed with mvp in January.I asked my cardiologist about this and he pretty much just told me that how I am being treated right now for the mvp is how he would treat if I had EDS also. He said that he will just treat me from now on as if I do have EDS. I am currently on metoprolol (beta blocker) for my tachacardia and mvp. Before they found my mvp, some docs kept saying I was having anxiety attacks which I knew at the time was not the case. If I were you, I would make sure I saw a cardiologist who knows something about EDS also. Good luck.  (+ info)

What is the disadvantage of having mitral valve dysfunction?

I want to know whether there will be a change in blood pressure due to mitral dysfunction. Is there any complications connected with this malfunction.

Speaking for myself only, no there has not been a change in blood pressure. I have mitral valve dysfunction with regeratation in the mirtal and tricuspid valves.
Most people live symptom free with no radical changes after many many years post diagnosis.
Some people have symptoms, like me.
Mostly you have to know how bad your miral valve is and why. There are several reasons why you would have mvp or dysfunction. If your is mild then you will probably never know why you have the problem and will probably never be medicaly treated for it.
Rosa  (+ info)

Is surgery needed to correct my mitral valve regurgitation if I keep getting symptoms?

I've had Mitral Valve Prolapse since I'm 14 and I think it's also the one with mitral valve regurgitation. I used to experience severe anxiety, panic attacks, chest pain, etc. at that time and now at 37, continue to have depression, anxiety (now I'm taking an antidepressant), fatigue, palpitations but don't know if it's directly from mitral valve. I've read that my symptoms are all related to mitral valve regurgitaton but I'm not sure. My dr. ordered an echocardiogram yesterday and it was confirmed for mitral valve prolapse/regurgitation (not sure if its mild, moderate or severe). Does this mean I will need surgery and will my symptoms go away if I do?

MIld mitral regurgitation is unlikely to cause the symptoms. So if there are symptoms with mild mitral regurgitation, the cause is different.  (+ info)

Are heavy night sweats and coughing normal after mitral valve surgery?

I had mitral valve repair 12 days ago. Now I am recovering but I have a lot of night sweats. I change about 7-8 times every night.e I also have some coughing throughout the day. Is this normal?

Have you talked with your
cardiologist about this? Is
he/she the one that did the
You definitely need to talk to
your doctor about this (the
one that did the surgery.)
If he's not available soon, talk
to your cardiologist.  (+ info)

High blood pressure after mitral valve repair?

Anyone has any idea or had high blood pressure after mitral valve surgery? Its been a month since I had surgery and I went twice at the EMS (not to include 2 other times w/ high blood pressure) because of the high blood pressure. They have not figure it out yet.

There is no definite link between mitral valve repair and high blood pressure other than the stress related to the surgical procedure and follow up.  (+ info)

Does mitral valve prolapse prohibit weight lifting?

I have mitral mitral valve prolapse, I want to continue lifting weights.. Can i lift weights?

It depends on the extent of mitral regurgitation your MVP has - mild or big.

OK. Let me put it this way. If a person has mild MVP, he/she needs no restriction of exercise. But if the MVP is big, then it is a different thing. Because, though complications in this condition are very less, people who suffer from this condition have to take extreme care. You may have to cut down on your physical activity, have a surgery and may be put you on medications like beta blockers.

Weight lifting needs heavy exertion. So for person with big MVP, this might pose problems. Ultimately, if the doctor who assesses such a person feels that such a person has enough reserve to exert, then that is the verdict.

There is nothing impossible in this world!!  (+ info)

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