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Can I drink Green Tea if I have Mitral Valve Prolapse?

I just found out that green tea has caffeine in it. I quit drinking coffee because I was diagnosed with MVP (Mitral Valve Prolapse), can I drink green tea at all?

Should not be a problem at all. If it aggravates you when you drink it, stop. MVP is usually a pretty benign diagnosis, and not a concern unless you have severe mitral regurgitation.  (+ info)

what happens if your Mitral valve in your heart is closing?

I know it opens and closes , but to permanently close ? And what happens if your Aortic valve is mildly closing ?

Your mitral valve cannot permanently close - it would stop all blood flow. It can become narrowed; that is called mitral stenosis. It limits the amount of blood that can flow through the heart.

Same with the aortic valve.  (+ info)

Is a little leakage in a mitral valve normal?

Doctors found that i have a slite leakage in the mitral valve which they say its normal and there is no problem bt how do i know that its not caused by Rheumatic fever?

it is NOT normal to have leakage from the mitral valve, what the doctors may have meant was that it is normal for YOU, because you have had Rheumatic fever.  (+ info)

what does it mean to have hiper reflectance in mitral valve?

returned with exams and that is what it says, my doc's appointment is in a few days but am quite curious to know what this means, have researched the mitral valve but cannot seem to find info on hyper reflectance...any help?

  (+ info)

Am i too young to have mitral valve prolapse?

Could i be diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse at 29? i have been having heart palpitations almost daily now for a couple weeks. I'm also taking paroxetine HCL 30 mg. could this be causing the palpitations.
Wow thanks for all the answers so fast. I have an appt. with a cardiologist coming up i am just scared. I hope i don't have the mitral valve prolapse. i wasn't diagnosed with it yet, i was just seeing if it was a possibility.

no you are not too young. try seeing a docter for a ct scan or ekg  (+ info)

Do you always hear a click/woosh with a Mitral Valve Prolapse?

I have been reading about Mitral Valve Prolapse and have many of the symptoms but not a click when it beats. Does that mean I don't have it?

You should go see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

Sometimes they don't hear the click/woosh.  (+ info)

If i have mitral valve prolapse, can I be a cheerleader?

The other night(Tuesday night), my mom took me to the mall(so she could get her eyebrows and peach fuzz plucked). And on the way back to the van, she told me that she has mitral valve prolapse and that i most likely have it, too. If I have it, can I be a cheerleader?

Hi Lauren, It is true that mitral valve prolapse(MVP) can be hereditary.

Mitral valve prolapse (MVP) is a common cardiac disorder that exhibits a strong hereditary component. MVP can be sporadic or familial, demonstrating autosomal dominant and X-linked inheritance. http://www.springerlink.com/content/n67n748873j3220r/

Now, even though it is familial, it does not mean that every child of a MVP parents needs to have the disease. The best thing to do is find out if you have it, through tests.

OK. Let me put it this way. If a person has mild MVP, he/she needs no restriction of exercise. But if the MVP is big, then it is a different thing. Because, though complications in this condition are very less, people who suffer from this condition have to take extreme care. You may have to cut down on your physical activity, have a surgery and may be put you on medications like beta blockers.

Cheer leading needs heavy exertion. So for person with big MVP, this might pose problems. Ultimately, if the doctor who assesses such a person feels that such a person has enough reserve to exert, then that is the verdict.

There is nothing impossible in this world!!  (+ info)

Is it normal when the mitral valve is leaking?

I did an echo and my doctor told me that i have a leaky mitral valve but he said that Its normal because the valve doesn't close tightly should i trust him?

Yes, this is typically a normal finding. About 95% of the Echo's that I do, there is at least one valve that has a leak.
Don't worry about it...just be sure to check periodically depending on how bad the leak is, to be sure it does not worsen.  (+ info)

Does anyone have mitral valve prolapse and had a baby?

I have mitral valve prolapse so even when i go to the dentist i have to take antibiotics. My question is do i need antibiotics when i give birth to my baby? i am 37 weeks and baby is breech so if she does not turn i have to have a c section. I am a little concerned about my heart in all this. And if i have a vaginal birth will it put a lot of strain on my heart?

I have MVP and had a C section. You will probably just get extra antibiotics. I was not on a heart monitor at any time.   (+ info)

Mitral Valve Prolapse and regurgitation: What symptoms do you have as a result of this condition?

Please list other heart conditions you may have and their severities (mild, moderate, serious)
I do not need googled answers. I am fully capable of that. Please only respond if you have PERSONAL experiences.

My mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitation was moderate to severe. The symptoms can range from fatigue,shortness of breath,edema, palpitations, complications of endocarditis,blood clots and no energy. Possibly rheumatic fever may cause damage to the mitral valve. Later, may cause heart failure to both sides of the heart.Regurgitation is a backflow of blood caused by the failure of the (mitral) valve to close tightly. Mitral valve prolapse is a slight deformity to the mitral valve, a heart murmur is heard. I had open heart surgery to repair the two valves in 2003. 5 yrs later the regurgitation is now severe. I have other heart related problems to go with the regurgitation  (+ info)

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